two ladies and their new teen servant- part 3

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, \"Lets go to bed\" Amy said grabbing limb cock of Bobby and kissing Samantha.


“Lets go to bed” Amy said grabbing the limb cock of Bobby and kissing Samantha.

They went to their room and it was the first time Booby had seen the big bedroom of  these hot ladies. Samantha jumped on the bed on his knees and hands, she looked over her shoulder and smiled at Amy n Bobby who joined her in bed. “have you ever fucked” Amy asked Bobby stroking his cock and Bobby replied in NO. “He is virgin he can’t deal with your ass” Amy told Samantha when she raised her ass to get fucked her back hole. The smile had disappeared from Samantha’s face and she rolled on her back with her legs spread wide.

Amy moved out of the bed to get something from the drawer while Samantha stood up she stroked the semi erect cock of Booby and made it full erect and hard by sucking. She again laid on her back while Amy got back in bed with a condom and some lube. Amy put the condom on his cock and lube it a little, “yah not its ready to go”. Amy held his cock and pointed it to Samantha’s pussy and Bobby bent over Samantha’s body to push his cock in her pussy.

It wasn’t difficult for Bobby to insert his cock in Samantha’s wet hole as she had fucked so many times. Amy watched bobby’s penis sliding inside Samantha’s pussy and when Bobby sat properly in between Samantha’s legs and started fucking her pussy, Amy moved to sit on Samantha’s face. She spread her pussy lips with one hand and holding and supporting herself on the headboard with another hand.

“Oh Sammy you have such a good tongue” Amy moaned when she felt Samantha’s tongue fucking her pussy. Amy was sitting facing away Bobby and Bobby was fucking Samantha’s hot pussy watching Amy’s bare back and her crack. Bobby got horny and he gave a hard stroke to Samantha to which Samantha bite on Amy’s pussy “oouch” Amy moaned, “sorry” Samantha apologized.

“was that a hard one” Amy asked looking in Samantha’s eyes and Samantha responded like “hmmm” sucking Amy’s pussy.

Amy stood up and sat again on Samantha’s face facing Bobby and looking his hard cock fucking Samantha’s pussy. Amy bent a little to kiss Bobby and they tongue started tracing each others mouth. Amy moved his hand to Samantha’s clit and rubbed it. “hmmmm” Samantha moaned and raised her pussy, she spread Amy’s ass cheeks to lick her ass hole.

Bobby kept fucking Samantha’s ass and she kept moaning While Amy was still kissing and enjoying the tongue of Samantha flipping over her clit. Samantha moaned louder and her body shook in orgasm her grip over Amy’s ass had been loosen and she relaxed right there, Amy got off from Samantha’s face and laid over her facing her like in doggy position over Samantha. “come on now fuck me” Amy said looking at Bobby.

Bobby grabbed Amy’s ass and pushed his cock in her pussy in doggy. Amy was kissing Samantha who was under her body exhausted after the orgasm. Amy was helping Bobby by moving her ass back and forth and Samantha was pressing Amy’s breast and sometime rubbing her clit under her body. Bobby fell on both of them ejaculating his cum in the condom inside Amy’s pussy.

Amy and Samantha were still kissing they moved Bobby aside and peeled off the condom from his semi erect cock. Amy engulfed his cock in her mouth tasting his cum “oh Samantha he really taste so good” Amy said and making his cock dry. She started fingering her pussy but after few seconds, Samantha started fingering Amy’s pussy, she asked Amy to get in doggy position so that she could finger her ass also she poured some lube on her fingers and fingered Amy’s ass.

Samantha’s both hands were busy in fingering Amy’s both hole suddenly she felt a finger in her ass too. She looked back and saw Bobby fingering her ass, thy all were in doggy position in a row and fingering each other’s hole. Bobby licked her Samantha’s ass “oh Yah, hey Amy! Our boy is learning new things” Samantha said pushing her ass back to get Bobby’s finger more deep. Amy was near the orgasm and after one more minute of fingering she cummed on Samantha’s fingers.

Bobby was still fingering and sucking Samantha’s pussy and then she also came again on his face, both women laid on the bed.  Bobby also laid with them, Samantha grabbed Bobby’s cock and they fell asleep but when they opened their eyes after a few hours Bobby wasn’t there


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