X-rated movie theater - gallons of CUM

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, (UNDER 20 DON\'T CLICK) story of two lesbians having fun in movie theater...


“oh my god last night was so hot” Ana said getting up and sitting on bed and placing a pillow behind her back for comfort.
“Yes that was fun” Amy replied who was lying next to her, “I am still wet” Ana said laughing and touching her pussy.
Amy also got up and sat next to Ana, she also touched Ana’s pussy “oh bitch you are so wet” Amy said and both girls laughed and shared a deep kiss. Their tongue was trying to explore each other’s mouth. They stopped kissing and leaned back on the pillows. “But we didn’t had protein” Ana said looking straight to an erotic poster of two lesbians kissing on the opposite wall.
“Hmmm yes, I also want to have some” Amy replied and both girls went to the washroom. Amy was pissing while Ana started brushing her sparkling teeth. Amy also joined her. After that Ana went to prepare breakfast while Amy was taking bath as Amy came out of shower, she asked Ana to get a bath while she will take care of breakfast.
Amy brought breakfast to the bed and Ana also just came out of bath, both girls were looking so fresh and they were still naked. They were having breakfast when Ana left Amy in the bed and she went in to the kitchen. Ana came back with two 500 ml  glass jar, she joined Amy again for breakfast and put down the jar on the bed.
“What are you going to do with these” Amy asked taking a sip of coffee, “we are going for a movie” Ana replied with a wide smile, “No, No we are not” Amy replied and took the last sip of coffee.
“yes we will” Ana said and jumped on Amy she locked her lips, laid her on the bed leaning over her and inserted one finger in her pussy. “Oh, my god” Amy moaned, “So we are going or not” Ana asked.
-yes we will (Amy replied)
-say you want cum
-I want cum
-you are a bitch
-No, we are the bitch (Amy said and Ana got off from her)
Both girls dressed in skimpy short clothes. Just short skirts and top with nothing under them, They took a cab and moved to the theater, but they left the cab before there actual destination and walked to the theater. They reached the theater and both girls first looked at the board outside the theater “SECRET THEATER” and then looked at each other.
The lady at the ticket counter smiled seeing them, “Hey” the lady said and Amy and Ana responded very friendly.
They took their tickets and went in to the movie hall, they had watched this movie at home and so by the scene playing on the screen they knew that movie had just started. There were 75 seats in the hall and only 25 to 30 head were appeared in the dark. Amy went to the end of the row and sat while Ana sat right in the beginning of the row.
There was a man around 40 year old but he wasn’t showing much interest in Ana and not in movie too, Ana was waiting for some response from him but after 5 minutes she moved to next vacant seat in the row. She sat next to a guy, Ana looked at him and a smile appeared on her face when she saw that the guy was jerking off.
Ana moved her hand to his cock and she grabbed it, the guy looked at her “Just warn me before cumming” Ana said in his ear stroking his cock, Ana saw the guy’s head nodding in yes, Ana started stroking and she was doing best to stimulate his cock and make him cum right after 6 -7 minutes,  the guy moaned “I am going to..” Ana sat on the floor in front of that guy and took out the glass jar. He placed the jar before his cock and keep it stroking. The guy shoot his cum in the jar. Ana squeezed his cock to get as much milk as she could, she sucked the tip of his cock tasting his cum and bottled his cum.
“Are you a doctor?” the guy asked after seeing the jar and all that, “No” Ana replied and left to find the next seat.
When Amy sat in her seat in the corner she found a young guy pressing his erection, Amy waited for the guy to took out his cock and jerk off but he didn’t so Amy knelt in front of him and unzipped his pants “what, what are you doing?” the guy shouted on her.
“Shhhhh just relax” Amy said and took out his cock, finding his hard cock in Amy’s soft hand the guy kept quite and leaned in the chair. Amy was a good sucked and she showed her talent to this guy, she engulfed his cock and started giving him head.
“Oh hmmmm, I am feeling so good” the guy was moaning and Amy made him cum in her mouth with in 2 minutes, Amy had the his whole cum in her mouth, she kept it in her mouth till she got the jar and opened it to store the cum, she spit all the cum in the glass jar. “you taste great” Amy said and moved to find the next man.
In 40 minutes both girls had given handjob, blowjob to more than 10 guys. Amy has got big boobs so she also gave titjob to a man, but she couldn’t store his cum as the guy who was stroking his cock between her boobs ejaculated without any warning and his cum spurt between her boobs.
Both girls had their jar filled more than half, Amy was thinking about to leave but Ana was looking for more, then she saw bunch of high school boys sitting in front row and they were passing comments on the actress who was sucking two cocks on the screen.
“I think we got enough, so lets leave” Amy said coming to Ana, “No, our jars are still not filled” Ana replied and Amy looked at her with a questioning face, “You see that group of boys over there, there must be 6-7 boys in that group and if we get them then our jars will be filled with this tasty white cum” Ana said and kissed Amy. It was dark in the hall but still some men could see these two girls kissing.
“hmmm this tastes so good” Ana said licking the cum from Amy’s chin and then to her neck and all the way down to her cleavage, this was the cum that a guy shot when Amy gave him a titjob. “come get those boys” Ana said and moved to those boys.



(story of a teen girl who bunked the the school and went to this theater because she didn't do her homework. Read to know what happen to her)


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