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A Warm And Dry Place

Short story By: hyperforce

While they were looking for their assigned campsite in a national park,a sudden rain storm forces two teenage girls to seek shelter inside an abandoned white van,only to discover that it really is not abandoned.

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You know,if I personally am not mistaken,you might want to seek out a warm and dry place to spend the night in and wait for the rain to stop pouring.But of course,there is this one little warning that I feel that I should give to you while all of you are reading this story.You might want to make sure that the shelter that you would have to place yourself into in order to get out of the rain is safe first because there really is no way of telling who or what might be lurking in that shelter.

This story is a case in point.It was a dark March evening that a pair of teenage maidens whose names happen to be Jessica Holiday and Samantha Hitchcock were hiking their way through one of the Cleveland Metroparks in search of the campsite that they were suppossed to meet their friends at,only to have a frustrated Samantha stop right where she was,slap her hand on her forehead and say,"I don't believe this!I REALLY DO NOT BELIEVE THIS SHIT!JESS,HAS IT EVER OCCURED TO YOU THAT THOSE SO-CALLED 'FRIENDS' OF OURS HAD TAKEN OFF AND LEFT US HERE TO DIE?!"

"Come on,Sam!You're just being paranoid,that's all!Look,the sooner we find the campsite,the happier the both of us will be!Okay?",that was what a calm Jessica had asked Samantha just before a flash of lightning had appeared in the dark sky which was followed by a rumble of thunder and rain being poured right on top of the two girls and forcing them to run around and start looking for some shelter.Well,as luck were to have it,both Samantha and Jessica had found a seemingly-abandoned white van.

And after the second lightning flash and rumble of thunder had convinced the two girls that there was no other choice,both Samantha and Jessica had opened the back doors of the van and climbed right on in.But before they were about to close the doors,the two girls had suddenly heard the sound of someone moaning right behind them which had forced them to turn around and discover a beautiful dark-haired woman laying bare ass naked on the floor and tightly tied-up like the largest Thanksgiving turkey that no one had ever laid their eyes on before.

"Excuse me?Are you okay?Do you need us to go and get some help?",that was what a concerned Jessica had asked the female stranger,who had looked at both Sam and Jess with tears pouring out of her eyes and begged,"Please!Touch my body!Suck my wet pussy!Please do it before they get back and find you here!"But after a confused Samantha had scratched the back of her head and asked,"They?Who are they?",two pairs of muscular arms had wrapped themselves around the unsuspecting teens and placed a chloroform-dipped cloth over each of their noses.

And even though they had tried as hard as they could to free themselves,the chloroform had became way too powerful and caused both Samantha and Jessica to succumb to the effects of the drug and go into a deep sleep.Of course,they had no way of knowing how long they were unconscious.But after they had finally opened their eyes,both Sam and Jess were shocked to discover that they had been stripped naked and placed inside a sex dungeon.

"SAM,WHAT THE FUCKING HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!",that was what a totally-scared Jessica had asked after she had noticed that she was unable to get out of the inflatable bondage chair that was strapped into."HEY,ASSHOLES!DON'T YOU HEAR WHAT MY FRIEND HAD ASKED?!WHAT ARE YOU?!FUCKING TONE-DEAF?!",that was what an angry Samantha had yelled while she was trying to free herself from the forced orgasm tower.

That was before a door had opened and a pair of muscle-bound thugs had looked at the helpless girls with pure sexual hunger in their eyes and their hands on their stiff cocks which had made a totally-pissed Samantha look at the two thugs straight in the eyes and say,"I do not give a shit who you guys are!I also don't care!All I could tell right now is that if my father finds out that I am missing...!"But before she was about to finish saying that threat,one of the naked thugs had slammed his fist right into her face and growled,"SHUT THE FUCKING MOUTH,YOU SKANKY BITCH!"

And as soon as the first thug had turned the massager on,placed a vice like grip on Samantha's head and forced her to suck on his huge beef stick,the second thug had walked himself over to Jessica,who had looked at her brutish captor with fear in her eyes and said,"Please!Please don't hurt me!I'll do whatever you want!Just please don't hurt me!",before he had placed his hard as steel penis in front of her and said,"Start sucking,Bitch!Now!"

Then,while Jessica was sucking on the stone hard dick of the second thug,the first thug had popped his Kong sized cock out of Samantha's mouth,shoved the massager out of the way and started slamming that gigantic schlong of his deeper and deeper into her pussy which had forced Samantha to let out one hell of a scream of intense pain before he had came,released Sam from the forced orgasm tower and placed her into a steel puppy cage.

And after he had turned to the second thug with a big nasty smile on his evil face and asked,"How about it,Bro?Shall we give that blonde bitch a really good hard fuck?",the second of the thug brothers had taken his dick out of Jessica's mouth and released her from the inflatable bondage chair before lifting her up into his arms,planting a deep kiss on her lips and shoving his cock deep into her snatch.That was before the first thug had placed Jessica's wrists and ankles in handcuffs,picked up a strict leather studded paddle and spanked her eight times on the butt with that puppy.

Then,after the first thug brother had tossed that paddle aside and stroked on his dick until it had gotten hard again,he had placed his left hand on Jessica's arm and his right hand under her chin and shoved his cock straight into her asshole.And while he was doing that,the sinisterly-gleefull thug had placed his lips close to Jessica's ear and hissed,"Admit it,Bitch!You're enjoying this!Do you?Say it,Bitch!I want to hear you say it!"

"YEEEESSSS!OOOOHHHH,GOD!YEEEESSSS!I CAN NOT RESIST SUCH WONDEROUS PLEASURE ANYMORE!FUCK ME!FUCK THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF ME!MAKE ME WANNA CAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!",that was the answer that poor Jessica had given the thug brothers while they were still fucking her in both the ass and pussy while a teary-eyed Samantha had no choice but to watch from inside the steel puppy cage and say,"I'm sorry,Jess!I really am sorry!It was my fault!"

That was before someone had reached into the cage,placed a hand on Samantha's ankle and said,"Hey,Sam!",which had caused her to flip herself over and yell at the top of her lungs,"NO!GET AWAY FROM ME!DON'T TOUCH ME,ASSHOLES!"But after she had noticed that she had woken up in her own bedroom and realized that what she and Jessica had experienced was only a dream,Samantha had turned towards her best friend just in time for Jessica to raise up her hands and say,"Whoa!Easy,Sam!I really didn't mean to scare you like that!"

And after Samantha had placed her hand on her chest,let out a sigh of relief and said,"To tell you the truth,Jess.I should apologize you.You see,I had just woken up from one hell of a nasty nightmare.",an understanding Jessica had placed her gentle hand on her friend's shoulder,let out a small smile and asked,"It really was that scary.Wasn't it?",which had made a still-scared Samantha look at Jessica with sad puppy dog eyes and nod her head in response to that question.



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