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Morning Has Broken

Short story By: Johnnybade

The light shines through the curtain to reveal two lovers as dawn breaks...

Submitted:Apr 20, 2012    Reads: 1,404    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Waking up yesterday morning, I was lying there not thinking about much just trying to stir my body into getting up. I put my earphones on and cranked up the Ipod. Prince was singing "If we are ever naked in the same machine baby we could kick it joint to joint"...don't know what he is on about but it sounds like fun! After about an hour clicking through the tracks not really settling on anything I decide to reach for my book. I take off the earphones and turn off the Ipod. The book I am reading is Caribou Island by David Vann, quite a dark book, but I was quite intrigued by it. A man out in the elements building a wooden house, in the sequence I was reading he gets himself aroused by thinking himself a viking. He realises he has a boner and decides he needs to relieve himself so he masturbates whilst thinking about taking advantage of a fullsome wench! Shooting his cum onto the earth. Quite an odd passage I thought but strangely arousing all the same! My wife lying next to me stirs a little and gives out a low muffled moan, I ignore this, but then a few seconds later she does it again, This time I look under the covers and I notice her hand is between her legs...I watch for a moment as she rubs herself through her panties, I can see the wet patch showing through the material, I want to taste it. I think she must be dreaming so I hesitate, but this is really turning me on so I reach over and slide my hand up her body onto her naked breast, her nipple so hard. She pulls her hand up and moves my hand away. "I am trying to sleep," she says. Now I feel rejected... My cock so hard...I slip my hand into my pyjama bottoms and stroke it slowly a little while later she gets up and goes the the bathroom...I pretend to be asleep when she returns. She settles back down, and I hear her moaning again, again I look under the covers and see that she is rubbing her clit with her middle finger through her panties. I reach over and put my hand on hers...this time no resistance. Pulling her panties down, I position myself so that my face is so close I can smell the sex ooozing out of her pussy, driving me wild. She can't resist me as I start to run my tongue up and down the wet slit arching her back and grinding her hips she moans softly....I pull open her lips wide and bury my face deep inside her sex...lapping her juices and then up to her swollen clit I nibble and tongue her hard....she comes in only a few moments several times as I keep licking her and sliding a finger deep inside her, rubbing the front wall of her cervix. My face covered in her juices I move myself up her body....my cock so hard and oozing precum I press it towards her mouth...she runs her tongue over the tip and licks the precum off then she takes it all the way in...gags on it then spits all over it...I position myself so her tits are inbetween my legs and balls are resting on them...I start to stroke myself...then just before I cum I take her hand and she wanks me off....cum shooting all over her tits and up my chest.... "Good morning," she says with a satisfied smirk on her face. "Good morning," I reply. She then licks the cum off the tip of my cock...."Mmmm, breakfast in bed!"


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