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Seductive Guitar

Short story By: Invisible Art

This is just a short story I wrote, again using Jared and Anita! (They're my favorite characters to use for these! Their love is everlasting.)

Please comment when you are done! I love reading each and every comment and replying to them! Also, feel free to tell me what you thought, liked or didn't like about it. I'm always looking to improve!!

Thank you
-Invisible Art

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"NO! NO! NO!"

I'm awoken with a sudden jolt by the sound of piercing screams. Looking over at the clock I see that's its quarter to 3. Looking over to my left, I notice that Jared is not in bed.

What is Jared doing up this early? I think to myself as I get out of bed, putting on a purple silk robe before walking out of the room. My heart begins to race.

As I am walking through the hall way I call out Jared's name multiple times. When no on replies I check his brother's room. Before entering I knock on the door. Nothing. Figuring he must be sleeping I slowly pry the oak door open. To my surprise Shannon is not in bed. It looks like she hasn't touched it all night. Then I remember that he left last night with Tomo and they won't be back until Wednesday. I leave Shannon's room, still with no idea as to where Jared is.

Then it hits me like a train. He is probably in his studio. I quietly jog to Jared's recording studio. I get a sense of relief when I see the back of Jared's head, sitting on a stool. He has his checkered pj's and snug black tee on.

"Jared? Is everything ok? Why aren't you in bed?" I ask quietly as I walk closer towards him.

"Anita? Is that you?" he lets out a sigh as I place my hands on his shoulders.

"What's wrong?" I ask as I lean in tuck a piece of hair behind his ear prior to kissing his cheek.

"I broke my guitar and I can't fix it, that's what!" Yells out Jared as he gets off of the stool, holding a guitar in his right hand and making a fist with his left.

Reaching out I grab the guitar from Jared's hand .I look straight into his piercing blue eyes after noticing that the heel separated from the body of the guitar.

"Oh Jared how did this happen?"

"I was trying to write a song. I haven't written anything in days. I can't eat, sleep or think straight. I guess I got so frustrated and broke it." He sits back down on the stool and cups his face with his hands.

"Its ok! Something will come to you eventually! Come back to bed. It's wicked early." I say, rubbing my eyes as I let out a yawn, still not being fully awake.

"No it's not ok." says Jared, lifting up his head from his hands.

"Yes it is! You have plenty of time to write songs." I sit down on his left leg, wrapping my right arm around his neck. Immediately he wraps his left arm around my waist.

"It's not about the songs Anita"

"Then what is it Jare?" I say, as I kiss him on his slightly unshaven cheek.

"That's the guitar that I used to play my first concert. It was the first guitar that I bought with the money I earned washing dishes in the back of some restaurant as a kid. It's not just some guitar. It's the one I've written every song with."

"Then why don't you fix it?" I ask as I get off Jared's lap and walk over to the guitar, picking up cautiously as to not break it any more.

"I'm afraid that I'll break it even more." sighs Jared.

"Jared, why don't you go into the kitchen? Make us some tea while I try and fix this."

"Oh Anita… I don't know if you-"

"I won't make it worse; Promise!" I say, cutting off Jared. He stands up from the stool and walks over to me.

"Ruin my guitar and I'll ruin you" says Jared jokingly as his places a kiss on my forehead. He then brushes my long brown hair with his left hand as he uses his right hand to lift my chin up. Then he places a forgiving kiss on my lips. A surge of energy runs through my body. If only he knew how fond I was of his touch.

"I won't take long." I say, as I turn around and skip out of the undersized recording studio. In the background I hear Jared let out a slight chuckle.

I head over to the garage with enthusiasm. This guitar means the world to Jared and fixing it would make him ecstatic. Feeling as though I can't let him down, I gently place the guitar on the white countertop and go in search of some supplies. When I first got my guitar, the exact same thing happened, so I know what to do. After a few minutes of careful and precise work, I put some clamps around the guitar then put the supplies away. Suddenly I hear the fire alarm go off. Filled with panic I run over to the kitchen where Jared is.

When I get there I see Jared making breakfast, or trying to make breakfast.

"What are you doing?" I ask as I walk over to Jared.

"Did you fix it?" he says, taking the pancakes off the pan and onto a plate.

"How can you manage to almost set the house on fire… making pancakes!?"

"Well sweetie… I'm surprised you didn't set anything on fire with that rockin' body of yours!" says Jared, flashing a wink at me. Immediately I feel my face turn red.

Jared finishes up cooking, placing two places on the granite island, along with two cups of silver needle white tea. The aroma from the tea quickly fills the room, causing the hair on the back of my neck to stand up. Jared and I converse over our very early breakfast and when we're done, I offer to clean up the mess. As I'm standing over the sink, finishing up the last of the dishes, Jared sneaks up behind me, placing his strong hands on my hips. I almost drop the plate when he pushes all my hair to one side, leaning in to kiss my neck. As he is slowly kissing my neck, his arms travel across my stomach, allowing for his muscular arms to wrap my waist.

"Come on Anita, I can't wait to see what you've done to my guitar" he whispers into my ear, driving me insane. I put down the plate I was holding and turn around. He still has his arms wrapped around me. After giving me a quick peck on my head, I lead him into the studio. After I instruct sit him down on the stool, I race into the garage to get the guitar.

When I come back, I stand at the doorway, with the guitar behind my back. Jared is still sitting, just as I had left him. His dark brown hair still looks as if he only woke up moments ago.

"Well, here you go!" I say as I walk into the room, taking out the guitar from behind my back.

"Anita… You're… You fixed it!" mutters Jared as I hand him his guitar. The look on his face was priceless.

"Is It ok?"

"Ok? Honey it's perfect!" he looks up, flashes me a quick smile then looks down on his guitar. He then pulls out a pick from his pocket and begins strumming. Meanwhile I pull over a stool and sit in front of him.

"Here, can I see the guitar?" He hands me his guitar, along with the pick, and I begin tuning it. After a few moments of getting the pitch just right, I start playing a few chords. It's not long before I'm singing quietly.

'I've been dreaming, of things yet to come. Living, Learning, Watching, Burning my eyes on the sun.

When I finish singing, Jared reaches over and places a hand on my left shoulder.

"That was beautiful Anita. You have so much passion and talent. How come you never told me?"

"I didn't think I was good. Besides, I'm the artist and writer, and you're the musician, not me. Plus, I think you're voice is extremely sexy. I literally get chills listening to you try and write songs."

"Well if that's the case, start playing me something and I'll try to write a song." says Jared as he gently massages my shoulder, coaxing me to play. His strong hands send my body into a wild race of emotions and feelings. I do as he says and start playing.

I close my eyes in order to feel the music. Soon I've gotten a steady tune and before I know it Jared starts singing. I open my eyes and stare into his as he sings to me.

I could make you hot till your breathing up fire, kiss me baby you will be my one desire, I could make you sweat now get on the floor, I will make you love me like never before.

At the end of Jared's song, my heart is racing and my breathing starts to pick up speed. Out of pure intuition I gently lean the guitar against my stool and get up. Jared also gets up and as he does, I lunge my body onto his.

He caught on to what I was doing and pulled away, tossing his shirt to the floor. I ran my hands down his smooth chest, stopping at his belt.

With my arms wrapped around his neck, Jared scoops me up and carries me into his bedroom. Then he tosses me onto the bed. With a quick motion, Jared takes off his black tee, revealing his chiseled abs, and he quickly makes his way on top of me. He places his hands on my shoulders, pinning my down to the bed as he passionately kisses me. While our tongues are fighting for dominance he begins to take off my robe. I quickly caught on to what he was doing and pulled away

"Purple looks good on you but I'd rather see more of your skin color"

He then rolls off of me and I make my way onto him. I run my hands down his chest as I make my way down to kiss his lips. He moans as I kiss him and runs his hand through my hair. As I am lying on top of him I can feel his errection press up against my thigh. Instantly I get off of him and stand up. He knows what I am planning on doing and stand up right in front of me. I kiss him roughly before running my hands down his chest, tracing the indents of his abs, stopping at his pj's.

"You don't need these" I say and I take in a deep breath before pulling them down. His errection springs up out of his pants, shocking me slightly at its enormous size. I begin twirling my tongue slowly around the tip of his penis. He lets out a big moan as I begin to go faster. Jared passionately grabs my hair and lets out sighs of pleasure. Suddenly he pulls me up and begins kissing me as he pushes me onto the bed. I run my fingers through his hair then down his back as he un hooks my bra. He gave me another kiss and started placing kisses down my neck. I let out a sigh with each kiss.

"Oh Jared! I want you inside me" I say, almost out of breathe

"Mmmm Anything you say baby" he says, slightly breathless as he places kisses down the rest of my body. He stops at my waist, pulling down my panties and tossing them onto the floor with the rest of the clothes. Then he spreads my legs open forcefully and begins to go down on me. My heart begins to race as I get closer and closer to climax.

"Oh Anita, you're so wet for me" He then places a finger into my vagina.

"Ugh.." I moan and grab his hair as he slowly works his finger in. "You like that? How about another one?"

As he inserts the second finger into me, I toss my head back and let out a huge moan. My hips begin thrusting as he picks up the speed. Right as I am about to reach my climax, he takes out his fingers. I let out a small sigh.

"Don't worry Anita, I have something better for you."

He gets a condom out of his pj pocket and begins to put it on.

"Do you have a condom in every one of your pants?" I ask jokingly, as I impatiently wait for him.

"I can never be too prepared when a gorgeous girl like you is in my house."

When he finally got the condom on, I closed my legs, nervous to have him inside me.

"Don't worry Anita, I won't hurt you. I promise."

He pries my legs open with a gentle force and slowly started to push himself inside of me. I let out a moan of pain and Jared immediately covered my mouth his hand. He was patient and slowly worked his way into my vagina. I wrapped a leg around his waist, making him go deeper; I moaned, "Jared…" I brought my arms around his neck, pulling him down for a kiss. As he eased his way in, I nodded, letting him know that he could pick up the speed. As he picked up the speed I moaned "Oh.." as I was getting used to his size. He leans in to kiss me with every thrust that he makes with his hips, only stopping to take a quick breathe.
"Turn over" whispers Jared into my ear as he pulls away from me. I do as he says and lay down onto my stomach.

"Now get on your knees. I want to bring out the wolf in both of us." he says, out of somewhat breathless.

When I am on my knees, Jared forcefully pushes his penis into me, causing me to lose my balance and fall onto the bed. He begins grunting and panting.
"Oh god"

"Wrong name baby" Says Jared as he grabs my hair, pulling it, making me yell out "OH"

As he thrusts even faster, he lets go of my hair and places his hands on my waist, in return flipping my body back onto my back. He lies down onto the bed and motions me to get on top of him.

With enthusiasm I hop on top of him and coax his penis into me. I whimper at the size of it but Jared helps me ease it in by placing his hands on my hips. When he is fully in, I begin riding him. At fist it's slow but as I get used to his size again, I start riding him faster, moaning with each thrust. Jared starts breathing quickly and moaning with me as he reaches up to my breasts. He gently squeezes them.

"Right there babe?" I ask as lean forward to get better control.

"Mhmm" moans Jared, moving his hands from my breasts to the back of my waist. He wraps both arms around me and rolls me over, so that I am now on the bed. He grabs my legs and pulls me closer to the edge of the bed. With a quick movement, he enters my vagina once again. This time I wrap my legs around him, forcing him to go in deeper.
"Oh Jared… " I moan out as he takes my legs and puts them on his shoulders, holding them wrapped in his strong arms.

"Oh baby, you like that?"

"Mhmm" I say, almost out of breathe.

As Jared gets faster with each thrust I yell out "Right there baby!!"

"Did I hit your G string?" asks Jared, stopping between every word as he thrusts his hips.


He lets go of my legs, placing them back down. Next he lies down on top of me, Kissing my roughly. Once again we are fighting for dominance with our tongues. Slowly Jared stops thrusting and begins kissing my neck while squeezing my breasts.

"Don't. stop" I beg, as I begin catching my breathe.

"Oh baby, I'm just making sure you're ready for the big finish" He then runs his hands down my stomach, grabs my waist and pulls me closer to him. I let out yet another moan. As he picks up speed once again I grip the bed sheets. We are both breathing heavily and in no time I get close to my climax.

"Oh Jared!" I yell out as I reach orgasm.
"Oh Anita!" says Jared not soon after and he immediately collapses onto my breasts.

We lay on top of each other for a few moments as our breathing returns to normal. Then Jared gets off of me and takes off the condom, tossing it into the trash next to the night stand. He then goes and picks up all our clothes off of the floor. Jared tosses me my underwear and then puts on his pants. Before he can put his shirt on I stop him.

"Don't. I want to feel your muscles when we are in bed." He lets out a chuckle and tosses the shirt back on to the floor. Next he comes over and helps me hook my bra.

After we are both dressed we get under the covers and we face each other in bed.

"You're so beautiful Anita. I love everything about you. Your talent, voice, art, body, eyes…" My face begins to turn red as he continues listing everything he likes about me.

"Aww Jared."

"How did someone like me meet someone as amazing as you?"

"Well I fell in love with your voice, face, laugh, thoughts, jokes, gestures, lips, neck, multiple hairstyles, neck, and your cute nose. I basically fell in love with everything about you. There isn't one thing that I don't love Jared."

"How about you sing me to sleep this time since I didn't get to hear your voice long enough."

I nod then turn over on to my other side. Jared gets closer to me, spooning me from behind, wrapping an arm around my waist. When I get comfortable I start singing.

"Witness tell me what you think of my life. Judge me jury if I'm wrong or I'm right. I've got secrets and lies that would blow your mind. You're the one who taught me not to love; I'm the one who taught you to say no. Away I go, away I go, I go away"

"That was beautiful Anita." whispers Jared into my ear sleepily.

"Thanks sweetie"

"What are the secrets that will blow my mind?" he asks with a hint of surprise in his tired voice.

I turn around to face him and look directly into his eyes.

"I love you" I say, for the first time since I met Jared.

"I love you too Anita" He places a kiss on my lips and then we go back into the spooning position.

I reach out to turn off the lamp on my dresser. Once it's off I go back to lying with Jared in bed. Hearing him breathe down my neck, sends chills down my spine.

"Sweet Dreams baby" is the last thing he whispers as he hugs me tighter before falling asleep.


Everyone who reads this: For being a fantastic friend, reading things that I write and giving my honest feedback. You guys mean the entire world to me and I show that by trusting you enough to read this. My stories are extremely personally and only those who I know won't judge me, read them.

Thank you once again.

I Love you <3

"Love isn't who you can see yourself with; it's who you can't see yourself without"

-By Invisible Art


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