I want him to rape me part 3

By: IceBreaker

Page 1, I have sex with my best friend.

Author's Note: One more short story like this coming up soon. Enjoy this.

Rape me.......


Part 3

I want to be in my house sitting on my couch when you knock on the door. I place the remote down and open the door. As soon as it opens, your lips are on mine pressing me against the wall as your hands travel down my body. I push you away. You're my best friend. This is not suppose to be happening. But you don't care. You pull my sweater over my head and smile as you look at my bra. "You're so damn sexy." You whisper in my ear. You unbutton my jeans and as soon as you try to pull them down, I push you away again. I tell you not to do this. But you don't listen to me. You bend down and pick me up and fling me over your shoulder. I scream and cry as you take me upstairs to my bedroom. I scream and try to fight you as you force me down on my bed. You pin my wrists down to the bed and kiss with me with passion. My cries turn to slight whimpers of pleasure as you start to grind against me. "Don't fight me." You whisper softly. I continue to anyway.

Because in a way, I want this and in another, I don't. You're my bestfriend. We shouldn't be doing this. You get up slightly and I use this oppurtunity to get up but you turn me on my stomach and pull my jeans off of my body. I began to scream again as I feel your hands slowly run over my ass. I close my eyes. I feel my panties disappear and I can feel you pulling your pants down slightly. I feel you cock against my ass. You put all your weight on me and whisper into my ear, "Spread your legs." I whimper softly and do as you say. You place one hand on the bed to hold you up and I feel you force your cock into my wet pussy. I moan and close my eyes. "I knew you were wet for me." I hear you say. I feel embarrased that I was getting turned on by my best friend. Your hand slides down to play with my clit. "No. Stop." I moan. Your lips are at my ear telling me not to fight you anymore. You place kisses around my neck while you're still fucking me making the bed bang against the wall. I could feel my orgasm close from you rubbing clit. I want to cum. But I don't. Not for your satisfaction. I cry in pleasure as you pull my hair with the hand that was on my clit. You moan in my ear as your cock slides in and out of me causing me to cry in pleasure. "You like being fucked like this?" You asked. I don't hide it anymore.

"Yes!" I cried. "Then say it." You growl in my ear. You fuck me harder making a scream escape out of my lips. "I love being fucked liked this!" I cry. I can feel the intensity of my orgasm arriving. I can feel my walls tightening. You drive your cock in harder and I grab the sheets in my hand and cry in pleasure as I cum hard. I can feel your warm cum overflowing my pussy. You're breathing in my ear. Your body is still on top of mine. And I'm laying down on my stomach trying to make sense of what just happen. I just fucked my best friend. The guy I knew since first grade. The guy I come to with all of my problems. The guy that my mom loves to talk to. Who she treats like her own son. And I just had sex with him. And he didn't wear a condom. He has a girlfriend and we kept telling her she has nothing to worry about because we're just friends and that's all we'll ever be. But............maybe she did have something to worry about because I just came on her boyfriend's cock.



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