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Now you want to fly

Short story By: julistar

discovering that sensual mysterious side of yourself is not always at your convenience

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by julistar

I am proper. I know I am. I have done the right things as long as I have known myself with just minor fibs and small self-indulgences to mar the perfect record. Up until last week, heaven awaited.


Harris looked up from what he was writing and immediately his face curled into a knowing smile on seeing her. He raised back from his laptop and picked up a pencil which he twirled absent mindedly in one hand. This was becoming his favourite time of the day. He looked at his watch and yes, it was just half ten. The other Directors would be coming back from the Morning meeting with the EOG clients and he could stop minding the shop as diligently as he had been. He was only after all the Corporate Secretary of their little company. His hands stilled as he noticed a grimace to her features, she was walking gingerly this morning and strangely not speaking. He was flooded by the rush to know why.

"The boyfriend drop you from the chandeliers, last night? You are limping"

She laughed in that open friendly way she had that made him think too much. She hesitated, focussing those large all-seeing eyes on him, deciding, he supposed if she would tell him her secret. She shrugged and he braced himself for a story.

"Nadia caught me yesterday, you know. In spite of all my protests and made me feel just a bit guilty for it too. I'll have to close the door but I will show you."

Instantly enflamed, he could hardly believe the flow of words that has just huskily passed from her too generous lips. She seemed to bounce as she turned and quickly locked them in his office. Well not really his office, for he shared this space with another Director.

"Be honest." She half whispered, approaching and unbuttoning her trouser pants with the grace of a panther.

Suddenly she was in front of him, standing between his legs and bouncing again as she drew her pants down over her bottom. He knew she only ever wore thongs; he had glimpsed this once too often because this was a very small office with her bending down or reaching up all too often with her pants and skirts straining over her curves revealing the wisps of nothing she wore just to say she wore underwear. He was so hard staring at her honey gold thighs that he wondered if she too couldn't hear the blood thundering through his ears.

"What do you think? Don't touch it though. It hurts like the devil."

He heard her voice and tried to follow. She had turned away from him and braced herself on his desk with one hand while the other reached back and drew her little panties down. A flushing red smear attracted his attention and once he could focus, he saw that it was butterfly tattooed neatly over the crack of her ass. The air left him in a whoosh and he was glad her back was to him. She did not notice his instinctive reach forward to touch her burning flesh.

"It hurts?" he managed this much more coolly than he thought he would. He had half-risen out of his chair, intent really on pounding into her supple body with his totem pole erection until neither of them had the breath to live or the Directors knocked down the door.

"Sure does. Took some painkillers before so we were pretty high while they were doing it. But today is a different story. Poor Nads has to keep rubbing salve on hers and she can barely answer the phones out there for the pain. Hence the reason I'm helping."

She eased up and looked him over and her trusting smile widened. She had not noticed that he wanted to fuck her beyond recognition, that you never ever wave something like that any sane man's face and think you can escape unscathed.

For the first time, in his life, Harris realised with a rush of several conflicting emotions, he was not above forcing a woman. He was not an animal, he hoped, but something had to happen here or he would go mad.

"What made you choose there to put the butterfly?"

She sighed and in her youth looked indecisive. She had decided to linger over this, sitting on his desk and swinging her legs as she thought this over. Unconsciously she smoothed her legs with her long sleek hands.

"I guess if I could, I'd like to be able to fly."

Her voice sounded small and he waited till she looked up from the floor so he could search her eyes.

"And my butt's pretty nice still."

He joined her in her smile at that. "What do think? Do you like it?" She waved toward him in an expansive gesture.

What possessed him, he would never know but he took that hand like the gift it was and laid his cheek in it.

"I like it very much."

She nodded and slid off the table toward him as if he had tugged her to him. And he wasn't sure he hadn't.

She had stepped out of her unbuttoned trousers and her other hand found the snap on his with quick ease. She barely had to touch him as his cock sprang free and shuddered in anticipation. Her legs slid over his and she slipped a finger between them parting her panties and tasted herself. That nearly undid him. His cock weeped a drop of moisture unto her finger and she tasted that too.

Her long shiverry sighs filled the room and he was glad that a radio blared unprofessionally outside. He wanted to hear her pleasure, wanted to see her in the harsh flourescent lights throwing back her head, closing her eyes and holding onto him by the back of his neck as she began to ride him.

And this was a rhythm he was not accustomed to for she swivelled her hips instead of the usual up and down, she picked up the pace on hearing his breath come faster and she teased and tormented him as she decided when and if she would take him fully inside of her. He could barely stand it.

He grabbed her by the throat and thrust his tongue into her mouth as he sought for some kind of control in this madness. Cradling her bottom and mindful of the exquisite tattoo he picked her up and pushed her up against the desk. One leg slipped to the floor while the other remained curled around his waist. But oh, how he could better fill her like this. He felt her touch her forehead to his.

"Yes, please."

He gripped her hips as he lost control of his grinding hips. What he wanted was to make this last so he imitated her earlier play, thrusting lightly when he knew she wanted more and filling her depths when she least expected it. She was growing frantic and losing her mind in his arms. How he loved the claw of her fingers gripping into his arms as she arched backward, her helpless cries begging for that which only he could give her. He watched her lick her lips and felt the rumbling of her coming long before she told him so. She was still quaking when he gave into a climax that racked his body from head to toe. His body was suffused with a sensation close to ice-cold pain before exploding into bone-drenching warmth.

He could barely stand.

He slipped out of her and stood back, waiting for the earth to right itself and perhaps to catch his breath.

She had said something and was looking at him expectantly. "Sorry?" he said. Though he wasn't, not really.

"I said, " she began again, advancing on him now that their clothes were put to right, "next time, we should do this so you can really admire the tattoo."

He fumbled back into his chair. He said nothing as he had too much to think about and too little energy right now to do so.

He heard voices in the lobby, watched her wink as she smoothly unclipped the lock just as his partner turned the knob. The door opened and the voices grew louder more focussed and she slipped away.

He nodded numbly in response to some comment knowing that his day would go on as planned but that his life would never be the same again.


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