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A Wanted Force

Short story By: Itthaca

After a handsome man in a fit of rage forces his way into a a lonely woman's loft. He attacks her and uses her for his pleasure and to her surprise her pleasure also.

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A loud cry escaped my lips as my head collided with a nearby wall again. The room started to spin. My fingers flew up to my blood-covered forehead. I groaned when I glanced at my crimson- colored fingers. I spotted my attacker standing inches away. I willed myself to run but I could not, the glare on my attacker's face froze me. He lunged for me again. This time, his hand flew to my neck. I gasped for air as I stared into his piercing gray eyes. They gleamed with rage. He pushed me by the neck until my back was aligned with the wall. He released my neck only to smack me roughly across the face. I whimpered as I slumped to the ground. My hands moved to my black, silk dress that was ripped down the middle. I did a terrible job of trying to cover myself. I looked up into the dangerous man's eyes. His eyes burned into mine with fury.

"Pl..please" I whispered.

The man laughed heartily while running his hands through his wavy, dark-brown hair. This caused the corner of his gray eyes to crinkle. My eyes fell to the floor. Before I could stop myself, tears began to fall. This caused him to laugh even louder. I moved my eyes from the floor to assess him. The attacker looked like he was at least five feet eight inches, with broad shoulders, well-developed arms, slim hips, and a flat stomach. He wore a black shirt, and appeared to have muscular legs hidden by his faded jeans also. Intricate tattoos decorated his tan arms. The man stopped laughing, tilted his gorgeous face to the side, and glowered at me when he discovered that I had been gazing at him.

I shrieked when he grasped me by my black, upper- back length, hair. He tugged until I was on my knees. I could feel the strands being torn from my scalp. He cupped my chin, forcing me to look him in the eyes. He lifted his hand as if to strike me, but stopped when I flinched. He tilted my head back further until my neck was visible. I closed my eyes, feeling my lips quivering involuntary from the intense fear of not knowing what was next. My heart thudded quickly in my chest. It sounded so loud in my ears that I wondered if he could hear it also. His fingers moved to my lips. He traced my lips with one finger. His finger lingered on my full bottom lip.

"So soft," he murmured, closing his eyes. The man pushed his finger softly until I parted my lips, and his finger slid into my mouth. If I just do what he asks, then this might be over faster, I thought. I used my tongue to lick around his finger. His eyes popped open. He stared at me with smoldering eyes. I sucked his finger as he pulled it slowly out of my mouth. His hands moved quickly to his jeans and unfastened them. His jeans fell to his ankles leaving him standing in his black boxer shorts. His shorts were hastily pulled down next. He stood with himself exposed to me. It did not surprise me that his member was large also.

I licked my lips. Moving slowly, I wrapped my hand around his cock before teasing the tip with my tongue. My mouth formed an O as I took the head into my mouth. I sucked it for a second before taking him inch- by- inch deep into my throat. A gasp came from his mouth. This sound soon became a groan as I took him in and out of my mouth quickly. His hands tangled in my hair roughly. I let my teeth drag slightly from time to time as my mouth did the work. This drove him crazy. He grasped the back of my head and thrust his crotch into my face. I moved him in and out of my mouth, while listening for the click that sounded before he would cum. He moaned as he ejaculated in my mouth.

"Swallow me," He groaned. I quickly did as he said. If I didn't, I would gag and vomit. He pulled himself from my mouth with a pop and pushed me down to the floor. I whimpered as my head banged the ground. I felt dirty and disgusting as silent tears washed down my face. I lied sprawled out on my back. I turned my head to the side. My raven hair cascaded beside me. I heard the attacker leave the room. My eyes closed and I fell into a light sleep.

"Fucking look at me, you cunt!" He spat. I trembled but could not bring myself to look at him. I knew the punishment would be harsh. He rushed towards me and with one hand grabbed the front of my dress, causing it to rip further. Now my toned stomach was exposed. His other hand grasped my waist. He flipped me over violently on my stomach. I moaned in pain. He pulled my hips back until I bent my knees. He bent over and pressed his body into me. He rested his chin on my shoulder. I yelled as he bit my shoulder. He pushed his lips to my ear. I felt slight stubble.

"I'm in control. You will fucking do what I say. Do you understand?"

I felt defiant all of a sudden. "No!"

His hands moved down and pulled up my dress. He yanked down my cotton panties.

"Do you understand?"

He spanked my bottom intensely. I screamed. He asked the question again. My answer was still the same. I groaned while he spanked a couple of times. Just give in, I thought.

"Yes." I whispered. He grabbed my panties and pulled them back up. He twisted my body and shoved me onto my back. He moved quickly as he pinned my wrists to the ground with one arm. He wedged a knee between my legs and moved his body there. I had a feeling that things would end up like this but I wasn't ready for it. My body bucked as I became frantic to fight him. My chest heaved. My desperate rhythm excited him.

"That's a good girl. Fight me off." He hissed. Reaching back, the man grasped my leg below the calf, before yanking it forward into the crook of his elbow. He forcefully shoved my head aside with his before he burrowed his face in my neck. His teeth ran along my neck before he bit into it. I arched my back slightly, and tried to pull away from him. It was wasted effort. He was too strong. I groaned and pulled at my wrists. The man ignored this as his calloused hand caressed the skin exposed by the ripped dress. He let my wrists free. His hand clamped my throat. My eyes became wide with fear as I gasped for air. My hands flew to my throat trying to pry his fingers away. He loosened his grip.

I tried to breathe normally. My blue eyes looked around until they met his. We gazed into each other eyes for what felt like an eternity. His eyes burned with a suppressed emotion. His mouth opened as if he was going to say something but he stopped. I closed my eyes and turned my head away. He rose to his feet and growled. I prepared myself for the attack that I thought was next. My eyes fluttered open and I discovered that he was standing feet away staring at me with something I could not identify in his hand. I used the last of my strength to scramble to my feet. I ran towards the back of the loft as fast as I could. The man was faster. I cried out in pain as he caught me by the hair in the dining room. With his fingers still tangled in my hair, he pushed me down on the table face first. He captured my wrists and bound them behind my back securely with rope. I whined as I pulled at my restraints. Instinct caused me to attempt to kick at him with my legs.

He laughed before groaning, "Fight me. Make me stop."

His hands moved to my legs. He grabbed both of them and spread them apart. Strong hands rubbed up my legs until they were under my dress. I stood shocked with fear. I had been mentally preparing myself for this, but that wasn't enough. The man quickly pulled my underwear to my ankles. His hands grasped my calves and lifted my legs off the ground. He removed my underwear completely before hooking my legs around his midsection. I listened to the familiar jingle of a belt buckle as his jeans fell to meet his ankles. The man pressed his upper body into my back. One of his large hands grabbed a fistful of hair and the other gripped my shoulder. The man entered me with one long thrust.

I screamed.

I didn't mean to scream, but the surprise was too much.

I groaned as he plunged deeper inside me. My body began to react to these motions. I found myself bucking my hips to each thrust.I became infuriated by what my mind was thinking and how my body reacted. I pulled at the ropes. This caused my shoulders to become sore from the struggling and my wrists to hurt.

"Stop, get off me." I repeated until it was a faint whisper. The attacker grabbed my captured wrists and a mass of hair before he pulled me backwards. I cried out. He quickened his rhythm as he continued to pump in and out of me. I screamed from the pain of him bending my body towards him. A groan came from the man. I felt his body stiffen as he climaxed. He pulled out of me roughly after he finished. He pushed me away from him. I fell over the table onto the floor. I landed on my face because I couldn't break my fall with my hands. I wailed from the pain.

"Shut the fuck up, slut." He demanded. I couldn't stop crying the pain was too much until I lost consciousness.


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