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Before I Had Put On My Glasses(Fate's Entertain Me Challenge)

Short story By: hyperforce

A teen girl invites her friends to check out the new hot tub which results in her mother discovering one of her friends standing naked in the kitchen.

Submitted:Mar 20, 2011    Reads: 860    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

It was on a warm and sunny March 20th afternoon within a Glendale,California neighborhood that one of the students of the Glendale High School had invited some of her friends--including some members of the Glendale High Dynamiters football team--over to her house to check out the new hot tub that her father had finally gotten installed.

Anyway,as soon as the good friends of Brooke Griffin had arrived at her house and asked where the hot tub happens to be,a woman who happens to look exactly like a certain supermodel named Kathy Ireland had walked down the stairs,looked at Brooke and said,"Just do me a favor,Brooke.Make sure that your friends are gone before your father gets home,okay?"

"Okay,Mom.",that was what Brooke had said to her mother after she had rolled her eyes and before she had led her friends out to the back yard.And while the teens were enjoying themselves in the hot tub,Brooke's mother had stepped into the bathroom and removed a ring which had the words 'To My Darling Katherine--All My Love Forever--Richard' on it.

And after she had taken her clothes off and stepped into the shower,Katherine had became unaware that one of Brooke's friends who happens to be a member of the football team named Eric Corby had stepped into the house,pulled off his swim trunks and placed them over the kitchen sink to dry out before he had opened the door of the fridge and pulled out a small bottle of Pepsi.

And while he was taking one swallow after another of that one bottle of Pepsi,Katherine had finally finished taking her shower and dried herself off before she had put on a robe,slipped her glasses back on and gone back downstairs just in time to see a bare ass naked Eric drinking a Pepsi in her own kitchen.

But just as a shocked Katherine was about to start yelling at the naked teen jock,Eric had suddenly turned around and noticed Brooke's own mother standing and staring at him which had forced a suddenly embarressed Eric to put the bottle of Pepsi on the table and try to explain himself,only to have Katherine take a good look at his suddenly stiff cock,let out a smile and say,"It's amazing,Eric!Before I had put on my glasses,everything had looked soft!And I do mean...everything!"

Then,after she had slipped off her robe and started pumping her fingers into her wet pussy,Eric had instinctively began stroking his large dick which had caused Katherine to slowly lick her lips and ask,"Well,Eric?What are you waiting for?Get your ass over here and fuck me!You know you want to!"

And with that,Eric had kneeled himself down and started sucking every last drop of juice out of Katherine's moist snatch with his hands on her firm breasts before she had placed her hands on the back of Eric's head and begged him to keep on giving her the hard fuck with that tongue of his.

That was before they had laid themselves down on the floor and Eric had poked his finger in and out of Katherine's asshole while she was sucking on his Kong sized cock.Then,after Eric had taken it out of her mouth,put his hands on her shoulders and started sucking on her massive melons and slamming his gigantic dick deep into her soaking wet twat,Katherine had laid her hands on Eric's bare back and let out a scream of ultimate sexual pleasure before they had finally came and stopped what they were doing to catch their breath.

That was before Katherine had placed her hand on Eric's shoulder and her head on his chest,let out a sigh and said,"Look,Eric.I really am sorry to force you into a situation like this.I guess that I forgotten what it was like and...!",only to have Eric place his gentle hand on Katherine's cheek and say,"Don't sweat it,Mrs. G.I know that you still love your family and don't want to hurt them in any way and I'm okay with that.Let's just call this a little afternoon quickie between friends and leave it at that,okay?"

And after she had given that idea some thought and nodded her head in response,both Eric and Katherine had snuggled themselves up to each other and fallen asleep on that kitchen floor.Thankfully enough,Eric and the other Glendale High students were able to get themselves out of there before Brooke's father had came home from work.

But after he had kissed his beloved wife on the cheek and given his teen daughter a big hug,Richard Griffin had gone into the kitchen to have a drink of water,only to have him discover that someone had left a pair of swim trunks in the kitchen sink which had caused Richard to tap his fingers on the counter and ask,"Katherine?Brooke?Could I see you two in here for a minute,please?There's something in here!"



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