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We're Going To See A Movie(BuzzGirl "Seduction" Challenge)

Short story By: hyperforce

A handsome teen is invited to go to the movies with his friends and discovers that the one driving them to the cinema happens to be the mother of one of the friends.

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Since you are now reading the story that I happen to be writing,let me ask you this one question.What do you think would happen if you had been invited by your high school buddies to go with them to see this cool new movie at the local cinema and the mother of one of your friends insists on tagging along to make sure that you guys do not get yourselves into any trouble?I could already tell by the silence that you guys are having some trouble with coming up with an answer to that question.

Well,since that's the case,I might as well go ahead and start telling this story to you.You see,it was on this one February morning in the city of Elyria,Ohio that a local high school student whose name happens to be Gary Paxton had sat on the front stoop of his house and tried to figure out what to do on that one day,only to have a van with some other Elyria High Schoolers pull up just in time for a young maiden named Kelly Snyder to roll down a window and say,"Hey,Gary!We're going to the Atlas Cinemas Midway Mall 8 to see the new movie 'I Am Number Four'!You want to join us?"

And after Gary had let out a big smile on his face and said 'yes' to that invitation,he had rushed back into the house and gotten permission to go from his parents,who had agreed that it was better for him to go see the movie than sit around the house and bored out of his mind.But as soon as he had gotten into the van and joined the other kids in yelling at the top of their lungs,"WE'RE GOING TO SEE A MOVIE!",Gary had suddenly noticed a beautiful dark haired woman who had beared a striking resemblance to Teri Weigel--Playboy Magazine's April 1986 Playmate Of The Month--in the driver's seat.

"I'm sorry!I really don't mean to stare!It's just that I haven't seen you around campus and I'm wondering...!",that was what a curious Gary had said to the female driver before Kelly had placed her hand on his shoulder,rolled her eyes and said,"Trust me,Gary!You're lucky that you don't see her going to our school!Her name is Jacqueline Snyder!And yes,she really is my mother!",which had made Jacqueline to take a deep breath and say,"Look,Sweetie!I really am sorry!It's just that there's this new law out there to keep teens from causing all sorts of problems in the malls and we have to respect that law,okay?"

And after everyone else in the van had said 'okay' to Jacqueline,the van had finally arrived at its destination and the entire gang had gotten out of that van and rushed into the cinema to buy tickets for the showing of the film.But after they had gotten the tickets and sat down in their assigned seats,the movie had started playing and Gary was the only one not watching it because he was--instead--gawking at Jacqueline's cleavage.

Then,after she had noticed what he was staring at and that a sudden bulge had appeared inside his pants,a small smiling Jacqueline had placed her hand on the bulge,looked at Gary straight in the eyes and asked,"How about it,Gary?Let's get naked and fuck each other's brains out!",only to have a reluctant Gary clear his throat and say,"Look,Mrs. Snyder.I know that you really are trying to seduce me.But I really don't think that we should be doing it in here because everyone is watching a movie and...!"

"That's just it,Gary!Everyone is watching the movie and we would not be disturbed!Come on,Gary!Get naked and fuck me!",that was what Jacqueline had said to Gary after she had stripped off her clothes and started pumping her fingers into her wet pussy.And as soon as he had noticed that she might be right,Gary had taken his clothes off and began stroking his stiff cock before Jacqueline had placed her hands on Gary's seat and allowed him to put his hands on her naked thighs and start sucking on her moist snatch.

And when she had noticed an elderly couple sitting behind them and staring at her little sex scene with Gary with wide eyes,Jacqueline had waved her hand and said,"Oh,don't worry about me!I'll see it when it comes out on video!",before she had turned around to let Gary poke his finger in and out of her asshole while she was sucking on his huge beef stick.That was before Gary had taken it out of Jacqueline's mouth,placed his hands on her shoulders and started sucking on her firm breasts and slamming his Kong sized dick deep into her wet twat.

And of course,that had caused the shocked and outraged elderly couple to get up from their seats and storm out of the theater just before Jacqueline had placed a vice like grip on Gary's hair and let out one hell of a loud scream of total sexual pleasure.Then,after they had came and stopped to catch their breath,both Gary and Jacqueline had looked at rest of the audiance and noticed that everyone--including Jacqueline's own daughter Kelly--were staring at them and wondering what the fucking hell were they doing.

That was before they had gone into the food court of the mall to order some lunch from Taco Bell.And while they were chowing down on the tacos,burritos and gorditas,some of Gary's friends were patting him on the back and letting him know that it was cool to see him fuck the living shit out of Jacqueline.But of course,Kelly was so totally shocked by what her own mother had done that she had turned her angry eyes toward Jacqueline and hissed,"Mother,how could you?And behind Daddy's back!"

"Look,Kelly.I know that you're upset right now and I really do not blame you to be.",that was what a regrettable Jacqueline had said to Kelly after she had placed a gentle hand on her own daughter's shoulder."All I could say is that it was just a momentary lapse in judgement,okay?"Of course,Kelly was able to forgive her mother after she had realized that Jacqueline--like Gary and everyone else on Earth--is only human.But just to make sure that something like that never happens again,the entire gang had agreed with Kelly to never go see another movie at the Midway Mall Cinema ever again.



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