Alpah Female

By: Iron Sky

Page 1, The alpha female she dose exists.

The alpha female has many hunting grounds, but first what is an alpha female. Is she

A dominatrix or is she that dirty hating bitch who always make fun of other girls and steal

There men. No what an alpha female is, is a powerful confident woman who can be your

Worst fucking nightmare and im not talking about ohh no she is going crazy, no I mean if you

Ever piss this woman off run just fucking run because she will take you like a woman who takes

Her husband for Avery thing he’s got. But this woman can be kind and forgiving if she wants to

Be.  But this female is not a cougar she can be any age from 18 and up, Because when she hunts

She wont just pick any guy to fuck, oh no she will make it interesting she will pick the one who

Thinks he is all that. You know the guy who like to rock out with his cock out and think Avery

Women should be lucky enough to be in his bed. But when this female see’s him she will give

Him a show and even pretend that she dose not have a brain, but when he and she get ready to

Do the deed she will then turn the table. Because as an alpha she will make him do what she

Want’s done to her. She will be on top and ride and grind the shit out of the guy and when she

Sees that he is ready to come she will grab his dick and say, if you fucking come now I will rip

Your god dam balls dick off and shove it up your ass. Terrified this will show the man that he

Got more than he ever expected. Now when she is finish with her man she will simply kick

Him out no question no look back because in that be she is a fucking goddess who takes what she

Wants.  So I will leave you with this be causes when your out or around women because you

Never know that waters or bartender even a secretary can be a alpha female waiting to pounce.

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