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The New College Girl

Short story By: jack73

This story is about a attractive girl called Ellie who goes to a new school/sixth form and on the one hand is helped on her way by a helpful guy, who rewards him for his efforts in more ways than one... and on the other hand its also about Ellie further exploring with other girls.

Submitted:May 9, 2012    Reads: 4,886    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

On a fresh day in September Ellie starts at a new sixth form, Ellie to start off with is a nice, sparky and funny girl whose slim and is 5'9, also she's quite busty due to the fact that her bra size is 34FF, she's also quite studious and equally cool.

On her first day, she meets a bubbly girl called Alex, in Media whose got equally sizeable assets as Ellie does and as it happened they had a lot in common and at the end of the period Alex said to Ellie "Hey do you want to join me and my other friend Madison in the canteen", "yeah sure". And Alex said "cool".

Then they went to lunch in the canteen and Alex found Madison sitting at one of the tables and after they had introduced themselves to each other and got talking Alex was saying to Ellie "have you noticed that a lot of the guys here keep looking at your chest", "oh yeah I like it if they look" and Alex replied with "yh, it's the same with me, I like guys looking at my chest" and then Madison said "same here".

After this transfer of 'if they liked guys looking at their chests', Madison said to Ellie "yh, Ellie I noticed when you came into the canteen that you had big boobs, what size are they?", "their 34FFs" and her response was "wow, they are big, mine are just 32EEs" and she went on to say "what about yours Alex?" and she said "oh, my bra size is 34EE", then Ellie said "so, we've all got quite big boobs then" and each of them laughed at that remark.

In the latter of their conversation, the topics of which lead up to that point had consisted of boys, clothes and underwear. Then when it got to bikinis Alex said "well, i like wearing bright colored bikinis", to which Ellie responded with "what like, pink, red and blue kinda ones",. "yeah and also ones which show off my boobs". Then Madison said "well, we all like those kinds of bikinis" to which her and both Ellie and Alex grinned in response.

Then after a pause while they ate their lunch a bit more, Madison said "so, how do you turn up at the beach?" to which Ellie replied "well, some times if its really hot, I'd just walk from my house to the beach in my bikini or if i am doing things before going to the beach I'd wear like a low cut top and shorts, and strip down to my bikini at the beach". to which both Madison and Alex said they do the same.

Their after Alex said to Ellie "so you like to put on a bit of a show, sometimes?" "yeah, is that the same with both of you" she cheerily said and Alex replied "yeah, especially for the guys, but i also do it for the girls as well" and Madison said "yeah, i do the same as Alex does" and she continued to say "I think girls get excited sometimes just as much or even more than guys do about seeing a girls body" and Ellie said as she eyed with a Alex sexual grin "i'll keep that in mind".


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