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What Men Want

Short story By: hyperforce

After he returns from seeing his parents,a reluctant college student notices a piece of crumpled paper on the floor which leads him to a sexy female's apartment...and a case of mistaken identity.

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Let me ask you college students of both sexes this one question.What do you think would happen if someone had dropped something on the floor of whatever mode of public transportation that you happen to be riding in?Would you try to give that something back to that person before he or she steps out of the bus or plane or train and disappears into the crowd?

If you want to know what I'm trying to get at,I shall start telling to you that story that I happen to be writing right now.You see,it happens to be on an Amtrak train heading for the city of Portland,Oregon that a handsome young man with dark brown hair and whose name happens to be Jeff Brolin was riding back from visiting his parents back in his old hometown.

And even though he was still able to love his mom and dad with all of his heart and appreciate what they had done to help him get acceptted to the University Of Portland,Jeff had kept on wishing for something different to happen in his life.That was before he had suddenly heard some guy in the seat behind his crumpling up something and saying,"Ah,fuck it!I had enough of this shit!"

And as soon as the Amtrak train has finally reached its destination and some of its passagers had started getting off that train,Jeff had looked down on the floor in front of the stranger's seat and noticed a piece of crumpled paper which he had picked up and opened to see the name Kristara Jameson on that paper along with an address.That had made Jeff take a deep breath and think to himself,*Now,I know that my friends are expecting me to show up at the Regal Cinema to see 'Battle:Los Angeles' with them as soon as I get settled in.But from the looks of this piece of paper in my hands,it looks like they would just have to wait.*

But after he had quickly gotten off the train in order to give the paper back to the guy or--at least--let him explain why he had crumpled it up and tossed it down on the floor,Jeff had discovered that no matter how hard he had tried,he was just unable to find that guy which had given him no choice but to go to the address on that paper and find someone who might help him.

Then,after he had gone to that address which happens to be an apartment inside a complex on the ritzy side of town,Jeff had knocked on the door and heared a female voice on the other side ask,"Who is it?"And after he had cleared his throat and said,"I'm sorry to interupt whatever you're doing!But I need some help!Does a Miss Kristara Jameson live here?",the mysterious voice had said,"Hold on!I'll unlock the door and let you in!"

The door was finally unlocked and opened just in time for Jeff to peek his head into the apartment and noticed this hot looking babe who happens to be the spitting image of Playboy Magazine's July 2006 Playmate Of The Month Sara Jean Underwood standing in front of him with only a navy blue bathrobe on and her arms crossed."Well?Don't you want to come in or what?",that was what the female stranger had asked a wide eyed Jeff before he had stepped into the apartment and asked,"Are you Miss Kristara Jameson?"

"Yes,that's my name.",that was the answer that Kristara had given to Jeff after she had closed and locked the door and before he had taken the paper out of his jacket pocket and said,"I was on a train on my way back to...!"But before he was about to say another word,Kristara had looked at her name and address on the paper,rolled her eyes and said,"Finally!You had shown up!I've thought that you had just turned chicken shit on me!"

And after she had turned off and closed her laptop,Kristara had walked herself over to the bedroom door,turned her eyes toward Jeff and asked,"Well?Don't you want to come in here and fuck me?After all,you really are getting top dollar for it."That had made Jeff realize that she had mistaken him for someone else and he had to tell her that he actually was a college student.

But after he had stepped into the bedroom to set the record straight,Jeff had discovered that Kristara had already taken her robe off,turned towards Jeff and said,"Now,I know full well what men want in today's world.It happens to be exactly what women want as well.Don't you agree?"And when he had taken a good look at Kristara pumping her fingers into her wet pussy and slowly licking her lips,Jeff had quickly taken his clothes off and stroked his stiff cock right in front of her.

That was before they had laid themselves down on the bed and planted one large kiss on each other's lips and Jeff had started sucking on Kristara's moist snatch with his hands on her firm breasts.Then,after she had placed her hands on his head and said,"Oooohhhh!Oooohhhh,God!Aaaahhhh,sssshhhhit!Yeeeessss!Suck my pussy!Suck every last drop of juice out of my pussy!Do it,you son of a bitch!Do it naaaahhhh!",Jeff had perched himself on top of Kristara and poked his finger in and out of her asshole while she was sucking on his giant dick.

And then,after he had taken it out of her mouth,put his hands on her shoulders and began sucking on her huge tits and slamming his Kong sized cock deep into her soaking wet twat,Kristara had laid her hands on Jeff's bare back and yelled,"AAAAHHHH!YEEEESSSS,OLIVER!YEEEESSSS!YOU REALLY ARE EVERY BIT THE SEX MACHINE THAT CHARLIE HAD SAID YOU ARE!THAT...AND MORE!GIVE ME MORE!FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME,OLIVER!MAKE ME WANNA CAAAAHHHH...AAAAHHHH...AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!"

And after they had finally came and stopped to catch their breath,Kristara had taken a checkbook out of her nightstand and made a check out to 'Cash' before handing it over to Jeff and said,"Here you go,Stud.That should cover it.Just make sure that Charlie and the other gigolos find out about it,okay?",before he had taken a look at the amount on the check,let out a smile and said,"Sure!No problem!"

Just then,after he had left Kristara's apartment and waved to her after she had waved at him with a big smile on her face,Jeff had taken one more look at the check and thought to himself,*Wholly fucking shit!I have enough money here to treat my friends to a movie and dinner at a place that is not next to a Subway in the food court of the Pioneer Place shopping mall!*,before he had let out a loud 'Woo hoo' and left to rejoin his fellow University Of Portland students.



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