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two ladies and their new teen servant

Short story By: hotstory4you


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Bobby(16) was walking on the busy streets on the this new town, he was looking at these big and luxury buildings and hotels. He was noticing the people passing through him, but no one was noticing him and the sadness in his eyes. Bobby was from a small village and lived with his father who was a bastard always drunk and beat Booby to work harder and get money for alcohol. Booby was working in a junk yard where his boss abused him and treated him like a dog.

Bobby kicked both of them out of his life, he left the job and same did to his house and his drunk father. But now he had no where to go, he was hungry, he needs a shower and good clothes to look kike the people of this new town. After walking a few more miles he reached a place which was calm and not crowded it was residential area. All the people were in their houses no one was outside under the hot sun.

As he reached the corner of a street he saw a board hanging on the main gate of a big house. "we need a housemaid" that what was written there. Booby thought to try for this job. Job of a house maid means you will get home, money, and food, he rang the door bell and he heard a voice from a speaker above the gate "who is this?"," I am here for the job of house maid" he replied looking at the speaker. The gate opened automatically and he followed the path to the door of the house. He knocked on the door "come in" the voice was similar to the voice he heard at the main gate.

He opened the door and closed it again after entering in a big room. He turned and saw a woman reading newspaper on the couch. He went to the woman and stood quite. "ok so you are here for the job" the woman asked looking at him


-do you have any idea of your job?

-yes, cooking, cl..

-we don't need a cook we always order from hotels. The woman said cutting Bobby's voice

-cleaning, dusting. Bobby said explaining what he knew.

-oh yes we need that one, but can you do that, it's a big house you can see. Woman said

-yes I will, I used to do this job at my house. Bobby assured him.

-ok whatever, if you can do then you can start from today.

-thank you so much. Bobby said smilingly and he saw another woman coming down from the stairs

"who is this" the second woman asked from first. "he is here for the job of house maid, I hired him" the woman said looking at the dirty clothes that Bobby was wearing. "ok, come I will show you your room, then you get a bath and start you work" second lady said and moved, bobby followed her looking at the pictures and paintings on the walls. "by the way I am Samantha and she is Amy, what is your name" the woman asked giving the introduction of her and her friend.

"Bobby" bobby replied. "ok Bobby this is you room, use your bathroom, there are some clothes in the closet use them and meet us in the living room" Samantha said showing him a room and left. Bobby looked around the room was beautiful and big, with a closet a mirror attached on its door a big bed for two and a table along with two chairs. He opened the closet and pick out a T and shorts. Which were larger than his size.

Bobby went in to the bathroom and took a bath, he got dressed in the T and shorts. He was looking good and different. He moved to the living room on the way he saw more pictures of Samantha and Amy with others women who must be their friends. All women were in bikini at a beach. Bobby realized how hot these women were, they were in their late 20's and really sexy, then there was a pictures of Samantha who was in a red bikini showing her awesome cleavage and big boobs. And right behind her there was Amy who was in a really cool and tight top. They both were looking really hot and Bobby got an erection.

He was not wearing any underwear and his cock was parallel to the floor making a tent in her shorts, now how could he see the woman in living room, he tried to distract his mind looking at some other things and pictures of wild life. And it helps and his cock became a little limp. He relaxed and went straight to the living room. Both women were sitting on the couch, talking and laughing.

"hmm now you are looking good" Amy said seeing the changes in Bobby who was standing next to her. Bobby looked at both of them, they were in short dresses revealing their thighs, Amy was in a off shoulder dress covering her half breast and she needs to pull up her dress otherwise one more movement could reveal her areolas. While Samantha was in a thin string dress, the strings of her dress tied behind her neck.

Bobby was getting hard again, but he tried and controlled not to get a full erection in front of them. He shifted himself to the back of the couch. "well we had done cleaning in the morning so no need to do it again, but there are some clothes need to get wash" Samantha said and asked bobby to follow him. She took him to the basement where there was a washing machine an iron and few buckets. She asked him to wait in the basement while she brought the basket of dirty clothes.

Booby looked around and tried to know how this new machine works, then Samantha came back with a basket. "here you go" she said. She said explained him how this machine works and gave him the details of the buttons on the machine. Bobby sat on the floor and started picking up the clothes from the basket and putting them inside them machine, there were few tops, skirts and short dresses along with two night lingerie. Bobby picked up bunch of bra and he thought how these bra would be supporting their big melons. He put them in the machine and next he picked panties which had wet spots.

Booby was getting really hot, his cock was trying to tear the material of his shorts. All he wanted was Samantha to leave the basement so that he can masturbate on their clothes. But She stood their watching him putting their wet panties in the machine. "oh I forget" Samantha said, Bobby looked at her trying to find what she forget, Samantha took her hands under her dress and pulled down her black panty "wash this one also" she said throwing the panty in front of him. Bobby grabbed it and it was wet too, Bobby put it in the machine and turned it on. The sound of machine spread in the whole basement.

Bobby stood up and picked the basket to put it along with buckets. And when he turned to Samantha she was undoing the string of her dress tied behind her neck, and as she pulled the string of her dress, the front of her dress fell down revealing her beautiful half boobs.

She pulled it down revealing her whole breast and then completely pull it down to her ankles, Bobby was looking at her, her boobs were really big and her nipples were dark like chocolate, her pussy was clean and looking so hot. Samantha step out of her dress and picked it "wash this one too" she said putting it on the machine. Bobby looked down and said "okay".

Samantha looked at the bulge in Bobby's shorts that he was trying to hide, Samantha went near her and asked "do you think Amy got bigger pair" Booby looked up at her face and said "what". "boobs, look" Samantha grabbed his hands and gave her breast in his hands "do you think Amy has bigger boobs" she explained not showing any signs of being hot or lusty.

Bobby didn't know what to say and he was feeling her boobs in her hands, "do you wanna press them" Samantha asked, this time she smiled and showed full lust in her eyes. Booby didn't said a word and squeezed her boobs. "hmmmmm" Samantha moaned softly running his hands on Bobby's back, she moved more close to him and kissed him. Bobby responded kissing her back and squeezing her boobs more.

He pressed her nipples between his forefinger and thumb.

Samantha moaned louder and grabbed his head pulling him down to her boobs, "oh baby, please suck my nipples" she moaned and Bobby did as she told him to do. He sucked her nipples one by one and buried his face between her boobs. Booby's hand moved to her ass cheeks, and he squeezed them. Samantha grabbed his short's waistline and sat on the floor pulling his short down. His really hard medium size cock with a beautiful purple head and precum oozing out brushed against her face touching her soft lips,

Samantha grabbed his waist and engulfed her beautiful lips around his purple head, she took it half in her mouth when they both heard some one coming down in the basement…..

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