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Inside That Storage Unit

Short story By: hyperforce

As soon as the drug runners who were renting a storage unit skip town in a hurry,an employee of that facility opens that unit and discovers something quite shocking inside.

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To tell you the truth,I have no idea as to how long those guys had been paying those bizzare visits to that one unit at the storage facility that I had once worked at.That was before I had taken a little peek at two of those guys unloading some plastic bags of cocaine out of the trunk of the car and began to realize that there was some heavy duty shit going on and it had something to do with what was inside the unit that those thugs had been renting for the past six months.

Oh,before I allow myself to get too far ahead with telling this story to you,my name happens to be Larry Eubanks and I had started working at that storage facility after I had finally graduated from college.Anyway,it was on this one warm and sunny July afternoon that I had turned on FOX 8 News and watched a report about those same guys having no choice but to skip town in a hurry before the local cops were able to crack down on them which had made me realize that since none of those assholes would be around to keep up with the rent payments on that one unit,then whatever was inside of that unit was ours to do as we see fit.

Now,I know full well that State Law only requires us to have an auction to clear out some of those units.But since I had way too much of a curiousity streek in me,I had grabbed a pair of bolt cutters and walked over to that unit before I had looked around and made sure that no one else...not even my boss...was walking towards me.And then,with the one strong determination to look at whatever was inside that unit and report my findings to the police,I had used the bolt cutters to cut the lock off and opened the door of that unit.

And let me tell you right now that what I saw inside that unit had nothing to do with the making of certain drugs like cocaine.What I had actually saw inside that unit was a hot babe who was bare-ass naked and tied down tightly to a bed with a plastic dildo inside her pussy which had made me step inside for a closer look.That was before she had looked up at me with those helpless eyes of hers and said,"Please!Untie me!I don't know how long it'll be until they get back!"

Of course,I had tried my best to get that poor babe to relax and understand that she was safe.But no matter how hard I had tried,the only response that I've received from her was,"Really!You're in danger!They may do this to you,too!",which had made me scratch the back of my confused head and ask,"What are you talking about?"That was when she had let out a sigh and asked,"What's your name?"

And after I had told her what my name was,she had licked her lips and said,"My name is...one second thought,make that was...Keith Brooks!Seriously,I used to be a guy like you!You see,I was a reporter and about to expose who or what was behind the disappearances of the homeless males in the Greater Cleveland area!So far,I was going nowhere with the story until I've got a tip about some more homeless people vanishings happening close to an abandoned warehouse on the other side of town!And after I had met my informant and he had told me that some drug runners were forcing those poor homeless guys to get injected with this new drug that looks like cocaine...but it really is not cocaine,I've made what I should now consider to be the biggest mistake of my life!I had decided to take a little look around that abandoned warehouse and see what was really going on in there!But when they caught me snooping around that place,they shot me so ful of drugs that I had no choice but to go sleepy-bye!And when I woke up,I was like this!"

And after I had used my finger to wipe away some of the tears and asked,"And what happened next?",Keith had blinked her eyes and answered,"They've been using me as the communal fuck-toy for days!And when I'm not getting gang-banged,they keep me tied up with this dildo inside me!Each and every time I struggle to get myself free,it rubs my clit and makes me cum!It's getting so I almost enjoy it!And I'm pretty sure that my tits are getting bigger!I mean,a couple days ago,they were just nipples!But they're larger now!"

That was when I had slowly closed the door of the unit,turned around and undone my fly which had made her say,"Oh,no!Please,Larry!Don't unzip your pants!"But it was too late because I had already pulled down my pants,slipped off my shirt and started jerking off on my stiff cock just before I've took a workblade out of my shirt pocket and used it to cut Keith out of those bonds.

Then,after I had pulled the dildo out of her soaking wet pussy,I've looked at her straight in the eyes and said,"Relax!This is for your own good!",just before I had kissed her on the lips and started sucking the juice out of her moist snatch with my hands on those huge tits of hers.And after I had taken a little peek at the look on her face and noticed that she really was enjoying it,I had laid myself on top of Keith and let her suck on my large dick while I was shoving my finger straight into her butt.

That was before I had taken my huge cock out of her mouth and started using it to the hard hump right inside her juice-filled cunt while I was sucking on her tits.And then,after she had put her hands on my back and let out one hell of a scream,a full gallon of cum had gushed right out of us before we had stopped to catch our breath and I had taken a deep breath and asked,"Are you feeling better now?",which had made Keith put her hand on my forehead,look at me with a smile on her lips and said,"I am now...thanks to you."

Of course,we were able to get ourselves dressed and haul ass out of that storage unit before my boss had found us in there and started asking some certain questions that I truly doubt that we were able to answer with a straight face.As for the already-broken lock on that unit,I've told the boss that some thieves had tried to open that unit to steal what was inside of it but I've chased them away.

You know,I really can not believe that he's still able to believe that bullshit!Anyway,as for Keith,she had legally changed her name to Kathleen Bowie and started a new life for herself as a writer of erotic fiction novels.As a matter of fact,her first novel which happens to actually be based on that one little fuck fest that we've had inside that one storage unit had just became Number One on the New York Times Best Seller List.Oh,I've just remembered something.An old friend of mine told me that those drug running shits had finally gotten themselves captured...by the United States Military Police.

It seems that they were stupid enough to not realize that the drug that they had stolen from our nation's armed forces happens to be part of a top secret project and was suppossed to be used on our enemies and not the other way around.What could I say?Sometimes,you just can't win.


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