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My Chemistry Tutor

Short story By: Jonquil

Tags: Fantasy, Sex

All semester I pretended to need help with chemistry, but all I really needed was him.

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The last week of finals was typical: grumpy college students, irritated professors, and everyone surviving off coffee and carbs. My tutor was no exception as he yawned all the way through our final session together, promising of little and less help that day. As if I needed his help anyway. I only needed him to help me in one way and that doesn't involve his expansive knowledge of intermolecular forces. Still, he was convinced that I was a struggling student in need of desperate help if I am to transfer to my four year university on time. So I lied about my grades on exams, claiming that I had never gotten anything above a D the whole semester when in truth I had never gotten anything lower than an A. Every Friday at 4pm I told those silly lies to be with him, and our 2hour session would consist of him helping me through the problems I know how to do, and imagining the things I would do to him and him to me. I would sit in front of him sometimes just gripping my thighs together anticipating what he would look like under is dark green flannel shirt that brough out his eyes.

"So today is our last meeting," he proclaimed "how do you feel about the upcoming final?"

I looked down at my feet suddenly feeling timid at his intense gaze. "Well, okay I suppose. He hasn't really provided us with any study guide to narrow down the types of problems on the final so... we're sort of on our own."

"That is the main complaint I get from his students, and that he spits when he talks."

Flashbacks of a spray of spit he pelted me with just the day before made my stomache turn. "Did you have him for chemistry?"

"I had Mrs. Carson."

"The lady next door with the mustache?" I laughed. "Well, it was kind of a toss up between Mr. Spittle and the Bearded Lady. Looks like you came out all right though."

He chuckled, flashing all his perfectly white teeth at me. I smiled back and his gaze lingered.

"I'm surprised we are all alone today," he said, surveying the lab that had been abandoned for other comforts like sleep. "We can still make the most of it."

I caught his eyes and saw the mischeif in them. "I have no more questions I just need to review what we have covered already. Oh but there is one thing we haven't covered." I swept my book and notebooks aside, leaned over and kissed him. Startled, he pulled back. Then intrigued by my mouth, he leaned forward, matching my energy.

"I'm sorry," I broke away from him. "For... surprising you like that, I mean. I'm not sorry for the kiss though. You had that coming."

"Don't be." He brushed back. He twirled his seat to stand up and walked to my side of the table where my heart was pounding away. He stopped a foot away from my seat and lifted my chin to make me stand. "I should show you what you have coming." He took my hand in his and lead me to the supply room, turning off all the lights first. He lead me through to the back of the room and hoisted me onto the counter. "Don't move." He closed the door behind him and locked it, turning back to me. Even in the pitch dark I could swear he had a twinkle in his eye.

"No one will find us in here?" I was looking around nervously, but still hardly containing my excitement.

"It's just us here this late." He cupped my face in his hands, and instantly found my lips once more, as did his tongue. He slid it inside of my mouth breaking my lips apart as I heard him fumbling with his brown braided leather belt. The metal clank on the ground indicated all that I needed to know. I hiked my summer dress up as he pressed himself against my warm middle part, brushing his erection against me. He had taken his briefs off with his pants in one smooth motion, and the ferocity he showed as he yanked my panties down eagerly made my wet lips swell. Removing my dress in one clean motion, he unbuttoned his flannel shirt while teasing me with his tip, dipping it in and out of my sweet puddle. I had to have him inside me. Throwing the shirt on the ground he picked me up, bent his knees, and placed me on top of him while he was still standing up. I clutched at his muscluar back for support as he slid his thick penis inside of my aching walls and I let out a cry that could have shattered all the glass beakers in the room. He thrusted in me and lifted me off and back on to him, drilling me and filling me vigourously while I dug my nails into him like a cat holding on for dear life. Our sweat made his grip slippery so he pushed me down on to the cold tiles and lifted my ass to him entering me from the back. I groaned as he found my favorite position and his grip on my sides became more pinful but I didn't care. I needed him bad. He slowed his pace, pulled out and began to bite me on the underside of my thighs. First softly, then increasingly more painful as he trailed up to the area between my legs where I was left quivering and wanting.

"Please... please fuck me..."

"Do you want me?" He growled.

"Yes. Yes." I backed it up on him as his throbbing penis slid inside me I felt delights unknown before. I took control of him back it up on him pushing him harder inside me while I still remained on all fours. My knees and thinghs were hurting but the pain he gave me felt too good. I quickened my thrusts and he began to claw at my sides holding on tighter while I took him on the ride of his life.

"Im c-com..."

"Come please come in me." I purred. He did just that as his bones cracked at the intensity of his orgasm and he made beast like noises behind me giving me one final thrust before he slumped over me in a state of pure exhaustion.

I sat down since my knees were aching so much. "You know, I never really needed help with chemistry." I admitted. Well, everything is out on the table now. "I just wanted, well, you."

"I know," He stepped toward me and wrapped his muscular arms around me, then touched me lightly down where he had bitten me. "I'm Mr. Gregor's teachers assistant. I've seen all your exams. An A on every single one."

"So you-"

Hushing me with his lips, "I had to play along. I wanted you too." He held me in the dark amongst beakers and scales for what felt like forever as I weighed in on his confession.


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