A night of passion.

By: IsmailaGodHasHeard

Page 1, This is the English version of one of my short stories, which is inspired by my crush.

The music was loud, and the couples were dancing. That was when she looked up and saw him. Her very worst enemy. Her heart started beating really fast, and she felt weak with passion. "What the Hell amI thinking? This is crazy.", she thought to herself. They had been enemies ever since they met at the debate club, but when they started speaking in French, anger turned into sexual desire. There was no denying the passion between them. She walked towards him, very nervous. "Hello, my dear. Would you like to dance?" she said, hoping that he would say "Yes." "I would love to." He said winking at her in that special way that always drove her crazy. "Damn, you are so sexy.", she said. He just smiled and winked again. "Tonight we dance the Tango, the dance of passion.", he said. Dizzy from passionate sexual desire, she obeyed. When he put his hands on her to dance the Tango, she thought that she would lose control right there on the dance floor. He smiled and winked again. "Damn, you really turn me on.", she said. He smiled and winked again like he knew what he was doing to her willpower. She had set out to seduce him, but she was the one being seduced. Time seemed to disappear. They danced for what only seemed like a few minutes, but then they saw that everyone was going home. Not wanting the night to end, she said "Come to my place. Tonight I rock your world". "Not if I rock yours first.", he said winking and smiling at her, making her want to sex him right there on the dance floor. On the drive to her place, they were both quiet. The sexual tension was unbearble for both of them. When they got to her place, they walked in her house. It was then that she remembered that she had never had a lover. She was no virgin, but the experience had been bad. "What am I supposed to do?", she thought to herself, as he took her jacket and hung it up. "Hey listen, I do not want to ruin the mood, but I do not know how to have sex.", she said to him. "I think you mean to make love, and that will not be a problem.", he said winking and smiling at her. Blushing, she said "I like that! Say in French." she said winking and smiling back. "Je pense que tu veux faire l'amour, et ce ne sera pas un problème.", he said. She felt like she was going to pass out from sexual desire. He said "Oh mon Dieu, je te veux tellement que ça fait mal." her heart beating wildly. "Show me to your room, my dear.", he said. Too turned on to speak, she obeyed. When they got to her room, he put his jacket on a chair and took a compact disc out and put it in the player. Soft music started to play. Then he put candles all around the room and took out a blindfold. "Hey, what is the blindfold for? I want to actually see you.", she said. Then he said "If you cannot see what I am doing, I keep you guessing, and you get more turned on faster., he said, as he got out the massage oil. "Take your clothes off, my dear." he said, winking and smiling at her, turning her on more. She ran and hid in the bathroom. "What is wrong? Are you sure that you want to do this?', he said. "Yes, but I am afraid that you will not think that I am beautiful.", she said. "You are so beautiful, that I cannot resist you.', he said revealing his weakness. "Come out and lay facedown on the bed.", he said, turning her on. "I do not think that i can wait much longer. I want you so bad that it hurts.", she said as she quickly walked towards the bed and laid facedown. He turned down the lights so that only the candles were giving light. "I am nervous.", she said. There is no need for that. I will make sure that you enjoy this.", he said as he leaned over and kissed her behind the ear and nibbled on her ear, making her feel dizzy will passion again. "Hurry up, I cannot take this anymore." she said, shakling. "Oh no, my dear. I am going to make you beg for it. You need to learn to lose control once in a while. Here, put the blindfold on.", he said. Still too turned on to speak, she obeyed. Then he got out the massage oil, and poured some on her back and slowly began to massage her back. He was right, the blindfold was keeping her quessing, and she was getting to be very turned on. "Oh mon Dieu, vous envoyer des frissons dans le dos.", she said shaking. Vous avez encore rien vu, mon cher.", he said. "Faire une faveur et mon tout dire en français. Il m'excite tellement mauvais.", she said shyly. "Quelque chose pour vous, mon cher.", he said as he kissed her behind the ear sending shivers down her spine. She then laid facedown on the bed as he slowly massaged her back. "Êtes-vous chatouilleux?", he asked. "Je ne sais pas.", she said, wondering. "Il n'ya qu'une seule façon de le savoir.", he said, laughing softly. He moved his hands from her back to her sides, softly touching and tickling her. She almost jumped out of bed, she was so ticklish and turned on. "Arrêtez, arrêtez, je reçois votre point.", laughing and blushing. "Vous êtes en rougissant, ma chère?", he said as he lifted the blindfold. She tried to hide her face, but he would not let her. "Oui, mon cher. Vous me faites rougir.", she said, shaking. "Bon. Cela rendra mon travail plus difficile cependant, ma chère.", he said shyly, turning her on. Then he massaged her neck, her head, her back again, her hips, her legs, and her feet. S'il vous plaît rouler et se coucha sur le dos, mon cher.", he said. Too turned on to speak, she obeyed. Then he poured some massage oil on her belly, and started to slowly massage and tease. She tried not to laugh because she was too shy to admit that she was ticklish there too, but she could not help herself. "Êtes-vous chatouilleux là aussi, ma chère?", he asked. "Oui, mon cher.", she said blushing. He laughed and said "Ce sera plus facile que je le pensais.", blushing himself. He leaned over and kissed her behind the ear again, just to tease her. Then he stood up and moved his hands from her sides to her hips and thighs just missing her intimate place. "Oh mon Dieu, je ne peux pas prendre ce beaucoup plus longtemps.", she cried out. "Patience, mon cher.", he said as he massaged her legs, and got down on his knees so he he could nibble on her toes. Aimez-vous ça?", he said, fighting the urge to take her right then and right there. "Oh mon Dieu, oui.", she said, her voice shaking. He just laughed softly, and began to kiss his way up both of her legs, and up her belly. He started to tickle her belly and sides again. "Oh mon Dieu, que les chatouille.", she said. "Vous vous s'énerver facilement, mon cher. Il sera très facile pour vous séduire.", he said as he slowly kiss his way down her belly, and even lower to her intimate place, surpising her with the first oral pleasure she had ever had in her life. "Oh mon Dieu, oh mon Dieu, oh mon Dieu.", she cried out as orgasm after orgasm shook her body. He had to fight the urge to take her right there. Time seemed to disappear. When he finally stopped, he got out the condom and put it on. "Que faites-vous ma chère?", she said nervously. "Je vais te faire l'amour, mais vous devez prier pour elle.", he said, struggling to control himself. He tickled her belly and sides again. "Oh come un, ce n'est pas juste. Je suis censé vous séduire.", she cried out, moving around. "Non, seulement si vous en prie pour elle. Vous devez parfois perdre le contrôle.", he said, shaking with passion. "Avouez que vous voulez perdre le contrôle.", as he tickled her belly and sides. She finally could not take it anymore so she cried out "S'il vous plaît, me faire l'amour. Je ferai tout ce que vous voulez si vous allez faire cela. Je veux perdre le contrôle". "Comme vous voudrez, mon cher.", he said as he kissed her behind the ear. He then proceeded to make love to her as time seemed to disappear.  "Oh mon Dieu, oh mon Dieu, oh mon Dieu.", she cried out, unable to control herself any longer. He said the same thing, unable to control himself any longer either. They both cried out as orgam after orgasm shook their bodies. When they finally stopped and laid down, she said "Vous aviez raison. Je n'ai pas besoin de perdre le contrôle. Tu m'as fait perdre le contrôle. Je pensais que j'étais en contrôle jusqu'à ce que je vous ai rencontré. J'ai rencontré mon match. Vous êtes ma première faiblesse.", she said, her face glowing. He blushed and said "Je vous remercie beaucoup mon cher. Je ne pourrai jamais profiter de ce que si tu me veux aussi. Tu en sais comment me séduire avec des compliments.", then he leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. She then laid her head on his chest, feeling safe, and they went to sleep.


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