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Two Girls and One School

Short story By: Jane Tehan

Not very erotic i know but kinda sexy maybe ;)

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Yes, my hair is short and black. Yes, I dress in mainly boys clothes. And yes, I like girls. Those are just some of the reasons everyone repels me at this school. My name is Sophia Atkins and I'm a lesbian.

I slipped my hood on before I walked through those big metal doors. Another weekend had gone again and I had spent it in my room listening to music and reading. Not out partying like all the other barbie dolls at this school. As I walked down the long and lingering hallway; I saw their long blonde and light brown hair swaying as they walked in the opposite direction. Their colourful outfits sat tightly around their bodies. Skirts so short, heels so high and makeup so pushed onto their faces I could see their orange lines under their chins. But I couldn't talk; I was wearing black eye-liner and mascara. Typical semi Goth, semi lesbian look but whatever; I came out three years ago and that's when everyone started treating me like I was some sort of freak of nature. So I decided to dress how I had wanted to for the past year. I got lip piercing; mum wasn't too happy about that. I started painting my nails. And I got a tattoo; a quote on my lower back which reads "Dying is the day worth living for" dad wasn't happy with that one.

I finally reached my locker, shoved my bag into it then gave the long hallway another look. Eyes glared at me from a few meters away then continued up the corridor. The bell suddenly rang and I looked at my timetable. Music was one of the only subjects that actually made me want to go to school. The music room was on the top floor so I had to run. I turned the last corner, opened the door and there she was. The most beautiful girl I'd ever seen! As I briskly walked to my seat, I couldn't help but stare. Her long, wavy, dark chocolate hair hung down her back and she had dark blue eyes, the kind you could never stop staring at. "Thank you for joining us Miss. Atkins" said Mr Maxwell. "Sorry sir, I couldn't find my theory book" I said finding the first excuse that popped into my head. He started to mark the role; I couldn't help myself from looking at her. "Henry Ballard?" A sluggish yes came out of the desk in front of me. A little way down the role I heard "Andria Treaky?" She lifted her head from doodling on her book and said a polite "yes". Andria; such a beautiful name for such a wonderfully beautiful girl.

The whole lesson I couldn't take my eyes off of her. Her smile was breath-taking, her purple shirt hung low on her chest and you could just see the black strap on her bra and every time she moved her head her long, flowing hair swayed from side to side. The lesson was drawing to a close and Mr Maxwell said "Now kids, your assignment this week is to find a song or a piece of music that you really like at the moment. It can be some of that pop crap you guys listen to" a small laughter from the class arouse. "Or it can be a piece of music that your parents like and you've gotten a habit into listening of it. Anything you like! You just have to play it by the end of the week. Okay?" "Okay" said some of the kids in our class. The bell rang and most of the boys made a rush for the door but I picked up my books slowly watching her talk to Perry Raydel; one of the most popular girls in the school. I knew then I had no hope, even if she did like girl; like me. If she became friends with Perry I had no hope of even talking to this girl. She started walking to the door, next to Perry when she looked at me. She bit her lower lip then winked at me. It stopped me in my tracks; I couldn't believe the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen had just winked at me! I shook my head in disbelief then continued out the door.

It was first break; the majority of the barbies made their way past my usual reading spot; under a large tree in the middle of one of the eating areas. I looked around and there she was; walking with Perry. I sighed; what chance did I have now? She seemed to be having fun with her and even if she did like me I would still have no hope if she hung around with Perry. They walked closer and i looked up at them; Perry was distracted, texting on her phone. But Andria was looking straight at me; she was biting her lower lip again. She looked so fucking sexy! She was wearing some dark blue skinny jeans that made her legs look amazing! As she walked past me she dropped a piece of paper. It was squashed up into a ball shape; I grabbed it immediately. She walked past me and gave me a smile before returning to talk to Perry. I unravelled the piece of paper; it had her name, a phone number and a note under it that said "Please text me ur number, so we can… talk". I looked up again at her; she was talking to the other girls. I couldn't believe my luck, she was beautiful and she wanted to talk to me!


That night I sat in my room, contemplating what to write. I eventually settled on "Hi Andria, I'm Sophia. Here's my number :-)". I waited for about fifteen minutes then my phone buzzed. "Sophia, such a pretty name for such a pretty girl; I saw you in the hallway this morning and I couldn't stop looking at you! You're really sexy! And when you walked into music I got... kind of wet ;) xx" Wet? Over me? Before I had a chance to write back my phone buzzed again. "Do you think I'm pretty? X" "I think you're effing hot Andria!" Send. I got nervous after sending that text but I couldn't wait till she sent the next one. "I think you're hot too! I wanted to undo that hoodie you had on today, take off ur shirt and ur bra and touch your boobs so bad! Xxx" I was speechless again. "Really?!" I sent. I didn't know what to think; maybe this was a bet she got put up to. Perry would do something like that to taunt me. "Yeah! Really! ;) xx" I was reluctant to send anything back but before i had the chance to she sent another message. "We should do something tomorrow after school, you in? How about mine @ 6? We could… Study? ;) xx" I wanted this girl really bad. So I sent "I'll be there xx". "Awesome! Can't wait! Will text you my address, be waiting for u ;) x" She didn't text me the rest of the night; I couldn't stop thinking about her long legs, her beautiful hair and her gorgeous chest.

The next day at school I tried to make the day go as quick as possible. Doing all my work as quick as I could and having a book to read when I finished it. First break and Lunch was the worst; I tried so hard not to look at her but she was wearing a slightly tight dress that really showed off her breasts. I wanted to kiss her so much. But I had to just sit there and wait until the day was over.

As I walked towards her door I regrated not changing after school. Three slow knocks then the door opened. There she was; she was wearing a tight, purple singlet and a short black shirt. I looked down at my outfit; a black, band shirt with dark blue skinny jeans. "Hi Sophia" she said with a smile. "Come in". Her house was nice; she led me down the hallway passing numerous rooms, filled with empty beds. "Are your parents here?" "No. Mum is out drinking with her toy-boys and dad well… He's always working". "Oh…" I felt really awkward. She opened a door at the end of the hallway and let me walk inside. Her room was nice; especially the sheets on her bed. They were dark blue with a big red rose on it. I turned and went to say that I liked her room but instead I found her soft lips on mine. She opened my mouth with hers and stuck her tongue in. I heard her close the door with her foot then stop kissing me. "Andria I…" before I could stay anymore she kissed me again and started pulling up my shirt. I let her lift it up over my head and then undid my bra. She looked at my breasts; her pupils widened then she looked up. "Fuck! You're so fucking hot Sophia!" She kissed me again, more passionately this time. I loved the way she kissed me. I'd only kissed another girl once, which was the day I started being attracted to girls. Andria was playing with my breasts and I started to enjoy it when she started undoing my pants. "Have you ever been with a girl before?" she asked, undoing my pants slowly. I was silent. I felt really embarrassed. "I'll take that as a no. Don't worry I haven't either but I want to fuck you so much Sophia!" She pushed me down onto her bed then said "I wanna lick your nipples until they get firm! I wanna finger you out until you come!" I was so horny for her. She sat on top of me and took off her top; I didn't realise that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her breasts came out, her nipples were firm and her breasts were big. I sat up and started kissing her nipples; she started moaning louder and louder. "Sophia!" she cried. I stopped and looked up at her; "Get on your back!" she said. She finished undoing my pants then started pulling them down. Next was my underwear; she threw them away onto the floor. "Close your eyes" she said quietly. Her finger glided over my clit then down into my hole. "Oh!!" I moaned loudly. In and out and in and out she put her finger. Two fingers now. Fuck it felt good! "Oh Andria! Harder! Harder!" I almost yelled. I felt like I was going to explode. Here it comes. My body tightened up and I felt a realise; then it was over. Andria stopped then said "That was hot as Sophia! Maybe you can do that for me one day?" She moved over then moved up beside me. I looked at her; she was so beautiful. I gave a big grin and whispered "Meet me in the library at lunch time tomorrow and you'll find out what I can do for you" she giggled then said "I'll meet you there gorgeous". I sat up and grabbed my jeans; I searched my pockets for my phone. I flipped open my phone; 8:34. I couldn't believe time had gone so quickly. "I should go, my mum will be wondering how long I'm studying for" she giggled again. It was so cute the way she did that; "Ok, well I'll see you tomorrow then… I guess" I turned my head a little, she was still half naked and her nipples were still firm. "Well maybe I don't have to go just yet" I smiled then leaned back and kissed her. We made out for another fifteen minutes then I left. I actually felt happy; it was the first time in a long time I had felt actually happy.

It was the last class before lunch and all I could think about was seeing Andria again. I wanted her so much! The bell was moments away but it felt like hours. I headed toward the library as quick as I could, after putting my books away. I walked into the library; I saw her sitting at one of the computers. She was wearing high heels, a tight hot pink top and a red skirt. She looked up and I gestured slightly toward where I was walking; she got up and followed me just a few steps behind. I walked to the far end of the library, still hearing her footsteps behind me. When I got to the corner I turned and kissed her soft lips; hard. "God you're fucking sexy Andria!" I kissed her again and again then I said "Lie on the floor and take off your underwear". She did as I said and with a large smile on her face; she was wearing a black G-string. "That's for you gorgeous" she giggled. She tucked her underwear into the front pocket of my jeans. I pushed up her skirt slowly reviling her genitals and I slowly parted her lips with my tongue. She moaned; i moved my tongue over her clit, around and around. She started to moan louder; "Shh. Keep it down otherwise we'll get caught" I said. I massaged her clit for another ten minutes or so then I could tell that she was close; she was so wet even with my saliva. Her back started to arch and her toes started to curl; then let out another heavy breath. I reached down and grabbed her underwear from my pocket; "Keep it, you need it more then I want it". "Thanks… And wow!" she said slowly sitting up. We sat there in each other's arms for a while then we went our separate ways.

Andria and I still have casual hook ups and sexting sessions but we never do anything in public. I really like this girl and I'm pretty sure she likes me too so maybe one day we can walk down the hallway; holding hands or even kiss. Maybe one day…


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