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Short story By: hotstory4you


Submitted:Sep 27, 2011    Reads: 7,593    Comments: 8    Likes: 5   

two sisters

Kristine was a 21 year old woman, who lived away from her parents and her loving younger sister Mini(18). After completing her graduation in other city she joined a company and started earning, after 4months of job she came back to her home after 4 years.
When she first entered the house, her mom hugged her shoving her love, her father was on work and she saw her sister running towards her. When Mini hugged Kristine, she felt something different, she felt the hard breast and nailing nipples of Mini's perky 34b breast nailing her 36C breast. "Oh mini sweetheart you are so changed" Kristine said starring Mini's breast in her white top. Mini felt a little weird "I mean your hair look so beautiful" Kristine added realizing her mom standing next to Mini.
"yah I curled them, isn't it beautiful?" Mini said, and grabbed her luggage and took her to the living room. Kristine had a bath and they all three woman had lunch together. Mini left the house at around 2 pm to meet a friend and left Kristine to had some rest in their common room. Kristine was still in her bathrobe and she was happy to be at home but she was sad to get away from her boyfriend and her roommate.
Kristine was in a relationship from past 8 months and they had a really good time in every way, Kristine was the girl who can't spent a night without having sex. Her boyfriend had a huge thing to satisfy her every night but when he had to get away from her during his work and business trip then Kristine felt so alone so she started having fun with her roommate.
Her roommate was a 25 year old woman who was senior in the same company in which Kristine worked. But now for three weeks there was no one to play with Kristine, and masturbating was never been a good option for her. Kristine went into the kitchen to have some water and while coming back to her room she found her mom sleeping.
When she entered her room she closed the door and sat on the bed. She with a hair brush to do her hair. But soon the hair brush started working between her legs as Kristine was feeling horny and she had no one there to fuck her. As no one was at home and her mom was sleeping so she was relaxed and completely took off her bathrobe.
She put down the brush and leaned on the bed with pillows under head, her bog boobs were looking like mountains and she grabbed them with her both hands and started squeezing them. her nipples got erect and she started playing with her nipples, "oh yes you are getting hard aha, oh yes. You wanna got inched" she was moaning and trying to get herself over the top.
Her hands moved down to her pussy and she pinched her clit, "oh fuck I need that" she moaned and grabbed the hair brush. She didn't took more than a minute to take the handle of the brush inside her pussy. her legs were wide open and the handle of the brush was fucking her wet cunt. By stimulating her clit she had a heavy orgasm but she still wasn't satisfied.
She cleaned the brush and wore a pink shirt and white skirt. She was on the bed thinking how she is gonns pass these three weeks without getting any cock or eating a pussy. She leaned on the bed and suddenly the feel of her sister's perky breast hit her mind, she felt her self getting hot again. And next minute she got an idea.
She look into her mom's room, her mom was still asleep. She came back to her room and switched on her laptop she started watching porn and constantly looking out of the window. After 15 minutes she heard someone coming to the room, the door opened and Kristin saw Mini entering in to room. "hey sis, are you still felling tired?" Mini asked going to her study table and putting down a book. Mini came and jumped on the bed, she sat next to Kristin but shocked to see a woman blowing a cock on the laptop screen.
"what is this?" Mini asked moving a little away from Kristin, "Porn" Kristin replied casually.
"I know that, I mean…" Mini said, "I think I should go" Mini added.
"Oh come on, don't be shy. And don't tell me that you have never watched this" Kristin said.
"I did but only with friends and never at home" Mini replied in a low voice.
"we are also friend, aren't we?" Kristin said, "come sit" Kristin added.
"Mini was still standing next to bed, Kristin grabbed her hand and pulled her on the bed.
They both were watching hottest videos playing on the screen and both girls were getting wet under their dresses. Kristen wanted to finger her pussy and so do Mini but they were squeezing their legs tightly."Kristin! Mini! Baby come down" both girls heard their mom's voice.
Kristin turn off her laptop, Mini went out of the room without saying a word, Kristin grabbed some tissue papers and lifted her skirt, she was so wet and juices were dripping from her pussy. she wiped her pussy and cleaned it. Kristin also went downstairs and saw her dad sitting on the chair, "hi daddy" she said hugging him. And he replied "hey my baby, how's everything?" he asked.
They had a little chat on the dinning table and Kristin was constantly looking at Mini's perky breast. Mini was eating and her mind just wanted to masturbate. She got off from the chair saying she had finished and went to her room, she grabbed the same hairbrush that Kristen had taken in her wet pussy. Mini went in to the washroom as she knew that Kristin would come at any time.
Mini took off her skirt and panties, she touched her pussy and inserted the handle of the brush deep in her pussy. Mini was moving the handle in and out of her pussy and she was moaning with each movement. Suddenly she heard the sound of opening of the door, she bit her lips because Kristin had entered in the room. Kristin looked around in the room and didn't find Mini. "Mini! Are you in there?" Kristin asked from outside the bedroom, "hmmm" Mini replied biting her lips and controlling her moans.
Kristin sat on the bed again with the porn playing on her laptop, this time it was lesbian. Kristin was waiting Mini to come out and watch this with her, inside the washroom Mini was near to orgasm, the handle was moving in and out of her pussy very roughly, Mini get up from the edge of the bathtub and she out her one leg on the edge of the tub. "mmmm" Mini controlled her moans and screams as her body shivered in orgasm, she sat there for a minute still the brush inside her pussy.
Kristin had paused the videos and she was waiting for her sister Mini. Mini pulled out the handle of the brush and washed it, She put it on the shelf in the washroom and cleaned her pussy. she put on her skirt but left the panties in the washroom on a hanger. Mini came out and sat on the bed, but she was looking tired after an orgasm and Kristen knew that Mini had done it.
Kristen looked at Mini and smiled, "you sit here, I am going to pee"...




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