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Page 1, I was working in bed not in office not on any table.

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It was the worst day of my life, I left my job because my boss asked me to say sorry to his dog as I called his dog “a dog”. I came to know that my girlfriend was cheating on me, I caught her in my bedroom with some other guy and she was sucking him, I was nothing for her she just wanted me to spend dollars on her. I was a student and I need work to pay for my things, I need a girl with whom I could share my things but now I didn’t had any of them I was thinking about both things but more of my work on all my way to home, I entered my switched on the lights and opened the windows to have some fresh air in my room and like every day I got a wonderful view of a lady changing behind a curtain in her apartment next to mine, but the shadow was telling everything that how much sexy she was. I grabbed a beer had some and I didn’t know when I slept with beer in my hand.

Next morning I woke up and ran to my college, in college me and my friends were in a lab waiting for our teacher, I asked my friends to help me in finding a good job. “keep silence” I heard the sharp voice of our teacher who was just behind me. her name was Julie who was in her late 20’s, she didn’t need spirit or fir to do experiments she was hot enough to put the whole college in fire. We did some experiments in her guidance and as the bell rang everyone started running out of the lab and I also followed my friends but Julie asked me to wait a minute when every one was gone, she came to me and said “I heard you talking to get a job, well I have a job for you come to my house after the college.” What kind of job she could have for me she was just a teacher not a manager of some hotel or company and she wasn’t married so that she could ask her husband for a job for me. but in hope of a job after the college I went to her house as I knocked she opened the door inviting me in like she was dying to meet me. she offered me a seat and a glass of water . Every thing was very quite both outside and in her house, she sat on a couch in front of me she was still in her formal clothes a black shirt unbuttoned till the top of her breast and a grey colour skirt that ended at her knees and she took of her black stockings so I could have a look at her shiny legs. She offered me some hard drinks, I didn’t drink much and in front of my teacher I couldn’t even think about it but as she insisted I accepted and we had a drink but she offered one more, and then one more, and ….it went on till I was feeling like I was in other world and I didn’t even remember that I was at my teacher’s house. After that I don’t know what happen and next early morning at around 4 am I was in a bed all naked, I got up and looked around my clothes were on the floor with some of her and things in the room were spread all over like last night was very wild. I wore my clothes and went downstairs where I saw Julie sitting on a chair and watching tv, she looked at me and smiled I sat next to her. I knew what happened last night but I still wanted to know but before I could ask she gave me some money “here is your salary”. “salary for what” I asked as I didn’t know anything about my job. “for the things you did to me last night in my bedroom, or I can say I did to you as you was really drunk, but you know what you are so wild” she said switching off the tv. Now I knew she was paying me to fuck her, I was thinking about all this but she handed me money “so do you like your job and you want to continue?” asking she left and moved to the kitchen after some time she came back with two mugs of coffee in her hand and giving one to me she asked me if I made my decision. “she is hot, beautiful and fucking someone with her permission is not a crime so I will not do a crime accepting this job and she is paying me a good amount” I thought and said yes to her. She smiled and kissed me, I felt a little shy I was drunk last night but now I am not and kissing your own teacher is very embarrassing but now it’s a part of my job so I had to accept it. “now on I want to pay for the things you do to me not for the things I do for you like last night you didn’t did anything and made me to do all things” i had no answer for this and I moved to the door to left “next time be careful with drinks” she said I turned back and said good bye to her. I went to my house and started thinking again for this job and stuff. I looked at the time and I had to go college.

In college my friends told me about some jobs as I asked them but I refused all saying I found one. After some boring lectures Julie came to teach  us a new lesson seeing her everything that happened this morning was flashing in front of my eyes, she took my book from my desk and looking into it she said to find some answers to the whole class and as she noticed that everyone was busy in finding answers she put some kind of letter or note in the book and gave back to me, I opened the book and opened the letter under my desk “tonight 8 pm at my house” these words were written in that note. As I looked up bell rang and I saw Julie walking out of the class. After the college I went to my house and started waiting for the night I don’t know why I was waiting for the night this early morning I was shy when she kissed me but now I wanted to fuck her, is it because of the money she would pay or because she was so hot and sexy and I wanted to do things that she did to me when I was drunk and in her bed. I went to market to spend my time and to buy some things as now I had money that Julie paid me this morning. When I reached back to my house it was 7 pm I took a bath got myself nicely dressed and went to Julie’s house, I rang the door bell and she opened the door and pulled me in and kissed me closing the door behind me, as she broke the kiss I looked at her she was just in her bra and g strings and what she did was telling that she was more excited to get with me, I grabbed her from her waist and stuck her to the door and kissed her and moved to her neck then breast, I pulled out her one boob from her bra and started biting on it, her hands moved down to unbuttoned my pants and she did and took out my cock that was hard from the morning after she gave me that note, “lets go to bedroom” she whispered enjoying my bites on her nipples we went to the bedroom and I threw her on the bed and took off all my clothes I came over her and showed my cock to her mouth she held my cock and took out a condom from the drawer and rolled it on my hard cock every thing was looking so hot and sensual,  “I love strawberry flavor” she said and sucked my cock, my hands went on her shoulders and grabbed her head I pushed my cock deep in her mouth telling her that she is the only slut left in this world and I would tear her all holes tonight. I pulled out my cock from her mouth, she grabbed her boobs and said “fuck my breast, cum on them baby cum on them”. I was ready to fulfill all her wishes I pushed my cock in deep valley between her huge milky boobs, I rolled off the condom and her skin was rubbing on my cock, I fucked her boobs for a long time and then I cummed between them on her neck and rubbed my cock head on her lips, she tasted my cum. She came over me and took of her panties her pussy was so soft and sweet and I wanted to suck her holes. I again came over and stuck my head between her legs I wanted to eat her deep, “oh ahhhhh you are so wild… me harder” she was moaning and her moans were making me an animal who was hungry for a girl. my teeth were getting her aroused and she was getting near to orgasm, she acted like a bitch who showed so much power and came over me and sat on my chest rubbing her clit and she squirted over my head her juice washed my face and she fell down on me, we started kissing each other and when we felt relaxed she got up took another condom and put it on my cock and made me more wet with her saliva, she sat on my cock taking it in her pussy parting her legs both side. she had sex many times because she wasn’t so tight like my girlfriend but the pleasure inside her pussy was much better and the sensual look she was giving after having each stroke in her pussy was so hot. She took out my cock I didn’t knew what was going in her mind but she got up and moved a chair near the bed and gave me signs to sit on that I went to her kissed her and sat on the chair she sat in my lap facing me her boobs were touching my lips and taking the advantage of that I bite on her nipples, she moaned in pain I grabbed her ass cheeks and tear her ass hole, she lifted herself a little held my cock and showed it to her ass hole, and sat in my lap again this it was tight really tight, and I could see the pain on her face I hugged her and locked her lips, and the pleasure of kissing and fondling with her boobs overcome her pain and she didn’t noticed that she took the whole cock in her ass. I started fucking her ass feeling the movement in her ass she opened her eyes and put her hands on my shoulder and started jumping in my lap, and every time she dropped her body my cock hit her g spot and her grip on my shoulder became more stronger, she was tired and stopped but I didn’t wanted to stop I lifted her in my arms and started fucking her in air she was near and me her body was getting tight and I felt her juices dripping on the floor and my feet, I put her on bed and gave a last hard deep stroke and she cried in pain and I shoot my cum in her hole, we had sex again that night, and I told her that I love this job, I was working in bed not in office not on any table.

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