In Love With Mr. P. (A Short Story: Chapter One)

By: K C Good

Page 1, The true story of my love affair with Mr. P.

Mr. P.'s my math teacher. I've had a crush on him for the last few months, ever since I snuck one of my mom's romance novels off her bookshelf and read the thing cover to cover. The hunk on the cover...well, he looked just like Mr. P.. Or, like Mr. P. would look shirtless and sporting  a cowboy hat! And-let me tell ya'-the things Mr. P.  (or the man that looked like Mr. P.) did to that woman in that romance novel were the naughty things I wished he were doing to me!

Shortly after I read that novel I decided to make Mr. P mine. So I came up with a plan.

"Mr. P.," I said after class one day. "I sure am struggling with geometry. Do you think you could tutor me a little?"

"I've noticed your test grades have slipped, Kat," he said. "You went from acing every test to failing yesterday's pop quiz. I was going to suggest some tutoring myself."

Oh, he was, was he? Was it possible Mr. P. was thinking the same thing as me?

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