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Wrong Decision

Sheena a 20 year old girl who was the only child of her parents was on a trip with bunch of school friend. There was a guy named Henry (21) who was dating a friend of Sheen from a couple of weeks so that friend invited Henry to come on this trip.

Sheen never liked Henry, actually she never like any guy in her life, she was going to be 21 after 2 months and till now she never had a boyfriend and never been with a guy, she was still a virgin and never thought that she need a guy in her life.

Henry was average looking guy, who always made everyone laugh with his jokes and pranks. He was the son of a well known business man and quite famous among girls because of his wealth. There were rumors that Henry date most girls and they all end up waking with him in his bed but nobody knows how far this was true.

On the trip on day, Sheen missed the bus and left behind in his hotel room, she started to cry when she found that now she was alone in this foreign city. She was sitting in the lobby of the hotel with her luggage when she felt some one's hand on her shoulder and a familiar voice hit her ears.

"You okay" Sheen heard and turned her head, Henry was standing there. Sheen felt a little relax that some one familiar was there but then she again started crying when she realize that it was Henry.

Henry sat next to him and asked Sheena to get relax but Sheen was not happy to see him around. Henry gave him a napkin and went to ask about something on the counter of the hotel.

Henry came back and told Sheen that they can catch a bus after 1 hour from a place which was 5 miles away from this hotel but Sheen didn't responded. Henry grabbed the heavy bags of Sheen and started to walk, "Put them down" Sheena said in an angry tone and Henry did so.

"Why, come on we have to leave or we are going to miss that bus" Henry said and again picked her luggage.

"I am not going with you, what do you think you will pretend to help me here and then you can sleep with me?" Sheena replied and grabbed her bags, she picked her heavy bags which were too heavy to carry and she walked out of the hotel.

"Wait! Listen you are taking it wrong I am just trying to help you. We can catch a bus if you don't trust me then you can ask on the counter yourself. I am not trying to do anything with you" Henry tried to explain and help her.

Sheena thought for a minute and then she asked herself on the counter about the bus and finally she agreed to take a cab with Henry to the bus stop.

Henry called a cab and he opened the door for Sheena, Sheena stepped in with her luggage and she placed the bag on the seat like partition between herself and Henry.

Henry also sat in the cab and 1 hour and 10 minutes later they reached to the bus stop. Henry asked Sheena to sit down on a chair while he went to find and get the information about the bus.

10 minutes later Henry came back and told Sheena that they had missed that bus too, now before Sheena could react, Henry started shouting on Sheena saying that it was all her fault, she was the one who was arguing and wasted so much time at the hotel.

Sheena got angry, being a girl she must had to cry when Henry shouted on her but Sheena didn't like Henry and didn't care about what he said so she just kept quite. Henry sat a few seats next to her and after 5 minutes Henry realized that he shouldn't have shouted on Sheena. He said sorry to her and told her that the next bus will leave next morning so they have to spend the night somewhere.

Sheena was listening to him but wasn't responding, Henry tried to look for some place to spend a night, finally he got a room in a small and cheep resort but Sheena refused to spend the night with Henry in a room, Henry assure her that he is not going to take her advantage but Sheena was trying to be more smart and walked away of the resort.

Now it was limit, Henry thought not to help a girl who didn't have a single good thought about him. He changed his clothes and lay down on the bed, he was on a comfy bed in a warm room while Sheena was sitting in a park in cold evening and it was getting darker by the night.

Henry was expecting that Sheena will come back because it was really cold outside, he didn't knew when he fell asleep.

Outside, Sheena was feeling so cold in her sheer low neck top and knee high skirt. Sheena didn't like wearing make up but she was a beauty and a sex fantasy among the boys because of the fact that she was a virgin and had a nice pair of boobs.

Sheena knew about this and didn't care about how many times guys jerk off thinking about her. By the night the people in the park left and now it was 10 pm and she was all alone in there. Sheena thought to move to another bench in the shadow of a tree where she could feel safer.

Sheena was tired and even in this cold night she fell asleep but she again woke up when she felt some thing on her, as she opened her eyes she saw two men sitting both side on her on the bench, their hands were on her thighs and breast.

Sheena tried to scream for help and run but men were too quick they held her down on the bench and pushed a handkerchief in her mouth to avoid her scream. They both held her by her wrists and in one move they torn her top and revealed her breast in a white string bra.

Sheena was trying to escape but she wasn't strong enough to do that, one man grabbed her bra from the middle of her boobs and pulled it and took it off. Sheena's perfect untouched boobs came out in view and both man cupped her boobs.

"Oh man look at these" one man said and moved down to suck her boobs, he sucked her for a couple of seconds then other man said "Let see what she got under her skirt" they got up from the bench and made Sheen to lay down on the ground.

Both man pulled out their belts and tied Sheena's hands to the leg of the bench, now they no longer have to hold her hands, now Sheena was in total control, her hands were tried and her mouth was covered with a cloth. She saw both men standing either side of her and pulling down their pants.

In the yellow light of a bulb which was glowing 20 feet above the ground inside the park, Sheen could see that both men were huge and hard, they were smiling at her and in response of that Sheena was crying hard. One man sat next to Sheena's thighs and he took off her skirt and then took off her panties.

Second man sat next to Sheena's face and rubbed his hard huge cock on her face and cheeks, He took out a gun from his heavy jacket and then pulled out the piece of cloth from Sheena's mouth,

"No screaming honey, Just suck it or I have to shoot you" Sheena kept quite and let that man push his cock in her mouth. The man leaned over to get his cock deep in her mouth, Sheena's eyes widened when she felt something penetrating her pussy, when she realized it's thickness and the pain it was giving to her, Sheena came to knew that it wasn't a finger it was the another man's cock and it was more than half inside her.

"Oh man she is so fucking tight, I think she is virgin" Man said pushing his cock in Sheena's pussy,

"Oh come on she can't be, she must be more than 20 how can she be a virgin" The other man said and pulled out his cock from her mouth, Sheena took a deep breath.

"Are you a virgin" The man asked rubbing his cock on her cheeks,

"Yesssss" Sheena said and started crying again,

"Fuck it man, I want to break it" the man said and both men switched their position, but the gun was still pointing her not allowing her to scream.

The second man sat between Sheena's legs and lifted her waist a little to aim her pussy, he stick his cock between her folds and before pushing it deep he asked the first man to cover her mouth, "Oh here I come" He said and gave a hard push and his cock was all inside Sheena's no more virgin pussy.

The man pulled pot his cock and saw the blood all over his cock, "she is a virgin, would you like to feel it" The man said and stood up asking the first man to fuck Sheena.

The first man again took his position and this time he felt it a little easier to go inside Sheena's pussy. He started fucking her and Sheena was crying and her hands and legs were shaking and moving to escape.

"Here I come, oh yes" the man groaned leaving his cum in Sheena's pussy and pulled out his cock. He sat on the bed above Sheena's head while Sheena saw the other man leaning over her and shoving his cock in her pussy.

This man fucked her more harder while the other man was covering her mouth not allowing her to scream. "I want to fuck her in doggy" second was who was fucking Sheena said to the first man.

"Just fuck her and leave, we are not going to fuck her whole night, its really cold here" First man yelled as he was also feeling the cold night, The second man finished his work got dressed.

Both man left Sheena right there on the ground naked and they didn't even untied her hands.

Back in the resort, Henry woke up suddenly like he had some kind of nightmare. He looked around having a glass of water from the table next to bed but didn't find Sheena. Now he got a little worried, he got up and checked the washroom but Sheena wasn't there too.

Henry got more angry on this girl who was showing so much attitude, he put on his jacket and a muffler and went out to find Sheena. He searched in some other resort and streets but didn't find Sheena any where.

How could he find a girl in resorts or streets when girl was lying half fainted, naked in this cold night in a park after being raped.

It was just a luck of Sheena and Henry that Henry entered in the park with a hope to find Sheena, and he did but he found her in a condition that he couldn't have even imagined.

Henry was shocked to see Sheena in that condition, she was crying with pain, shivering with cold. Henry took off his jacket to cover Sheena and then untied her hands. He helped him to stood up and then made her sit on the bench.

Henry didn't asked any rubbish question like, who had done that to her, and why they raped her. He just helped him to wear that jacket which was long enough to cover her body to her mod thighs.

Sheena tried to walk with Henry and match his steps but she couldn't, Henry didn't asked her again to try to walk he just lifted her in his arms and took her to the room in the resort hiding from any other stranger.

As they got in the room, Henry took her to the washroom and he washed her body and the blood which was all over her thighs and… there.

Sheena was still too week to walk and her eyes were half opened, she even didn't knew what was going on with her, Henry took her to the bed and covered her with two blankets.

Sheena was still shivering, and Henry was laying next to her, rubbing her palms but when it also didn't work then He grabbed her in his arms.

Henry didn't slept the whole night and when he felt that Sheena got warmed up and fell asleep he shifted on the couch.

Next morning Sheena woke up and she cried out loud when she realized and remembered everything that happened last night. Henry got up and ran to the bed, her hugged Sheena and asked him to stop crying and relax.

It was hard for Sheena to forget what ever happened with her last night and stop crying but in arms of Henry she felt safe and protected. Her voice goes down but her tears were continuously filling her eyes. And all she could think was that she had decided not to trust Henry and leave this room last night which was a wrong decision.


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