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Alone in a hotel room looking for something to do...

Submitted:Apr 20, 2012    Reads: 2,589    Comments: 0    Likes: 4   

What is it about hotel rooms that make you feel horny? I was on my own for three nights recently in a hotel. Just not being able to get to sleep coupled with the warmth of the room made my mind wander. I needed something to take my mind off what I was thinking. To try and get to sleep I switched on the TV and started to watch some cop show. In one scene the lady detective was wearing a very tight blouse and her nipples were poking out. This made my mind wander again. I switched channels and found a comedy show. A stand-up comedian was telling a joke about his sex life...I switched again. Channel after channel I tried until I came to a foreign one. On screen was a lady in her lacy and see-through nightdress. This caught my attention, and I decided to sit and watch, see what happened. A man appeared with a gun and pointed it at the lady; she looked shocked, her breasts heaving. I felt a stirring in my groin. The scene played out with the guy telling her to take off her nightdress and lie on the bed. She was just wearing white lace panties. He moved towards her and ran the gun over her smooth skin, circled her nipples and then down her flat stomach towards her panties...and then another man came in and shot him. I decided I'd had enough of telly and switched it off. I put my earphones on and switched on my iPod, letting it pick up at the last song I'd listened to. Prince was playing a scorching guitar solo in the song where he fucks a Lady Cab Driver. Everything I did made me think of sex and there was no one to play with. I was in my pyjama bottoms...no top. I found myself walking over and looking in the mirror. I felt proud that I have kept myself trim, but also kind of scolded myself that I wasn't so trim when I was in my prime. I found myself undoing the drawstring on my pyjamas and letting them fall to the ground. My cock already semi-stiff, I ran my hand down and pulled the skin back to reveal the glans, now a little more swollen. As I pulled the skin back I watched myself in the mirror; my flat stomach and the shaved area around my penis made it look big. I was now rock hard and slowly stroking the shaft. In my mind I was imagining a hot mouth on the tip of my cock. I looked down and there she was, running the tip of her tongue in circles over the glans of my penis. Butterflies were gathering in my stomach. I opened the blinds on the window so that anyone that who wanted to could watch the show. Squeezing my balls hard as I worked the shaft of my cock, I was enjoying the ache. Now in my mind that beautiful woman was turning away from me and bending over...legs apart, she ran her hand between the folds of her exposed cunt and whispered, "Come fuck me..." Working my cock harder and harder, I wanted to cum all over that beautiful sight. The wet lips glistening with her juices....rubbing my cock up and down the wet slit....opening her lips wide and pressing the tip in a little.... My cock started to spasm and I jerked it hard as the first jet of cum shot all over the floor. I kept on cumming and my body jerked with every spurt. It felt so good, and every bit of tension in my body and mind released with all that juice. My body spent, I cleaned up and slipped between the sheets of my hotel bed, knowing that I would finally get some sleep.


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