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The Silver Women

Short story By: Iron Sky

This is a story of one man living the dream of meeting a wild woman of his dreams.

Submitted:Mar 8, 2013    Reads: 3,243    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

It's a normal Friday night the day has been long and you are just looking for a cold beer and some hot thing to take home with you. So you go you order your drink and you sit there and watch, you see women pass you by some you like and others who you don't find interesting. But then you see her a beautiful women hair as shiny as silver,with a dress that makes you thing she is out of your league, tits are a full C cup and you know when you see them they are nice and tight and perky. Now she is getting close to you and now it's time to pull every move and every trick you know just to get her to let you buy her a drink. And what do you say to her, maybe hey I think heaven has lost one of there angles, But you instead say the one thing that you never thought would work you say hi can I buy you a drink and she say's yes. She sits down you look at her and think, thank you god for letting that work. She ask what you do and you say tonight my job is to have fun when im not working. She smiles and says that's a pretty good dam job to have. After that it is just drinks and small talk until you say hey want to get out of hear. She says yeah lets go to church I feel like praying. You say yes she takes you to a local catholic church and you both sit down and she say's want to do something crazy, you say shore and think it's a church how crazy can it get. She goes to the back and comes out in a nun out fit and she says come and you can confess your sins.
She takes your hand and walks you in to a office she sits you down in a char and says if you aren't a believer in god I will make you. She takes off the nun outfit and you see her bare naked body. Its more beautiful then you can even emagin. And she sits in your lap and gives you a lap dance, humping and girding her self in your lap. She takes off you pants and stats sucking your dick you lean back thinking if I go to hell im going with a smile on my face. She says now fuck me, you take her bend her over by the desk and ride her hard and she say slap my ass and fuck me hard. You two are going at it pretty hard and you flip her so when now you can see her and the pleasure she is feeling as you thrust you cock into her. You spread her legs as wide as you can, you grab her tits and feel how soft they are you two are sweating hard she says don't stop till you shoot your load in me. You start going faster and she is just screaming with pleasure. Then you feel it you are going to cum so you grind in to her deeper kissing her and putting her legs up and bending them over and you go faster until you finally both cum at the same time. You fall on the ground sweating like crazy, she puts on her cloths on and helps you up. You get dress and she hands you a paper and kiss you. She leaves and you look at what she wrote and it says, That was fun call me when your ready for another crazy sex adventure XOXO Silver.


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