The sexual appetites of blonds, brunets and red heads.

By: Iron Sky

Page 1, Have you ever wonder why your blond girlfriend is the way she is but your brunet girlfriend is a little bit more fun and then why is it you cant take you eyes off that hot red head girl. Hear is why.

When people ask a guy what they look for in a girl most will say beauty, tits, ass and personality.

But some will say the most important part is weather the woman is a blond, brunet or a red head.

But out of Avery thing why does the hair color matter? Because a girls hair color can determine

How good she is in bed. Now why some people think this is not true just think about this,

When a man has sex with a blond and I mean a pure real blond, not a blond with some dark in

Color mix in I mean pure blond, now this particular girl you can expect her to basely not do a lot in

The bedroom, you can basketry expect some basic stuff nothing fancy maybe a blow job.  Also when  it

comes To blonds the guy is the one who is in control in the bedroom but like I said she will only want to

Do basic stuff. Next we have the brunets now brunets are more in to trying new things at least once.

She will also want to be on top of the guy trying out a little doment control in the bed room, she will

Also want to try different sex positions.  Last is the red head, now red heads have a lot of fire in them and

sex is not only pleasant but primal when they want a man whether they be they single, in a relation ship

Or married if she want’s you, you can not stop her. The red heads are very domment when it comes to sex

She will have her mate satisfy her Avery need and desire. She will want to be on top of him allowing her to

Grind him and squeezes his chest, then she will want him to take her hard as if it will be the last time he will

Ever be with him. In conclusion there are many different types of personality in women be it attitude, style

And even hair color.

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