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The Blackout

Short story By: Jonquil

A story so hot that in the middle of writing it I had to stop and touch myself before finishing the story. When the power shuts off on a warm summer night, things heat up quicker than expected.

Submitted:Sep 3, 2012    Reads: 11,066    Comments: 11    Likes: 8   

Straining to see the numbers outside of what was supposed to be Nick's home, Mya grew flustered. He knew I'd be coming over tonight, so why are all the lights off? After three absolutely perfect dates with Nick, she was feeling confident that tonight would be the night that they sealed the deal- she would make it so that he couldn't resist her in her low cut floral dress and wedge heels. Movie and popcorn my ass, she thought as she parked the car in front of the house after checking the surrounding home adresses to deduce this one's number. I know what he wants, but he's too much of a gentleman to be so forthcoming. I need to have him tonight. She began making her way up the driveway only partly lit by his next door neighbor's driveway light she triggered. Slowly walking so as to not trip over his steps, she made her way to the front door while peeking through the windows looking for any signs of life inside Nick's home. She knew he was in there, because his Challenger was parked outside, so without hesitation, Mya knocked three times on the door growing hot with excitement. The door opened before her, but no one was behind it.

"Hey Nick?" Sticking her head inside only slightly, she nearly choked on the humidity in the house.

"Nick, it's Mya. Did your power go out or something?" Still no response. But she saw a beam of light coming from the coffee table ten feet away.

She walked inside shutting the door behind her but leaving it unlocked in case she had to make a quick exit for some reason. Trying to make out shapes of furniture in the dark, she walked to the only light source, picked it up, and saw that there was a note left for her.


I'll be waiting for you in the bedroom. Clothing optional.


Perhaps I was too quick to judge him. Turns out he had the same idea as me. Needing no time to consider the clothing optional statement, Mya removed the wispy fabric of her dress in one clean swipe over her head, revealing her pink and black bustier and matching panties she had hidden beneath. Slipping off her wedges while grabbing the flashlight with the other hand, she casted a beam of light down his hallway to the left. Four closed doors sheathed in darkness awaited her, none alluding as to which may be the bedroom. She was already feeling herself grow wet at the thought of him, and her pussy was throbbing just dying to see him in his bed anticipating her arrival. Just as Mya reached out for the closest door to her, she saw a faint golden glow coming from the cracks of the second door on the right, and approached it carefully tiptoing on his plush white carpet. Sweat droplets were accumulating around her neck already when she clicked the power button to the flashlight and turned the knob to the mysterious door. A series of candles in delicate holders lined the dresser of his bedroom giving only enough light to reveal the paper folded up in front of them- a second note.


Look behind you.


Within a split second, she turned around to see Nick standing inches away from her, seemingly appearing out of nowhere. She shreiked and dropped the note, startled by his presence.

"Where'd -"

Before the words could even get out of her mouth, he was inside hers kissing her deeply just like he had on their second date in the back of his car. Only this time, there was no seatbelt in the way and no holding back. The candle light danced all over his body, slick in some places with sweat and casting shadows over the muscles of his arms and torso, but she hardly got a look because as soon as he pulled away to extinguish the candles, the darkness returned, as did his probing mouth.

"You look so beautiful, Mya. " He said in between kisses. "The power went off around 4 o'clock but I didn't want to cancel on you. Looking at you now, I'm so glad I didn't."

His hands glided to her perky bottom and caressed it a few times before surprising her with a slap down there. She returned his eagerness with a grin, and began planting kisses, slow and moist on down to his neck and shoulder, tasting his salty sweat with her tongue and tracing the curves of his neck. When she was ready to go down further, Nick grabbed her by the arms to stop her.

"I want tonight to be about you. All about you." His finger slid down into her panties, and she felt ashamed that she was so wet already, but no less hungry for his dick. The wicked grin on his face left her feeling raw and exposed- a gazelle to a lion was what she was to him and she wanted him to attack.

"I want you." Mya purred.

"I want you to get into my bed." Nick tipped her bra cup down, exposing her supple breast and ran his thumb across her nipple. It was erect within seconds, and he leaned in to take it into his mouth, sucking and pulling her nipple in the most tantalizing way. Her fingers dug into his shoulders as she whimpered with every push and pull of his lips- she was melting in his arms. Hardly able to stand it any longer, Mya cooed his name.


After giving her wanting breast one last tug with his mouth, he scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the plush king size bed with his erection showing through his briefs. Nick gently layed her down on a sea of pillows and she smiled in awe of his impressive strength.

He climbed in the bed next, positioning himself between her open legs while she was propped up on her elbows. "I want you to close your eyes and keep them closed, Mya. I don't want the surprise to be ruined if the lights come back on in the house. Do you think you can manage that?" Before she could even answer, he began teasing her with his dick, showing her how badly he wanted her by lightly thrusting it against her soaked lace thong. "If you're a good girl, I'll give you the most pleasure you've ever had." She couldn't resist such an offer.

"Yes. Anything." Words had almost escaped her mind completely as he threatened to make her moan from his thrusts, even through the barrier of his briefs and her panties. Her throat felt dry but her pussy was so wet.

"Stay here, and close your eyes. Remember, keep them closed, or else you'll ruin all the fun." One last hard thrust made her oblige to this. Nick made sure her eyes were closed first, then she felt his weight lift off the bed and heard the door handle turn. Then silence. Minutes passed. Straining her neck to hear something, anything, outside the door, she anticipated his return. More minutes had passed by, and she still heard nothing. Impatient and horny, she reached down to that spot between her legs and stuck her finger inside letting her wetness cover it, then began stroking her clit slowly at first. Then his rock hard dick appeared in her mind, and she imagined what it'd be like for him to hit it from the back, fucking her while she bent over his bed with her face in his pillows. Building up momentum, her breath quickened under the intense rush she felt as she moved her finger across faster and faster until she couldn't hold back her moan. Oh, god, Nick hurry. Mya stopped suddenly when she thought she heard the door being opened. Her hand and heart froze, as she listened carefully for any footsteps coming toward her in the pitch black of night. Nothing. Forgetting to breathe for a while, she drew a long breath, trying to relieve the tension of what she thought she might have heard.

Then a hand darted to her face covering her eyes in case they might open in her startled state. "Nick! I w-" Before she could finish his lips were pushing hard into hers with more fervor than before. His tongue found its way into her mouth and he felt around, caressing her tongue then pulling it out to trace the outlines of her lips.

"Eyes closed." His command was hers to obey, and he removed his hand from her face slowly. Ready and wanting as he knew she was, he stuck his finger in her mouth, one first then two of them, and pulled them out slowly, making sure she got them perfectly slick. Nick made his way down to her waist and removed her panties, then split her legs apart as far as they would go before entering her with his fingers. The way they slid into her carefully then picked up the pace pumping in and out of her made her back arch in pure pleasure. Pinning her down, he held her tiny waist while his tongue slowly flicked at her clit, sending shock waves from her head to her toes. Gripping the sheets with all her might couldn't even help her maintain control as he was fingering her and teasing her clit at the same time; her chest heaved with every thrust and her whimpers begged for more. Suddenly, she felt him sucking on her nipple, but panicked when she realized he was still going down on her at the same time.

"What are you doing?" Mya started to prop herself up on her elbows but Nick forcefully pushed her back down, and his weight shifted on the bed as if he was reaching for something on the night stand.

"Wear this. I dont want you getting tempted to look." A silky strip of fabric rested over her eyes and she assumed it to be a tie of his that he was putting on her. "Just relax. You'll be taken care of." He promised as he reached back to remove her bustier.

"How'd you do that? Is there someone else in the room? Nick?" Instead of answering, he dropped back down to the dripping place between her hungry thighs and spread her legs open wide. His tongue felt glorious as it brushed lightly over her clit and she couldn't help the way she was fidgeting- she had to have him. Then the second pair of lips rested on her other breast, teasing softly by licking circles around her nipple, then eagerly sucking at it and making her back arch in delight. Mya never knew the way it would feel to have all the sensations of a man going down on her and the feeling of another sucking on her nipples at the same time, but she did know that despite her reservations about the secret guest in bed, she didn't want it to stop. "Please, please." She cried out but couldn't manage to finish her sentence as Nick pushed his long, thick fingers inside her making her want it even more. Waves of pleasure crashed over her and she felt the throbbing in her pussy grow stronger with every suck of her breast and every thrust of his tongue.

"Do you like how it feels, Mya?" The lips on her tit still sucked hungrily and Nick's fingers were incessantly pushing her closer to the edge, making it difficult to answer.

"I... yes. Please I w-want you. Please." Embarassment would have normally washed over her for begging like that, but it felt so tremendous she needed him inside her quickly before she would explode- she was so close. "Inside of me, Nick."

A strong pair of hands firmly grasped her waist as she was thrown into the air, flipped, and layed down on her stomach, face resting in his pillows. Nick grabbed her ass and pulled it toward him so she was fully exposed and on all fours ready for him to enter her. She felt like a thousand volts were going through her body charging her up and preparing her for his dick. Wishing the blindfold wasn't still tied around her head, Mya wondered who else was there with them and what new role he would play now that Nick would be entering her. Or she at least thought it would be Nick entering her. How would I really know? Nick gently stroked her wanting pussy with his dick slowly moving it up and down about her moist crevice, then surprising her by dipping it inside of her half way and pulling back out of her. Hoping that her knees wouldn't give out, she put her weight on her arms and moaned with every half thrust. Stop... teasing and give it to me. The other man's lips reappeared on her neck this time, starting at the nape then moving to her collarbone sending a contrast of sweet little kisses compared to Nick's delicious forceful thrusts he teased her with. "How bad do you want it?" He completely pulled out of her, leaving her feeling vacant and cold where there was once the warm friction of his thick penis. "Tell me how bad you want it, sweetie. We would love to hear it." Surprised that he acknowledged the other person in the room, she failed to answer right away.

"... I want it so damn bad. Will you give it to me, please? Nick I've been so good I didn't even peek once." Playfully backing herself up into Nick and sliding his erection up and down her pussy like he was, she put on her sweetest most angelic voice and seductively bit her lip. Swaying her hips up and down creating a massive puddle on his dick, she pushed her hips back and forced his penis in half way into her and she heard him moan. The lips had stopped and as Nick held on to her ass with both hands, a new finger found its way to her engorged clit and began flicking it quickly. Then the spasms came and she felt like she was going to lose control again when Nick jammed his full length into her filling her up until no room was left. A loud moan escaped her prideful lips and she surrendered control back over to the two men pleasing her to the point of breaking. The finger moved faster and faster against her rosy clit and tossed her head back completely overwhelmed by it all: the mystery man masturbating her, the rock hard dick inside of her, the blindfold that she couldn't remove for fear of it all coming to an end. Digging his finger nails into her sides, he thrusted more vigorously into her claiming her pussy as his own as the other man kept her hanging precariously on the edge of an immense orgasm. He began to softly bite her around her breasts, gently then more wildly he moved down to her thighs and started sinking his teeth into her soft flesh, causing her to cry out from the crazy combination of extreme pleasure and pain. Mya kind of liked it.

"I'm coming... now." Nick held on tighter for what would for sure be an earth shattering orgasm and Mya's moans indidcated she was about to come as well. The finger that didn't stop pleasing her and the dick that was inside of her made her yell out as she felt the most intense release building up and coming out of her and inside of her at the same time. He clawed at her hips as he shot his load inside of her swollen pussy, pushing himself deeper than any man ever had before. After he had expended himself, she collapsed onto the bed in exhaustion, still struggling to wrap her head around what just happened. I don't know what turned me on most: Nick or the man who never spoke. All I know is that I'm absolutely spent.

"That was really, " Mya paused as words eluded her once again, "amazing, Nick." Still didn't seem to come close to the way it made her feel but that would have to do for now. "Can I remove the blindfold now?"

Without responding, he untied the double knot that was around the back of her head and removed it. Finally, they were eye-to-eye. "So you liked that, did you?"

Mya didn't realize that in all that commotion, the lights had at turned back on at some point. There, looking her in the face was a man who looked exactly like Nick only a few years older and maybe a bit taller. "I uhm. Yeah." She looked down ashamed that this total stranger who looks and sounds just like the man she's dating had her body spasming the way it did earlier; she could barely look him in the eye knowing that he knew all of the intimate details of their bedroom escapades.

"Oh Nick, she's a shy one when the lights are on her, but she wasn't so shy when I was giving her this dick." The beautiful man laughed and had the nerve to smile just like Nick too.

"Mya this is my big brother Tyler. He's here on summer break from UCSB and he's been staying with me for a few days."

Shock left her mouth dangling open. "But Nick and I were... I thought that was you. It was you wasn't it?" Feeling confused and slightly betrayed, she searched their faces for the truth and found that they both had the same stupid grin on their same looking faces. Brothers?

"Tyler and I switched places after we blindfolded you so you wouldn't notice. I lost the coin toss so he got to be the one to have you first. He said you most likely wouldn't notice, and surprisingly he was right."

"I can't believe this." Mya frowned and felt suddnely like a cheap whore or something for two men doing a coin toss over her so casually.

"But this doesn't change anything, Mya," smooth talking Tyler spoke up before she could explode in a fit of rage. "That was the most amazing sex you've ever had, am I right?" He caressed the side of her arm with the same fingers he used on her and it gave her goosebumps with how good it felt. "You shouldn't feel ashamed. It felt 'amazing' like you said so finding out that we did a little switch-a-roo shouldn't change that."

Mya looked at Tyler and Nick, giving nothing away in her face because she wanted to keep them on edge while she decided if what Tyler was saying was true. No man has ever been able to make me feel the way that either one of them did. Especially with the two of them together. "I suppose you're right." She hated giving him the satisfaction of hearing that but he had given her another type of satisfaction just minutes earlier. It was only fair.

Nick leaned in and gave her a passionate kiss adding a bit of tongue to remind her how this had all gotten started. "Like I said, tonight will be all about you." He planted a wet kiss on her newly erect nipples as she stood there completely naked before the two of them. "But... I do beleive that it is now my turn to have you." He pulled back smiling at her and before she could respond, Tyler had walked to the light switch, flicked it back off, and walked back towards them eagerly awaiting his next turn.


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