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this was my first attempt at erotica so forgive me if you dont think it is very good lol. but any tips would be gratefully recieved. thanks joss.

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Miss Mafia
"What are you doing?" Rob asked eyeing the open laptop and Jenny, who was gazing eagerly at the screen, with suspicion.
"Shopping," Jenny replied, with a wicked smile.
"Shopping for what?"
"It's a surprise! But don't worry I'm sure you'll love it." She added with a giggle.
Rob rubbed nervously at his earlobe then moving slowly across the room he tried to get a glance at the screen but Jenny was too quick for him and hurriedly snapped her laptop shut.
"It's a surprise," she chirped and hurried from the room the laptop safely tucked under her arm.
The following day Jenny sent up a silent thank you to pulse and cocktails for providing next day delivery.
Things for Jenny and Rob had become stale of late but Jenny planned to change all that with a naughty themed night and had purchased a few special items for the occasion.
The first thing out of the box caused Jenny to break out in a smile and jumping to her feet she rushing to the hall mirror hugging her new Miss Mafia outfit to her body. It was perfect in every way, and with her pink, feathered, tiara, black PVC thigh highs, and scarlet lips she knew she would look great.
Rushing back to the box she extracted the tied and teased bondage kit and danced with glee. With this she would have Rob in the palm of her hands and she would need him to be too if she was to have any chance of inserting the pony play butt plug inside him.
Next out of the box was her cat o nine tails whip which she flicked playfully through the air. Finely there was her crowning glory the Extasy mask which was a menacing, Black, PVC hood with which she could add a bit of mystery.
Gathering the items together she began her preparations. First she set up the tied and teased kit on the bedroom door testing the body cuffs that would hold Rob firmly in place by his ankles, wrists and also his waist. Then she placed a small table within easy reach on which she placed a selection of toys, meant only to leave Rob guessing as to what was coming next, and the all important pony play butt plug.
Once all this was done she still had several hours to spare until Rob returned from work. She found it hard to keep her mind from wandering to her raunchy plans and her eyes from the clock. When it was at last time for her to start her finely preparations she was already incredibly wet and gagging for action.
Slipping out of her everyday clothes she trailed a hand over her throbbing cunt and slipped her fingers teasingly inside herself. Letting out a groan she forcing herself to stop and wait for Rob but still could not resist sucking her own juices from her fingers.
Slipping her new outfit over her head and smoothing it down her body she gave an ecstatic wiggle and tugged free her golden brown locks which cascaded down her back in gentle waves. Next she inserted the silver tiara tweaking the pink feathers into a pleasing arrangement.
She chose to go without underwear and simply slid her black, thigh highs onto her feet. Drawing the zip slowly up into place and thus increased her height by nine inches.
Moving to the mirror she admired herself eagerly. Then hearing the sound of a key in the lock she snatched up her whip and hurriedly slotted it, handle down, into her boot so that the leathery straps slapped rhythmically against the PVC of her left, thigh.
Keeping her hands behind her back she sashayed down the hall and giving a whistle she perched herself lightly on the banister. Gazing down she scanned the hallways for her husband eager to see his reaction to his new play thing. Then as he came into sight she saw the smile spread across his face as he gazed up at her and felt a wave of passion flood her once more.
"What's this?" Rob asked excitedly.
"This is the intervention. You have been a very bad boy and Miss Mafia is here to make you pay." She drawled, running her tongue around her lips.
Rob beamed and slowly advanced towards her up the stairs. His hands reaching out for her as he slid them slowly up her boots. Groaning as Jenny stopped him from advancing by pushing one of her nine inch heels to his crutch and gently easing him away from her.
"Not so fast big boy," She chastised, dangling the black, PVC mask in front of him a wicked smile etched on her lips as she added. "You do as I say or you don't get to do me."
Once the hood was firmly in place she led him safely up the remaining stairs and into the bedroom. Then thrusting against him she forced him up against the door and slowly stripped him pressing herself against his heaving chest as she strapped him in place. Once this was done she tugged the mask from his head and turning her back to him she clambered onto the bed.
"What are you doing?" he asked but she simply held up her finger in a signal of silence before slipped it between her lips and sucking it teasingly. Then trailing it down between her breasts she eased it between her moist flaps causing Rob's cock to instantly jump to attention. Then grinding against her hand she slowly slide two fingers inside herself.
Rob remained tied to the door unable to relieve the aching need that now cursed through his body but at the same time transfixed on his wife who was now reaching a quivering climax. Letting out an ecstatic gasp Jenny dropped back on the bed panting heavily.
She lay there for a few seconds before rolling onto her stomach and pulling herself across the bed towards Rob and his throbbing cock which was standing to attention like never before. It was an impressive eight inches of pent up sexual tension just waiting to be relieved. Slipping from the bed she pressed her sopping wet fingers to his lips and lightly caressed his shaft while he sucked her fingers clean. Then sliding down his body she sucked his cock into her mouth causing him to groan and fight against his trusses as he tried to push its full length down her throat.
"Easy big boy," she hissed teasingly, as she flicked her tongue enticingly over the tip before easing it deeper into her mouth. Relishing the feel of his cock as it strived to reach the back of her throat she curled her tongue around the shaft and gave it a teasing nip.
She teased him in this way for almost twenty minutes, by the end of which, he was begging her to take all of his eight inches. But enjoying the power she had over him she simply pulled away sliding her hands up over his chest as she arched her back and followed with her body until she was able to press her lips hard to his.
Grabbing hold of the straps that held him to the door she pulled herself up thrusting her large, firm breasts into his face before sliding down again and feeling his thick shaft slip inside her sobbing pussy.
She let out a gasp as his cock filled her and eased herself up once more until they had a steady rhythm going. Rob forcing his head forward buried it in her neck as he sucked hungrily. Soon Rob was letting out hurried gasps and knowing that at any minute he might explode she pulled herself up and off before carefully lowering herself to the floor.
"No! Don't stop." Rob begged, fighting once more against the straps that held him but she moved away quickly snatching up the butt plug and dragging the fake horse hair though her hands menacingly.
"Oh you'll get what you want," she said teasingly. "But first you have to give me what I want." She replied sucking the tip of the plug between her lips.
Rob gazed at it nervously but as Jenny's hand slid back down to her crutch he simply nodded his consent. Snatching up the lube Jenny liberally smothered the plug in clear gel before slowly advancing towards Rob. Slipping her hands behind him she eased his buttocks apart and carefully pushed the plug in between.
Feeling the pressure as she slowly eased it into his anus Rob squirmed but found the feeling surprisingly pleasant. Jenny slowly slid it in and out till gradually more and more had slipped inside while Rob gasped and ground his cock into her stomach. Then suddenly it was all in and trailing her fingers through the hair attached Jenny set about releasing Rob from his bonds.
He was on her in a flash pushing her back onto the bed and grinding against her. She forced him away just enough for her to roll over onto her stomach and then only half on the bed Rob rammed into her with such force that for a moment the breath was knocked out of her.
Pressing her hard on the bed Rob pounded away at her the hair from his butt plug whipping between his legs and smacking against hers as he pumped away completely lost in his own passion. Soon his body was burning and sweat was dripping from his brow as Jenny screamed out with wild pleasure. Then as his body tensed he took one last, long, hard thrust as he exploded inside her as he had never done before.
She squirmed under him as he twitched violently within her and then desperate to taste there mingle juices he slid to his knees and borrowed his tongue into her as he lapped at her sopping cunt. She groaned excitedly even rolling over and pressing his head hard into her crutch until her hands tangled in the bed sheets as she fought against the irrupting orgasm that was almost too much to bear.
Then pulling Rob to her, her whole body still quivering, she pulled his lips to hers and thrust her tongue into his mouth in a long, deep, passionate kiss. Rob rolled from her onto the bed completely spent.
"Can we do that every day?" he asked, breathlessly.
Slipping a small card, with the pulse and cocktails website, from inside her boot Jenny slid it into his hand and smiling replied. "Ok, but you can buy tomorrows supplies."


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