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her other "G" spots

Short story By: just jeans

i had been fucking my on again - off again woman for about 2 years and had never orgasmed her...
i went to a "paid" session with a gorgeous experienced young mother who was probably in her mid 30s..
she loved me trying things as it was all about 1 hour of sex no strings...this is a true account of our sessions that are now ongoing and i look forward to them more than anything else
it is here that found out about the other "G" spots

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my honies working name is rachel and she must have fancied me from the start.i ask for her by name now...

on our first session we had just closed the door and rachel came to me with "That" look in her eyes and threw her arms around me.We passionately kissed with plenty of toungue and she unbuttoned my shirt and bit me seductively on both nipples.It was decadent and arousing and my cock began to rise.we began to kiss like ive never been kissed before.slow and deep and mouths wide open!!

rachel is naturally good looking with nice auburn hair and green eyes and her dress was alluring and frilly and short.Her bra was black and padded for extra "oomphh".

after the "entree' which lasted about a minute but pleasure wise seemed about about an hour rachel gave me the mandatory dick inspection and laughed saying "i need to see what im playing with here"

she then said to me to take the mandatory shower and went and put it on and mixed the hot and cold water for me."ill be back in a few minutes and she smiled as she spoke.we had an instant attraction and i was "stoked".

we cut to the chase about 3 minutes later and rachel seductively and gently pushed me onto the bed and proceeded to give me a private "pole dance"routine using the wall as a base she took her "slutty"top off and wickedly threw it gently into my face.then with her back to me rachel slowly took down her red lacy panties and rhytmically moved her "fuckable" bum around in a circle.

smiling wickedly all the time she tossed her panties to me and removed her bra...

rachel came slowly and decadently to me and i was soon laying naked under her gorgeous body and we kissed long and passionately

our tongues were right into each others mouth and i had a great view of her 38 inch well moulded breasts and red attractive young mum nipples.

rachel put one hand gently on my cock and smiled and remarked "we are going to have some fun with this cock today"

she gently slipped my stiff cock into her manicured cunt and began to fucking ride me in a rythmic way that made me go wild with desire..

our faces were so close that i instinctively began to lick the tip of her nose with my tongue and then gently kiss the end of her nose afterwards..to my surprise rachel began th "coo" and was obviously sexually aroused by this .i kept it up and slipped my toungue into her mouth for good measure as well...

we both had our arms around each other necks in an embrace that added to our mutual sexual pleasure!

i gently began to run my fingers through rachels lovely soft hair and she whispered in my ear to "keep going"

we decided by some mutual unsaid consent that i would mount her from on top and rachel rolled off me and i took the on top lead position..my cock was stiff and hard and pre cum was dribbling into the contraceptive

rachel teased me and threw her arms wide on the king size bed over her head..she was daring me to seduce her and make her feel helpless.

i didnt need any encouraging and as i pinned her outstretched arms gently to the soft bed quilt we looked decadently at one another and i began to pump my 6 inch rock hard cock up her now wet ripe cunt..

i could smell her healthy woman smells as i fucked her as id never fucked a woman before.

rachel slightly shuddered as she "came" and i spat hot white cum into the contraceptive at about the same time!

i rolled off rachel and we both lay there next to each other with smirks on our faces.

i said to her "honey you wont get rid of me now" rachel laughed and said "cant wait sexy man"


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