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The Warrior Inside Me

Short story By: Jonquil

Naomi puts up a fight on the wedding night of her arranged marriage to Qorin, the most ruthless warrior in all the land.

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The ceremony was over before Naomi could even comprehend it. Potent incense surrounded her, swirling about, clouding her vision and her thoughts from the truth. Drums mimicked her heart beat as the players hastened the rhythm capturing erratic patterns that she could not control as her stomach threatened to empty its contents. To her left stood a man of six feet in height- greatly feared and infamous amongst the people of these lands with their peculiar markings and queer customs. His face was made of marble, perfectly chiseled yet unmoving, unyielding, uninviting. He possesed the scars of a warrior, and wore them proudly upon his arms and torso as customary of men who have completed their training. Stories have been relayed to her of his battles won and lives he has taken, and that any woman to have him was to be given a great honor. As an offering between her people and his, Naomi was given up as a seal of peace and through their union, there was to be an agreement to cease all fighting and prevent any wars. Next to his goliath figure, her tiny frame shook with fear that rocked her to the core.

Lost in thoughts of home, she hadn't realized she was being carried to his home by the servants surrounding him at all times. They let her down gently, and before entering the large hut, she kneeled before the pile of wood on the side and regurgitated, dry heaving when all contents had been expelled. She was ushered in and instructed to wait for him on his bed and he would arrive promptly. The lightweight gown that was made for her to wear was unbearably sheer, exposing her stiffened nipples and the ripe mound between her legs that had never accepted a man. The flap of his hut flew open, and the warrior, Qorin, entered with eager eyes and a devilish grin. Naomi cringed at the large man who wore nothing more than a cloth covering him below the waist and displaying a rather impressive body certainly built for battle. There was a language barrier between the two, so greetings or small talk were the casuaulties of their union. She knew that he wanted her in his bed to do things other than converse, but she was no less terrified of this dark haired warrior standing before her as a predator would its prey. Qorin sat down next to Naomi, who instinctively flinched at his swift movement. He would be rough with her, she knew. Men like him always got what they wanted by force and fight harder if resisted.

His tanned hand reached out and stroked her cheek as a tear escaped, although she thought she had ran out of them. The gentleness of his gesture shocked her and she looked him in the eyes for the first time since their forced union began, taking in his brown eyes plagued with green flecks. The expression he wore then was one of softness and fondness, but she was not easily fooled by his sincerity, and turned away from him scooting to the farthest end of the bed. Confused and persistent, he too scooted and followed her to the edge of the bed where she sat, literally on edge, waiting for him to pounce. Qorin's hand fell on her thigh and he smoothly carressed the gentle fabric of her gown moving his hand further up. Her breath caught in her throat and panicking she jerked away from his hand by standing suddenly and shaking her head no. Quicker still, the fierce warrior jerked up also, but this time he took Naomi by the waist and pulled her in towards him and his yearning body.

"No let go of me!" Knowing he wouldn't understand her words, she pushed her knew husband away. His grip on her tightened and she continued to beat on the muscles of his chest that without a doubt cushioned her already weak blows. The man squeezed tighter, constricting her and slowly taking the fight out of her while trying to kiss her. Qorin's lips landed on hers and his warm tongue was released into her mouth as he wrestled her back onto the bed and she struggled against him wildly. To her horror, he was visibly getting turned on by her resistance for his length was showing beneath the thin cloth he wore. Naomi became more frantic as the man pinned her down and straddled her, putting all of his weight on her arms and legs while she bucked underneath him. Saying something harsh to her in his language, he repeated himself and she daringly opened her eyes to look up at him. Qorin was visibly flustered with her, but the lust in his eyes outweighed all other emotions at that moment and he took her mouth with his, yet again showing a hunger more beast like than human. Their teeth crashed together and he probed her mouth with his tongue vigorously. Splitting her legs with his knees, he pressed his body against hers and Naomi felt his rock hard length rubbing against the fabric before her womanhood. She felt betrayed by the wetness forming in between her legs and silently cursed her weakness as he ran his thumb over her nipple through the gown. A shudder went through her and Qorin became hungry for her as he knelt down towards her feet and removed the dress, revealing her supple skin in all its glory. Naomi felt exposed, frightened even, as he gazed at her nudity with such intense desire that he looked as though he would burst through his own fabric.

Removing his minimal clothing was quick, and he was soon back on top of the bed spreading Naomi's legs farther apart as he planted his face in front of her entrance. The young woman was quivering with uncertainty and she anticipated his next move not knowing if it would cause pleasure or pain. His labored breath tickled her where he had he exposed. Qorin's tongue entered her first, slickening her lips and then finding the spot that made her clutch the bed. His tongue flicked her clit then he slipped his thick finger inside causing her virgin walls to stretch. In and out of her he pumped his fingers and darted his tongue, loving the way her body rolled like a wave up and down in response. Her breath was heavy and the tightness in her throat worsened with every thrust of his finger until a quiet moan escaped her lips and gave herself away. Her sounds not going unnoticed, Qorin picked up the pace rubbing her clit with a fervor she could not handle. Back and forth he went against it and inside her, loving how she formed a puddle at the entrance of her pussy like a welcome mat inviting him in. She was his and he knew it. The feeling welling up inside of her as he licked and thrusted became too great, swelling to the point of her clutching his shoulders and clawing at his skin. Guilt had fleed her, as she succumbed to the evils of his brilliant finger play. Never did she imagine the way she felt then with him entering her, invading her in two different ways making her feel as though she will explode. One finger became two, and the stretching of her walls came with some resistance, but subsided when Qorin curled his fingers inside of her and pressed on a spot she never knew she had. The tension of her impending orgasm reached new heights as he continued to curl his large fingers as if beckoning her to cum. Naomi's moans grew louder as he brought her closer and closer to a climax with his quick tongue and talented hands.

"I.. I... oh..." Uncontrollably her body bucked and she thrusted her hips up to his face matching the rhythm of his strokes inside of her. The warrior had waited long enough and before he pushed her over the edge with his tongue and hands, he needed to be inside of her. Qorin pushed her legs up in the air and together so they were perfectly parallel with his torso and, stroking his stiffness a few times, pushed his length inside of the virgin. The squeeze of her pussy took a hold of him and every inch as he sunk it all the way inside her wet walls, making her dig her nails into his hips in pain. He quickly pulled himself completely out, then thrusted his dick in her again as her screams rang in his ears and his grunts deepened. The warrior felt her walls caving in around him with every movement he made. There was something about the way her insides hugged him, clinging to his member like it was never to leave and aching for more when he withdrew. Naomi's whimpers became lust-filled and he knew the initial pain he caused had subsided and all she wanted was more and more. She began to push harder into him meeting his dick with an eagerness that welcomed him and he felt her juices surrounding him on all sides. The warrior drove into her like a mad man, plunging himself deeper with each pump and feeling his peak approaching with the surge he felt going through his entire body. Her tightness remained and she squeezed him through each time, a miraculous fit for his size, and squeezed him out. His groans were like that of something you would hear in the wild, a calling out to be heard for miles around. She cried out unable to stand the pleasure he was giving her as his dick slammed coming and going before she could even catch the breath that he knocked out. The swell in her intensified and her body trembled underneath his strong grip in an uncontrollable convulsion. She shuttered, beginning to release the endless buildup withing her wanting pussy. Qorin threw his head back and dug deeper into her than she could stand. Naomi cried out to him as he pulled her hips towards his own and delivered one last thrust, expelling his seed within her, exhaling his breath upon her. The pair were sticky and covered in the dew of passionate love making, laying there intertwined, as they successfully comsumnated their arranged marriage.


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