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Hot College Girl and Sexy Maid

Short story By: jack73

This story is about guy and two hot and busty girls meeting at college after-hours for a hot lesbian show and threesome action.

its very descriptive, enjoy!!!

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9pm in English

James entered the college from the side entrance because it was the quickest way to the classroom he would be meeting Karen and her friend at.

He had some idea of what to expect of Karen's as yet unnamed friend because the friends of Karen that he knew of, they had big tits, nice arses and long legs. These are the three things about college girls that make James horny. After walking in anticipation round a corner, James saw Karen waiting for him by the classroom door. Karen was wearing her very tight tied-up white blouse, her short black skirt and as underwear she wore white thigh-high black stockings and presumably she was wearing a very sexy bra and knickers set that encased her massive tits and her pussy underneath her blouse and skirt.

Just the sight of her started to make James hard. He walked up to her and she greeted him with a sexy smile and said "like, what you see". "yeah" was Jame'' reply. As Karen turned to the door she said "well then, you'll like what my friend's wearing".

After Karen opened the classroom door and they walked in, James saw a very attractive girl standing against the teacher's desk. She was wearing a sexy maids outfit which consisted of a very tight low cut black maids top that displayed her big boobs and a short black skirt, as visible underwear she was wearing thigh-high black stockings and presumably she was wearing a similar bra and knickers set to Karen.

As they walked over to this girl, the girl said "Hi, James I'm Rosie" James said "Hey, you look great". She replied "Oh, thanks well Karen said I'd like you since your a big guy in your boxer shorts" as she said this both herself and Karen giggled. Karen then said "yeah, perfect for two girls who are big in their bra sizes". As Karen said this James looked at both of their tops that displayed full and explict cleavages.

After this Rosie sexually said "well, James you're going to love tonight because me and Karen are going to put on for you… a Lesbian sex show, then before the end we'll have a threesome". "you in" Karen said . He quickly looked both girls up and down and looked at their outfits, cleavages and long legs and then said "yeah". After James accepted their offer of a great sexual experience, Karen put a chair over to the side for James to sit on and then put a desk and chair up front for the show.

After this James took off his jeans and boxers to reveal his boner. The show began with Rosie herding Karen from the door to a seat and said "you've been a very naughty girl making me clean all that up". "I'm very sorry, but I'll make it up to you". "How?" Then Karen got up and then she unbuttoned her very tight blouse, took it off and throws it on the floor to reveal her boobs encased in a lacy blue bra.

Feeling naughtier she kissed Rosie and she pulled away and took off her very tight maids top to reveal her equally massive boobs encased in a lacy red bra then as they kissed topless James was wanking his hard boner. At that point before the girls snogged each other they sexually smiled at him. After this Karen pulled down Rosie's short black skirt and it fell to her ankles to reveal her lacy red knickers. They parted and Rosie stepped out of it and tossed it aside. As this occurred Karen pulled down her own short black skirt and throws it aside to reveal her lacy blue knickers.

Also as they kissed again James got hornier because both Rosie and Karen were kissing each other only wearing their lacy underwear and thigh-high stockings. At this juncture James noticed a secret camera in the room and then Karen sexually smiled at him and continued kissing Rosie, this made James even hornier because he knew he could watch their Lesbian sex show whenever he wanted to.

Then as they were kissing, Karen put her hand down Rosie's knickers and inserted a finger into her wet pussy as this occurred Rosie cried out with pleasure as Karen's finger quickly went in and out of her pussy and Rosie done the same to Karen by putting her hand down Karen's knickers and thrusting it in and out of her pussy i which made her cry out in pleasure. As this occurred James' boner went from being very hard to rock hard at the sight of them finger-fucking each other.

After that Karen unhooked and took off Rosie's lacy bra to reveal her massive and natural 34FF's to James and then Rosie did the same to Karen by unhooking and taking off Karen's lacy blue bra to reveal her more an equally massive 34G's to him. James' was so horny at this point because both Karen and Rosie were now down to their lacy knickers and thigh-high stockings.

After passionately kissing each other again Karen pulled down and took off her lacy blue knickers and Rosie did the same with her lacy red knickers. Together they turned their backs to James and turned back around again to reveal both of their wet pussy's to him. At the moment James thought his cock was going to explode because of the sight of Karen and Rosie naked expect for thigh-high stockings. After they throw aside their lacy blue and red knickers, they then sexually walked over to James. By this time he had a rock hard boner sticking out from him.

Karen then said "do you want us to finish you off?" and James replied with "yeah". Both Karen and Rosie got on their knees and started to massaged James' now big 8-inch cock and ball's. As this happened he was looking straight at both of Karen's and Rosie's massive pairs of tits and their wet pussy's. Then as Rosie sexually moved her hands up and down his shaft, Karen was massaging James' helmet and James said "ah, yes" and "yes" multiple times. This made all three of them hornier.

Then after a few minutes of getting his throbbing cock and ball's massaged by Karen and Rosie, James said "ah,..I'm going to…blow my load". Then using his 8-inch rock hard boner he shot a dozen big dollops of warm, juicy cum from his big throbbing boner on to both Karen's and Rosie's massive tits. As and after this happened they all laughed.

Afterwards, James got dressed and Karen and Rosie put back on their lacy bra's and knicker's, short black skirts and very tight blouses.

After they all were dressed, Karen packed up the camera equipment and gave it to James and as she done this she sexually smiled at him and said "That was awesome". As they left the building, they locked the room and outside door. As James lived one way from the college and both Karen and Rosie lived the other way they said 'see you tomorrow' to each other.

Then James said to both Karen and Rosie "thanks for a great night". "our pleasure". Karen then said as Rosie smiled "we both want a copy of that film". "I'll give it to both of you tomorrow". As both Karen and Rosie walked their way they laughed together and James walked off feeling very pleased with himself and the night that he just had with Karen and Rosie.

More to come from this story...


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