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Short story By: hotstory4you


Submitted:Dec 25, 2010    Reads: 8,238    Comments: 6    Likes: 2   


Joanna(20) just entered the house after giving a goodbye kiss to her boyfrnd, she moved to her room upstairs, and she heard some voice, she moved to find that where it was coming from, the voice was coming from his brother's room , as she was going closer the voice was getting clear n its like moans…she looked inside the room as the door was not closed n she was shocked to see his 16 year old brother wanking n rubbing her black lacy bra on his erect cock which was like 5 inch long, the view was exciting n a little shameful for her. But the dirty thoughts were started building in her mind n she touched her pussy n started feeling excitement, she knew that his brother jerkoff on her undergarments cause sometimes she found the white thick cum drops on them. She started thinking n feeling his brother's cock in her juicy hole n she heard a loud moan n his brother just came out on her hands n some on her bra. She immediately ran to her room. Jack (Joanna's brother) went to bathroom to clean himself n wipe out the cum from joanna's bra . he took the bra n moved to joanna's room but he saw someone closing the door of joanna's room, so he moved back to his room n looking for the chance to put the bra at its right place in joanna's room.

"Dinner is ready" he heard the voice of her mom from downstairs, he peeked out from his room n saw Joanna going down. He ran to her room n threw the bra in her cupboard n moved downstairs for dinner. Joanna looked at him, and sat on the chair opposite to jack. She was wearing a tight black shirt n she already unbuttoned the top two buttons giving jack a clear hot view of her cleavage. She started eating n through the corner of her eyes she saw jack watching her cleavage n she threw the spoon under the table and when she bent to pick it up she saw the bulge in jack's shorts n she knew she is responsible for it. They finished their dinner n went back to their rooms. As the lights off of the house . she moved to jack's room again, by each step towards his room she was getting really excited n hot. But she finds the door closed, she peeked inside through the keyhole n she finds the same view again but her bra was missing. She knocked the door n saw his brother arranging his clothes n coming towards the door to open. As he opened the door Joanna immedietley stepped in n closed the door. Jack was a little confused to saw all this, he was just looking at Joanna. "You are missing something in your work" Joanna said with a smile. "what" jack was still confused.

"you are missing my bra" Joanna unbuttoned her shirt n her red bra was flashing " I know you need it, I saw you doing things with my bra" Joanna completely took off her shirt n droped it on the floor. Jack looked down feeling guilty on what ever he did. He pleaded her not to tell mom or dad about all this , n he assured her that he will not do any thing like this again. "its ok I understand your feeling but you were doing that in wrong way. "what" jack asked. "You were wanking in a wrong way, but don't worry I will help you. After all I am your sister so I will tell you how to do" Joanna sat on her knees n put her hands on his cock feeling it through his shorts, jack steped back "don't worry I am not going to hurt you" and she grabbed his cock again n dropped his shorts and full erect cock was just few inches away from her lips, she grapped it and make two three moves. "its not completely hard, hope this will help u to get big" and Joanna took her hands back n unhooked her bra n slipped it from the shoulders now her amazing 34 size boobs were hanging down n she touched his cock to her erect nippels. A current was passed in jack's body n the whole energy was exploded in her cock n his cock became a little more big n more hard. Joanna again gripped the cock n started stroking, she was doing it very slow n seductive manner n some times she allowed the tip of her tounge n his cock to meet and she tasted the precum, with in 10 mints jack exploded a huge load on her boobs neck n lips, Joanna looked up , jack was closing his eyes Joanna stands up n get her shirt on and left the room giving her bra in jack's hand and saying " If you need more help come to me, your sister is always ready to help you"


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