Sweet Birthday

By: Invisible Art

Page 1, I hope you guys like it... I have some more but I\'m not sure if I should publish them

“Where’s Shannon?” I asked Jared as he lied down on his bed, in the apartment he shares with his brother.

“No clue.” Jared said as he lied down on his bed, in the apartment he shares with his brother.

“You have no idea where your own brother is?”

“He’s an adult; he can do what he wants. Anyway, do you really want to talk about my brother on your birthday? Honestly, I rather talk about you.” He smiled, making my heart beat faster. I joined him on the bed and bent over him to give him a kiss. His hands tangled in my hair, securing our lips together. With our lips still connected, he rolled us over, so I was underneath him. His lips slowly moved from my mouth to my jaw and down my neck.

“I thought you wanted to talk?” I asked slightly out of breath.

I felt his lips smirk against my neck, “This is better.” He brought his lips back to mine, slipping his hands up my shirt, and pulled away to take my shirt off. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him roughly.

“Mmm, are you sure about this?” He mumbled against my lips. I continued to kiss him as I started to pull at his shirt to get it off. He caught on to what I was doing and pulled away, tossing his shirt to the floor. I ran my hands down his smooth chest, stopping at his belt. Taking a deep breath, I started undoing his belt and unbuttoning his jeans. He got off of me to take his pants off all the way and reached over to the nightstand, pulling out a condom and put it on quickly.

His hands traveled up my legs to the button of my jean. My heart pounded in my chest as he pulled my jeans down, along with my panties. Suddenly, I felt shy, even though my bra- I take that back. Jared’s hands moved up my body and unhitched my bra, tossing it to the floor, where our clothes lied.

“Don’t feel shy, you’re beautiful.” He said softly as his eyes roamed over my naked body.

He gave me another kiss and started placing kisses down my neck to my breast. As his mouth worked on my already hardening nipple, his hand moved down my stomach to my vagina and slowly worked his fingers into my entrance. “Uh...” I moaned and pulled on his hair. My hips started to buck at the two fingers moving in and out. He took his mouth away from my breast and focused on his fingers. I threw my head back and moaned, “Ah!”

“You like that?” He said lowly and his fingers went faster. “Uh... Oh god yes!” I cried out. I felt his hard on and rubbed my knee against him, making a moan escape his lips. I was so close to coming, but he removed his fingers; I whimpered. “Shh…” He said and covered my mouth with his. He slowly started to push himself inside of me. It hurt and I did feel uncomfortable, but he was patient. I needed him, so I nodded telling him he could move. His thrusts were slow as I got used to his size. “Oh…” I moaned when he hit the right spot.

He was grunting and panting, “Right there?” and I nodded; his thrusts started coming faster.

I wrapped a leg around his waist, making him go deeper; I moaned, “Jared…” I brought my arms around his neck, pulling him down for a kiss and rolled us over, so it was me on top of him; somehow we managed to stay connected. I pulled away and saw a look of surprise on Jared’s face. That look faded away quickly as I began riding him and his hands gripped my waist, to keep up the pace. Not long after, we both reached our end and I collapsed on his chest, panting and so was he. Slowly, I got off Jared and lied next to him.

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