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Dear Diary, Guess what i did

Short story By: julistar

Confiding to your diary all the naughty things you got away with doing....oooh, sweet

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Dear Diary

So I hear now that he was married and he wants to patch things up with his wife. And do you know what I said -however complicated you wanna make this, I still want you complications and all. All I could think about was his hard and thick and long and strong and oh my goodness, sweet cock. Because I didn't take it all in - like going to a fancy restaurant and eating only dessert, I didn't bother with his personality or what he liked to do in his spare time. It was only three times but they were all mine.

How did this happen? You silly girl. (Diary speaking)

Playing the goose I suppose, always flirting but never giving in to his playful whispers and forbidden touching in public. The way he would pinch my nipples as he rushed past in the middle of a partying crowd, smiling wickedly as I looked around for someone to kill only to find his unsettling gaze on me was more than tantalizing. And he spoke to me online all the time, insidiously driving it home in every conversation how sweet I was and how curious he was to know what I was like when it was dark and my clothes were somewhere far under the bed. But I resisted. Up until that time he dared me or maybe I dared him because he came over when no one was home and he was naked so fast in my bed I barely had time to get the lights off.

It was a disaster. He was so quick and silent I was scared the entire time. Even when he was able to slide his powerful erection all the way to the hilt of my womb and the pleasure, slowly like music down the hall, began to build, damn it was scary. He moved me around and he controlled himself like a force of nature becoming painful as I sought to escape the climax he demanded of me. And then silently and gracefully it was over when he came. He mocked my cries of protest after, tickled that I was so stiff yet helplessly responsive to his touch. I wanted to forget it but I could not forget him. His body was branded on mine and my curiosity over his hard muscled stomach, his thick thatch of his chest hair, his long thick arms and wickedly delightful fingers, and his smooth huge cock robbed my mind of thought at the oddest times of the day.

With growing frequency, as he continued to text and probe my reluctance to repeat this till, finally I admitted how he had gone too fast for me and how I would have liked it a slower and longer show than he'd given. He understood and he wanted another chance - would I give him one?

So we planned it this time and the anticipation kept me humming like a hungry cat all week anxious for this juicy catch. I was so nonchalant and I only told you, Diary, how I would keep it optional up until the last minute. After I had gone out to dinner with friends, after I had danced the night away in another man's arms, after that I would call and even offer to meet him halfway.

And bet you, it was different. How he suckled at my soft breasts taking his time to confuse my body with his deft finger stroking through my dense lower lips until I was a play thing playing to a tune he set and he controlled. Only when I grabbed his head and kissed him full on the lips, my tongue bypassing the niceties to sweep into his hot mouth did he plunge into my wet cleft and even then pinching and nudging and not nearly touching me as deeply as he had the first time.

I could play this way too, I thought greedily. For I knew forbidden as this was there would be no guarantees of a next time. I would have to claim it all tonight. So I grabbed him and stroked the long lovely length of his ready erection with both hands, filling my imagination with the wonder of that powerful force inside me again. This time would be different though, he had promised. He looked up at me in a single moment with a charming smile and I knew he felt the rightness of the moment as I did. He grabbed my hips and I slid slowly and perfectly down around him, watching in fascination as the natural grip of my inner muscles easily unmanned him with every inch.

"I can't...I can't" he gasped. His powerful body was thrusting up wldly beyond his control and he moaned in a carefree way he hadn't the time before. "Yes, baby"I whispered, bracing my hands on his strong shoulders and riding him for all the night was worth. I had tricks in my bag too, how to slide forward just so and hover to the left like that and tweak his saucy nipples when he began to shudder as if to come riveting his attention on me. "I like your way better" he grunted and did exactly the opposite. He scooped me up and turned me under him riding into my body as he loved to do - watching my face and my body explode as he made me come time after time. How I wanted to beg him to stop but his smile, his knowing unrelenting smirk, dared me not to. Just when I thought I would surely be sore for the rest of my life, he did that trick again, where he arched deeply into me and in a rush of a whisper, he came.

Dear Diary, if it was validation I sought that I could meet toe to toe with a ladies' man and live to tell the tale, that night shimmers before me as proof. What have I learnt - that in spite of my meek and mild appearance I am a force to be reckoned with? Oh, that sounds good. That I truly am an unrepentant home-wrecker, a dangerous single woman on the hunt, a heroine of epic proportions who brought the villainous villain to his knees one random night out of many? I don't know, I hadn't given those parts much thought.

He must avoid me now; I know that's part of the rules. But I cannot hide from the woman inside myself he brought out. Smooches, Mr. X.


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