Don't Look In The Basement

By: hyperforce

Page 1, While attending a party welcoming some new people to the neighborhood,a curious woman goes into the basement and gets attacked by someone waiting inside.


I am going to be black and blue forever!

Well,this is what I get for not listening to my best friend in the first place.

You see,I was watching our new neighbors move into the last vacant house on our block before they had invited us over for a little party in order to get acquainted with everyone on our block.

Well,as soon as we had arrived and some of the other neighbors had started to enjoy themselves,my best friend Penny Sheldon had walked up to me and said,"I just want you to know.Our new neighbors have only one rule that they want us to follow.Don't look in the basement."

But before I was about to ask why not,Penny was called away by one of the other neighbors and left me alone to stare at the basement door until I've opened that door and stepped inside that basement.

But after I've walked into that room,someone had hit me from behind.

I was out cold until I've finally snapped out of it and noticed that I had been stripped naked with my wrists tied tightly to a chest and my ankles in the same way to a wall.

Then,this guy had grabbed my legs and started slamming his cock deep into my pussy.

Now,I know he was raping me and wanted him to stop.

But I've started to enjoy it so much that I was unable to give a shit.

That was before our new neighbor used a bullwhip on that guy,freed me and explained that she was suppossed to be his fuck toy because of her husband suddenly being unable to do that.

You see,he was in an accident that caused him to be left impotent.

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