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Page 1, Kelly had not done her homework and now she didn\'t wanted to go to school and face the punishment so she entered in this theater to spend her day after bunking the school but what happened to her as the theater was for X-RATED movies and only for adults


Kelly was a 17 year old girl studying in high school, she belonged to a rich family. She lived with her mom and dad both worked in a same company. Kelly was not good in studies she had never liked books, she had always busy in watching TV, parties and just sitting in front of mirror looking at her nude body and praising what she got from her mom. She was fair, black silky hair, a perfect 34B breast and round hips. She never believed in having a boyfriend and she was still a virgin.

The town in which Kelly lived was kind of abandoned there were not so many families and peoples in this town and most of the buildings/houses were abandoned. Everyday was calm and peaceful.

One day Kelly got dressed for school but she didn’t wanted to go school as she had not done her Mathematics homework, she was thinking for an excuse to take a leave but her parents were very strict, she had not got any excuse and she walked out of the house with her school bag. It was winter and really cold outside, she started walking to the school and thinking about an excuse for her teacher as she had not done her homework. As she took the first turn from her house she saw the name of a movie theater with an arrow pointing in an ally on a board.

Kelly stopped under the board for a minute thinking about something then she turned to that ally. She thought its better to spend the day watching a movie instead of going to school and taking punishment from her teacher. At the end of the ally there was a small door with the name of movie theater above the door, Kelly entered and it was warm inside the theater some sound was coming from different direction like 3D effect. Kelly walked and turned to the right in the theater, she found a woman sitting at the ticket window.

Kelly went to her and asked for a ticket for any movie playing right then but that woman refused to give a ticket to Kelly because Kelly was not an adult and woman came to knew that as she saw the school bag and the uniform of Kelly. This movie theater was for adults only as it played only X-rated movies, Kelly had got worried and thought about her teacher and his punishment. Then an idea came to her mind and she offered extra money to the woman first she tried to refuse but when Kelly offered her three times the original price of the ticket then the woman just smiled and gave her a ticket pointed to a door.

Kelly moved slowly she was happy as now she had not to face her teacher and his punishment but at the same time her legs were shaking as she knew what an adult movie theater means, she had watched porn in her bedroom all alone but watching it in public was something she never thought. Kelly entered into the Movie hall, there were around 30 heads appeared in dark and flashing lights. Kelly found the last corner seat and sat on it putting her bag on the floor, movie was playing and all she could see was cock and pussy, and all she could hear was moans and groans.

Kelly had forgotten about her school, homework and the fucking teacher and her eyes stick to the screen, her pussy started getting wet, right then a man took a seat next to her. Kelly took back her hands from between her legs although it was dark in the hall but the flashing light revealed what everyone was doing. Kelly crossed her legs and tried to just sat relax. But she got shocked when she saw the man who had took a seat next to her pulled out his hard cock and started stroking it. Every time light flashed his hard cock which was big enough to satisfy anyone came into view, the man was stroking it up and down with his hands.

Kelly looked at his face and found his eyes were closed, Kelly couldn’t avoid the desire to grab his cock she tried to do that but she took back her hands feeling afraid of other people and that man. A minute later Kelly again looked at that man’s cock this time she just brought her hand in his lap and snatched his cock from his hands, man opened his eyes to figure out who grabbed his cock and after he found that it’s a teen girl he again closed her eyes. Kelly starts stroking his cock after seeing a good response from the man. Her soft hands were trying to grab his full thickness and she was moving her hand up and down.

His cock was really hard, as Kelly rubbed her palm over his cock head she found something wet, it was his precum. Kelly kept stroking his cock while her own pussy was getting so wet and she was also moaning with the man. Soon the man ejaculated on Kelly’s hand, Kelly stroked his cock a few more seconds and then she grabbed her bag and ran out of the Movie hall. There was no one out there in the corridor, Kelly found the toilet after searching for it and she looked at her hand which was covered in cum, in light she could see that the cum was white and very thick. Kelly thought to lick her fingers and taste it but then she just washed her hands and sat on a commode closing the door behind her.

She took a deep breathe and thought about what she had done a few minutes ago. She stood up and pulled down her wet panties and lifted her skirt, she was already too horny as she sat on the commode and  rubbed her clit a couple of time her body shook in orgasm and her breathing became fast. She sat right there playing with her body for about 30-45 and then she walked out of the toilet and again entered in the movie hall with something really dirty in her mind.


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