waiting for NEXT FIGHT

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, David lives with his uncle and woman of his dream, his aunt Kayla. This day David was in his room shaving his pubic hair while his uncle and aunt were arguing and fighting downstairs like they always do, so what happened next? read to know.

Waiting for next fight.

David was in his room sitting on this wooden chair near a small table on which there were was some shaving kit and a bottle of body lotion. David was sitting naked and shaving his crotch area. He dare to do this in his room without locking the door because his uncle and aunt never came to his room except if there was any emergency. And today there was no chance of their entry in his room cause from morning they were arguing and fighting on some topic. This wasn’t a new thing David was seeing their fighting since he moved here to complete his last year of school.

David was a good looking boy and single, the only girl she liked in his life was his aunt Kayla, she was 29 and right now she was fighting with her husband downstairs. Kayla was the woman of dreams she had blonde hair, big breast and round ass. David never missed a chance to sneak in her blouse whose top buttons were always opened to attract any one. David masturbated thinking of his aunt so many times. Some time he feel bad when his uncle fight with his aunt but then he avoid it thinking that this is not his business.

David was shaving his cock very carefully, suddenly he realized that his uncle and aunt stopped fighting. He also heard the footsteps of some one coming upstairs that must be his aunt who always go to her bedroom and cry for hours after the fight.

The door of David’s room opened suddenly and his aunt was standing at the door. David didn’t knew what to do he was sitting in the chair with a razor in his one hand and other hand was free, there was white foam around his cock and he had shaved most of his crotch, seeing Kayla at the door in her white low neck blouse and grey skirt. Kayla was a really hot women but she always wear shaggy clothes. David didn’t realize when his cock got hard and started pointing to the roof. Kayla was still crying and an emotion of anger was also there, she came to David and sat on the floor. She grabbed the razor from David’s hands and started shaving his cock,

“Do you think its my fault, that I can’t take care of Jason?” Kayla asked not looking at David and shaving his cock, she was continuously crying.

“Do you think I am bad mummy?” Kayla asked again and David wasn’t answering any of her question, be cause he didn’t know what to answer and even if he knew then Kayla wasn’t giving him chance to say anything.

“Do you think I am having an affair?” One after the other Kayla was asking question on which she had a fight with her husband.
Kayla had shaved David’s cock and grabbed the bed sheet and cleaned his cock, she sat there taking the support of the
chair and David too didn’t moved or tried to cover himself. After a minute Kayla again turned to David and she grabbed that lotion bottle and had some lotion in her hand she grabbed the thick hard shaft of David’s cock.

“Am I that much bad that he talk to me like this?” Kayla started stroking David’s cock asking the same kind of questions again and again. As Kayla was sitting on the floor and she was wearing a loose blouse David can easily see the Kayla’s milky boobs shaking in her blouse when she was stroking his cock. David was getting harder and didn’t speak a word yet. Kayla was in full anger and crying continuously, she was giving a harsh handjob to David, apart from being a little painful the strokes given by Kayla’s soft hands were giving more pleasure to David.

“Aahhhh” David moaned clenching his teeth and shoot a huge load in air which landed on Kayla’s hand and some drops landed on her breast too. David’s cock became flaccid but Kayla was still holding it, she was in deep thought and still slowly stroking his limb cock.
“He don’t love me, I am not a good wife” Kayla was muttering.

 David tried to got up after a relief and go to clean himself and trying to find out if what ever happened right now was a dream or reality. But during the action of getting up from chair David’s hand hit the table and the bottle of lotion dropped on the floor breaking the silence of the room and Kayla came out of her thought and looked around, he found his hand grabbing flaccid cock of David, her hands were covered in white cum. She got up and just left the room without saying a word.

but when David reakized that it was all real, he actually got a handjob from his dream woman, he prayed and waited for his uncle and aunt's next fight.




( SILK n COTTON- Story of two Bi girls, and the story written in the POV of a bra that one of the girl bought) I am sure you have never read anything like this. MUST READ FOR WOMEN


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