Love Scene No. 2

By: jasper521

Page 1, Continuation of the love scene stories, but of from his point view. Enjoy --Jasper

I could feel like someone was watching me, and shifted on my feet so I could catch their gaze. 

It was her.

I should have realized. My midnight eyes caught her blushing gaze, yet niether of us broke the eye contact.


The word rolled across my thoughts; yes,  yes she was. My gaze subtly shifted to take in all of her. Her short, spiky raven-colored pixie cut that set upon her head like the halo of a succubus. The snarky thought made me smirk.

Later, I mouthed to her, and I let her wonder what that meant.

Her full breasts shifted with her as she pushed her wieght around impatiently on her feet. I was astonished with her choice of dressing: a tight, short scarlet dress that accentuated her long shapely legs, and pushed up her DD breasts. She wasn't normally a brash vixen, so it mwade me wonder what she had in mind.

She turned around, and walked out of the room. I was not pleased with this, beacuse I was not done looking. She must have realized this, because she stuck her head back through the doorway, leaning so I could have an unobstructed view of those breasts, and beckoned to me with two of her long fingers, which were tipped with a new scarlet polish that matched the dress.

I followed as though I were a puppet on strings, and found that she was leading me to the bedroom. My eyes widened, and my brows went up, but I said nothing. I was a smart man, and had long ago learned not to interrupt a woman when she was in this kind of mood. I silently stepped through the doorway, and shut the door behind me.

She was in the middle of the bed, laying back with her knees drawn up so her pretty little dress rode up her long legs. Her knees parted slightly, and now I could see she wore no underwear. Her light pink pussy lips were glistening, but she wasn't dripping wet.

Well, I would just have to fix that; I approached the bed, stopping when my knees were at the edge, and I was directly in front of my beautiful girl. One word slipped through my lips in a sigh:




Haha. If you want me to continue the story, someone better put a post uo saying so.


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