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Why The Good Deal

Short story By: hyperforce

When a guy decides to get a sex change operation,his best friend volunteers to perform that operation...for a price.

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Just let me ask those of you who are reading this story right now this one question.What do you think would happen if one of your best friends who turns out to be a doctor who specializes in sex change operations volunteers to transform you from a guy to any hot female porn star babe you wish to be like because you just don't want to be a guy anymore?

Suddenly,I have a feeling that some of you are trying to figure out what I'm trying to get at here.Since that's the case,I might as well go ahead and start telling you the story of what had happened after I had looked at this one photo of Lisa Ann--the one porn babe who had starred in 'Who's Nailin' Paylin?'--and realized that I would rather be her than some stupid asshole named Joe Kevin Ryder for the rest of my life.

Thankfully enough,there was no need for me to travel to Switzerland or any other place outside the U.S. for someone to perform that type of surgery on me because it just so happens that my best friend Doctor Philip Clooney is still able to practice medicine right here in Boston.

And after I had gone over to the office of his private practice and told him exactly what I had wanted him to do to me and why,Philip had sat back,let out a sigh and--after having realized that there was no way of talking me out of it--agreed to do the operation.

Okay.So,on the day of the operation,Philip and his support staff were all ready to do their stuff and I was laying bare ass naked on an operating table and waiting for those guys to get it over with.That was before they had given me some anesthetic to knock me out.

And let me tell you right now that it had really done the job because I had no way of knowing how long I had been unconscious nor what was happening to me during that time.But that was before I had finally opened my eyes,looked at Philip with a big smile on his face and heard him say,"Morning,Sunshine.Glad to see that you're finally up.",which had made me get out of the bed that I had been sleeping on,walk my naked ass over to a mirror and see an exact copy of Lisa Ann staring right at me.

Then,after I had realized that I was looking at my brand new reflection in that mirror,I had smiled,shed a tear or two and said,"Thanks,Philip.This is exactly what I've wanted.",just before he had placed his hand on my shoulder and said,"Glad to be of service,Joe.There's just one more thing that I need to do with you first."

And after he had talked me into laying back down on the bed,Philip had taken his clothes off and stood totally nude in front of me with his hand on his dick before he had looked at me straight in the eyes and said,"Don't look so surprised,Joe.Didn't you wonder the real reason why I had given you such a good deal on your surgery?"

And when I had looked at Philip with confusion in my eyes and asked,"You really were eager to do the surgery?",he had placed his hand on my naked thigh and answered,"Not at first,Joe.It's just that I was unable to say 'no' to a friend in need.Oh,and you obviously didn't read the fine print of the consent form.You see,now that you're Joanne,I must tell you that as your surgeon,I get the first test drive."

But just as I was about to object to that idea,Philip had moved his hand up to my cheek and planted this big wet kiss on my lips.And while he was doing that,I had looked down at his cock and noticed how stiff it had gotten which had made me take two of my fingers and start pumping them into my new vagina.

Then,after he had kneeled himself down and started sucking every last drop of juice out of my wet pussy with his hands on my new tits,I had placed my hands on the back of his head,slowly licked my lips and thanked him for helping to make my dream come true.

That was before he had gotten on the same bed,laid himself on top of me and poked his finger in and out of my asshole while I was sucking on his large dick.Then,after he had taken it out of my mouth,Philip had put his hands on my shoulders and started sucking on my tits and drilling that huge cock of his deep into my moist snatch which had made me lay my hands on his bare back and let out one hell of a loud scream before we had finally came and stopped to catch our breath.

That was when I had placed my head on his chest and my hand on his shoulder,laughed a little bit and asked,"So,Doctor?Was the first test drive good for you?"And after he had planted a small kiss on my cheek and said,"Just as good as it was for you.",Philip and I had fallen asleep on that very bed.

As for what the future holds for me now,you might as well say that Joe Kevin Ryder does not exist anymore.That's right,Folks.I'm Joanne Roxxx now.And I'm more than willing to do anything that lets the whole world know how hot I really am.As a matter of fact,Larry Flynt had called and offered me the chance to pose in the upcoming issue of his Hustler magazine.I think I'll accept that offer.



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