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Editing Pictures (Sandra Part 2)

Short story By: Jaywrite44

Tags: Sex, Oral, Tease, Love

As requested by several of you, this is part 2 with Sandra and I. I hope you enjoy.

Submitted:Jan 14, 2013    Reads: 1,157    Comments: 3    Likes: 3   

bzzzzzz bzzzzzz bzzzzz

The phone is vibrating on the desk as I work at my computer.

"Always when I'm working," I grumbled to myself. "Hello," I scowled.

"You're in a cheery mood," the voice said.

"Sorry love," I replied, more cheerfully realizing it was Sandra. "How are ya?"

"I was calling to see what you were doing for lunch, if you wanted to meet somewhere?" she asked.

"Actually, I was gonna make some salad," I replied. "I have plenty, why don't you just come over about noon?"

"Not at all, I promise I will behave. I was just in the middle of editing," I explained.

"Okay, be there at noon," she said.

I edited a few more photos and closed out the program. I walked to the kitchen to prepare lunch. I had fresh greens, tomatoes, blueberries, sliced strawberries, and chicken strips. The doorbell rang just as the chicken was done. I opened the door to find Sandra, now a platinum blonde.

"I might pass out if I saw you twice in a row with the same hair color," I teased.

"Shut up Jason," she said, and walked in. "Something smells good."

"Lunch is ready," I replied.

We sat and enjoyed our lunch. We talked about places we should go take photos, editing software, and our usual topics. I would occasionally find myself admiring her. Her hair was down today, looking even lighter blonde against purple, ribbed tank dress she was wearing. As my thoughts began to wander, I was having trouble staying focused on the conversation. We finished our meal and put the dishes away.

"So have you finished editing your shots from the gardens yet?" Sandra inquired.

"Not yet," I said. "That's what I was working on when you called. Sorry again about that."

"No worries, I get it," she said. "I haven't finished either. Can I see what you have so far?"

"Of course," I replied.

We walked to the computer. I sat down and she stood behind me. As each photo passed by, she leaned closer, her hair brushing my cheek, her hand on my shoulder......my mind began to wander to our last time together. I did my best to concentrate, but then we got into the photos of her.

"I don't know if I want to see these," Sandra said.

"They're amazing," I replied. "Even if I did take them."

She rolled her eyes and began to blush a little, making her even more endearing.

She put her hands on my shoulder and said, "You're a great photographer."

I smiled and kept looking through the pictures. She began to massage my shoulders. The sexier the photos got, the more her hands began to wander. I paused when I got to the one with a sexy look and her hands cupping her chest. Her roaming hands had found their way under my shirt at this point.

"I think you have a favorite," she whispered in my ear.

She kissed my ear and then gently worked her way down my neck. She pulled at my shirt and I lifted my arms. She pulled it over my head and lightly brushed her fingertips across my chest and resumed kissing my neck. She spun my chair around and knelt between my legs. She unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts and I stood up. She slid everything off me and put her hands on my hips and gently nudged me back tothe chair.

With one hand around the base and the other teasing my chest, she swirled her tongue across the tip. She then wrapped her lips around me and took in as much of me as she could. She started teasingly slow, but increased pace after a moment. She seemed determined to finish what I didn't let her complete that evening in the gazebo. She got her wish, a few more moments and she had swallowed everything I offered. After a few teasing tongue swirls from her, I stood up and gently pulled her up to me.

"You don't need this anymore," I said, lifting her dress.

I pulled it over her head. No bra as usual, so I slid her panties down and took her by the hand. I led her back to the bedroom. She got in the bed and slid under the covers, looking at me shyly.

"Oh no," I said. "Its too late for that."

I dramatically took the covers and tossed them to the floor, leaving her exposed to me. She, instinctively I think, cupped her breasts to cover them. I climbed on her and pinned both hands above her head.

"I will tie you up if I have to," I said.

She raised her eyebrows but said nothing. I kissed down her neck and across her shoulders. I let go of her hands and she kept them in place. I went down her body, gliding my fingers across her breasts, kissing her nipples, making sure every inch of flesh was kissed. I kept going down across her stomach and used my hands to spread her legs a little more. I kissed all around before pressing my tongue in her slit and licking up to her clit. She pulled away but I followed, sucking her clit in my mouth. I swirled my tongue all around. Sandra was wiggling but I kept pace and stayed with my tongue teasing her clit.

She eventually put her hand to my face and said, "I want you inside me."

I kissed my way up her beautiful body. I slid into her and pressed deeply, then pressed upward to increase her pleasure, keeping my penetration deep. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close. She lifted her legs further and I put my arms underneath her knees, lifting them further, allowing me even deeper in her. I kept myself deep inside, my only movement shifting to massage her clit. As I could see she was getting close, I began to slide in and out. Just barely at first, then sliding out to the tip and forcefully back in, receiving a moan of pleasure from her each time. She wrapped tightly around me as she climaxed and I could hear the pleasure in her voice. I kept my motion and found my own release as we locked eyes and I held myself deep inside her.

We held each other close, enjoying the moment. I slowly slid out and rolled on my back. I put my arm underneath her back and lifted, signaling her to roll over and snuggle. She obliged, wrapping her legs in mine, arm draped across my stomach, and her head resting on my chest. I gently ran my fingers through her hair. Again, the words escaped me.

I finally said, "I love you, Sandra."

She lifted her head and looked me in the eyes.

With a soft and loving smile she replied, "I love you, too."


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