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two ladies and their new teen servant CH-4

Short story By: hotstory4you


Submitted:Sep 5, 2011    Reads: 2,012    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

PART-3 http://www.booksie.com/erotica/short_story/hotstory4you/two-ladies-and-their-new-teen-servant-part-3

Samantha woke up and she didn't find Bobby in the room. She looked at Amy who was still sleeping on her back, her one leg was bent by knee and opened wide. Samantha couldn't stop and traced her finger between Amy's folds, "you are my lovely whore" Samantha said to the silence in the room and took her finger in her mouth to taste the wetness.

She was going out of the room when she heard the voice of Amy "you always look for a chance to touch my folds, you dirty bitch". Samantha turned back and saw Amy standing front of her, "oh I am sorry and if you want then you can trace my folds in revenge" Samantha said with a naughty grin. "yah that would be nice and I would save that for later but where is Bobby?" Amy said looking outside the room in the gallery.

"I don't know, lets check his room" Samantha said and started walking to Bobby's room, Amy was following her looking at Samantha's naked butt. They reached in Booby's room and they didn't find him there they opened the door of the bathroom and saw Booby taking shower behind the frosted glass. They both looked at the semi hard cock of Bobby.

"I think I should take a shower, there is lot of cum on my breast" Samantha said

"yah and you can use his hands to wash that cum" Amy said looking at Bobby.

Bobby hadn't saw them, he was busy in rubbing soap and washing his body, he was rubbing soap on his cock and stroking it.

"I am going to get something for dinner" Amy said and left. Samantha stepped in the bathroom with Bobby and she grabbed the soap from his hands, Bobby got shocked to see Samantha in the bathroom. "do you mind?" Samantha asked grabbing Bobby's cock and rubbing soap over it. Bobby kept quite and this time he didn't need any more commands and orders.

Bobby grabbed Samantha's big boobs "you like them?" Samantha asked and Bobby nodded in yes. "you wanna rub soap on my boobs?" Samantha asked giving him the soap. Bobby grabbed the soap and he rubbed it all over her body and belly. he leathered her breast and pressed them hard. They both played with each other's body and helped each other in cleaning. They step out of the shower and wore the bathrobe.

Amy was waiting for them with some food on the bed in Bobby's room. "I think I should also take a bath" Amy said and stepped in the bathroom. "we will wait for you for the dinner" Samantha yelled sitting on the bed and he kissed Bobby they both laid on the bed and started kissing. After two minutes Amy got out of the shower and she went naked to the bed, she served food in three plates and asked both Samantha and Bobby to stop kissing and have some food.

It was like a dream for Bobby to have dinner with two hot ladies, in which one was wearing a bathrobe and the other was naked from head to toe. After the lunch they left all the dirty dishes on the bed and asked Bobby to have a sleep. Both women started walking out of the room while Bobby was still on the bed, "come on" Amy said turning to Bobby.

"where?" Bobby asked now he don't feel nervous or shy to talk to his mistress.

"in our room, you are going to sleep with us" Samantha said and headed to their bedroom, while Amy waited for Bobby to come with her. They reached in the room, Samantha was adjusting the pillows and blanket she slipped under the blanket on one side of the bed, and Amy joined her on other side of bed leaving space for Bobby in between them. Bobby laid between them but he was praying not to have sex again, he was feeling really tired.

Both women wrapped her arm around Bobby and they slept.

Next morning Bobby woke up and found both women dressed in suits and gown, they were running all over the room searching for files, handbags etc. "hey good morning" Amy said finding him awake "yah good morning" Samantha also wished him.

"we are going to our work, then we will go to market. Do you need anything?" Amy asked to Bobby while Samantha walked out of the room. Bobby replied in No and hearing that Amt also left the room.

Bobby saw took off his bathrobe and wore t and shorts. He collected all the bra and panties from the room, and other dresses. He went in to the basement and put them in the washing machine along with the clothe she found on the floor which were there from yesterday when he had fun with Samantha and Amy.

He went to his room and collected all the dishes, he took them to the kitchen to wash them.

After doing all the work he sat in the living room thinking watching TV. He heard the door bell and thought it would ne his mistress, he opened the door and shocked to find a lady cop. "hello I am officer Kari" She introduced herself and entered in the without any invitation. She sat on the couch and took off her cap. Her blond hair fell on her shoulder, Bobby had never seen a lady cop at least not like her. her age was as same as her mistress and the vital states were also same, she was looking smoking hot in the uniform showing her cleavage.

"what happen?" Bobby asked stammering

"I have an information about this house" Kari replied, "I heard that yesterday a threesome happened here"

"what threesome?" Booby had never heard that word so he asked.

"threesome means three people having sex together" Kari explained and the pictured of what ever happened yesterday in the basement and then in the bedroom with his mistress flashed before his eyes.

"Is it true?" Kari asked and looked around.

Bobby was thinking about what to say and Kari shouted "is it true?"
"yes ,yes" Bobby said.

"hmmm I knew that, so you were involve in that?" Kari asked looking at him and Bobby nodded in yes

"did you know it's a crime in this town?" Kari shouted and stood up, Bobby nodded in no.

"hmmm take off your shorts, I want to find the reason of that threesome" Kari ordered and Bobby took off his shorts as soon as he could.

Kari looked at Bobby's fine cock and ordered him to sit on the couch. Bobby dropped her ass on the couch while Kari took off her heel and she knelt down in front of Bobby, she dropped her ass on her ankles and grabbed bobby's cock.

"hmmm it's a big and beautiful reason to have a threesome" Kari said holding his cock with one hand and running the fingers of other hand on his shaft and balls. "Did they suck your cock?' Kari asked gripping his cock harder and Bobby nodded in yes.



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