A night with a vampire

By: IceBreaker

Page 1, A girl goes to a vampire club and has sex with a vampire

I don’t know what I was doing here. This was dangerous. I’m risking everything by being here. I looked around at all the people. This club was filled with lustful vampires and humans and it truly freaked me out. But I wanted to be intimate with a vampire for a while the moment I have found out about their existence. Only in this state of Illinois do people know about them. I closed my eyes for a second. The walls were black along with the shiny polished floor. There were bottles of alcohol and blood on the shelves. I saw the blood and it made me feel slightly queasy. I should just leave. This was dangerous. I could easily die here.
There was a blonde girl sitting on a vampire’s lap. Her eyes were closed as he was feeding from her neck. Dark red blood fell onto her dark blue dress and she moaned. I wanted that kind of lust between me and a vampire.
Tonight, I was wearing a black strapless dress with dark red heels. I had a dark red half cardigan over my dress. My brunette hair fell over my shoulders. I leaned against a wall waiting to spot a nonviolent vampire.
This club called ‘Bloodlust’ was a vampire club that has opened over a month ago. But this was my first time here and it scared me but that was a part of the excitement I felt inside of my body. There was blood and sex. A vampire’s favorite two things. Humans came to the bar to get bitten and to get laid. There are rooms upstairs with beds for humans and vampires who want alone time.
Tonight, I was longing to occupy one of the rooms with a vampire. My eyes roamed around the area and they stopped on a man who was drinking a dark liquid out of a wine glass. He was sitting at the bar. He was wearing a black suit and a dark red colored shirt. He sat his glass down and turned for a second. His eyes met mine. And that’s when I knew he would be the one I will end up with tonight. I bit my lip and blushed as he looked at me.
He smiled slightly and slowly got up from the stool he was sitting on. He slowly walked over to me. It was easy to tell from his dark red eyes that he was a vampire. He slowly came to a stop as he stood a couple feet from me.
“Hello.” He said in a smooth voice.
I looked up at him. “Hi.” I said back.
“Are you willing to come upstairs with me or were just looking at me because you wanted to?” He asked. I blushed again and smiled. “Well……I wanted to go upstairs with you.” I admitted. The old me would have been too scared to say it. But the old me was gone.
He smiled and held out his hand. I slowly accepted it and he led me through the crowd and upstairs. I felt fear but excitement. Nervousness but lust just from his cold hand being in mine. I was not the kind of person to take chances but I wanted to take chances with him. He led me up a set of glass stairs and into a hallway with dark red walls. Vampires must really love their dark red. I guess it sets off the theme of blood.
The hallway was quieter. You could hear the moans of women and men in the bedrooms as we walked down the long hallway. And their moans were making me wetter and wetter.
There was a room at the end of the hall where the door was open. “Ladies first.” He breathed. I slowly walked in the warm room. He followed in shortly, closed and then locked the door.
I placed my purse onto the chair that was in the corner of the room. The bed was king sized and had a lavender with black velvet leaves comforter on the bed. I looked at the man. “What is your name?” He asked.
“Leena.” I whispered. He smiled and walked over to me. “Are you nervous, Leena?”
“A little. I never had sex with a vampire before.”
“Why are you about to do so now?” He asked.
“I heard it feels good and exciting and even life changing and I need all of that right now.”
“Well I want to make you feel all of those things.” He whispered as his hands slowly opened my cardigan and slid it off me onto the floor.
I got a nervous feeling in my stomach but I pushed it away because I knew for a fact that I wanted this.
“What is your name?” I asked. He smiled. “Christian.” He answered. I smiled and nodded.
“Christian, can you just be a little gentle since this is my first time with a vampire?” I asked. He nodded. “I will be as gentle as you need me to be, Leena.” He unbuttoned his jacket and discarded it to the floor. He slowly leaned down and I met him halfway and our lips pressed together. His lips were surprisingly warm against mine. My mouth opened slightly and his tongue slipped in making me moan. His hands were slowly trailing down my body and he lifted my dress up. His fingers slipped underneath the fabric of my panties and he slowly slid them down. They dropped to my ankles. Me and him haven’t broke the kiss yet. My fingers went to the button on his shirt. I got them all unbuttoned and opened his shirt. We finally broke the kiss and my hands slowly went down his chest. He had a little chest hair on his muscular body. I looked back up into his eyes and he stared back down at me. “What’s wrong?” He asked.
I shook my head. “Nothing. You’re just very beautiful.” I said. He smiled. “Beautiful?” I nodded.
“No. You, Leena, is beautiful. I am dead.”
I smiled. “Well then you’re a very beautiful dead guy.” I said and he chuckled.
His shirt slid off his shoulders and dropped to the floor. His lips touched mine again as his hands slid my dress down my body and he made me turn around and he unhooked my bra. “Go lay down on the bed on your stomach.” He whispered in my ear. I obeyed what he said and climbed onto the cover and laid down. I could hear him discarding his clothes and I felt him crawl onto the bed. He started from my ankle to my inner thighs as he kissed me softly. I moaned and closed my eyes enjoying the feel of his lips.
“Can I bite you?” He whispered. I nodded. “Please.” I whispered back. I heard his fangs slide out from his gums and his lips brushed against the side of my thigh. “Turn over.” He said.
I quickly did what he said and looked at him. His lips went to my inner thigh and his fangs pierced through my thigh. It was a painful stabbing and it made me want to scream in pain at first. But then sensations started running through my body and the feel of his fangs in me started to feel good. I gasped at the pleasure he was giving me. He lifted his head up and he licked my blood from his lips.
“You taste better than I imagined.” He said as he lined his body up with mine. He leaned down and kissed me. I could taste my blood on his tongue and lips. And I truthfully wanted to taste more so I made him kiss me deeper. I wanted to savor the taste in my mouth of both him and me.
I whimpered when he pushed inside of me. He closed his eyes and moaned. “You feel so good.” I whispered when he pushed inside deeper.
“You do too.” He whispered back. I placed my hand in his hair and pulled him down. His lips went down to mine and he thrusted in me fast. His strokes were hard and filled with pleasure.
I dug my nails into his back and could feel that I’ve done it too hard because I could feel his blood on my fingertips. I was scared but he told me it was okay and continued kissing me.
His lips went down to my neck. He breathed in my scent and I felt his fangs pierce my skin again. I closed my eyes and my chin rose as I felt the pain quickly turning to intense pleasure. I felt the blood leaving a tickling feeling as it slowly fell down to my chest. Christian licked it up leaving soft kisses afterwards.
I was about to cum. I wrapped my legs around him and he moved faster inside me which told me he was about to cum also. I closed my eyes and he kissed my lips. My blood lingered on his lips and I licked it off. He groaned in pleasure at the same time cried out his name. I could feel his warm cum feel my body up.
I kept my eyes closed as the amazing orgasm washed over my body. Christian’s lips went down my chest and his tongue swirled around my nipple eliciting a moan from my lips. His tongue slid down to my stomach as if he was tasting me. But it felt good. His tongue went to my wet folds and slid between them to my clit. And I basically screamed in pleasure.
His tongue slid inside me and then back up to my clit. I was about to cum again. His finger rubbed my clit as he laid beside me and turned me so I was on my side. I felt his cock enter me again from the side. I moan as his lips sucked on my neck. I reached back and gripped his dark hair. His hand cupped my pussy as he started moving in and out really fast. I screamed to the top of my lungs and gripped the covers. He was panting really hard. ”Oh god! Please harder! I begged. He pushed against my clit harder and pushed deeper inside of me and started fucking me harder. I closed my eyes as I felt my orgasm erupt. I screamed out. His lips brushed my shoulder and then his fangs sunk in to add to the pleasure he was already giving my body. His tongue licked the blood from the wound. His hand slid up and down my pussy and I was moaning in his mouth as he kissed me. My blood got into my mouth and I licked it off his tongue as he kissed me deeply. He moaned in my mouth and his hand slipped up my body and he cupped my left breast. I sighed into his mouth and breathed out deeply when he pulled away.
I looked back at him and he looked down at me. He leaned down and kissed me again and then my jaw and then my neck. Then he pulled back and slid out of me. He pulled me into his arms and I could feel his breath on my neck. He covered us up with the covers and I drifted off to sleep.


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