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Short story By: hotstory4you


Submitted:Aug 26, 2011    Reads: 3,472    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

Three friends, one aim

"Oh yes please oh honey" I was screaming as my husband over me between my legs was fucking from past 15 minutes in the same position. He was fucking me good and I was sure that this time he would make me squirt, I wrapped my legs around his waist and moaned "oh come on make me squirt, please baby make me squirt" he increases his speed and my whole body was shaking under his. My head was hitting the headboard of the bed and my hands were grabbing the pillow under my head. His waist was humping up and down between my legs "oh fuck it" I moaned wanting more from him, but he fell on me between my boobs spurting his cum in my pussy.

His hot cum filled my pussy but what about mine? I push him on his side of bed and went into the bathroom to clean myself, I looked at my pussy which was wet and my husband's cum was dripping on the floor. but I wanted to squirt, I sat on the edge of the bathtub thinking if was that my fault that I couldn't squirt or was it his fault that he can't satisfy me. I cleaned my pussy and came back to the bed, my husband was sleeping nude and cum was dripping from his cock. I bent down to his cock and sucked his cock after squeezing and taking out the rest of the cum. I cleaned him with my panty and slept next to him all nude.

Next morning I woke up and find that I was late, my husband had gone to office. I sat on the bed exposing my boobs, then I heard my phone vibrating on the table next to the bed it was my friend's call. I picked up the phone and we started talking I was still in sleep and my voice was not cleared "hey sleepy head, I guess last night you didn't sleep" Pam(my friend) said laughing, "yah" I replied, "so how was it, did you squirted?". "No" I replied, I have told her about my problem that I had not squirted in my life, I was 26 hot n sexy and my husband had a huge dick but didn't know what's the reason that I hadn't squirted.

"hmm" I heard Pam, "why don't you try with some other man" she suggested and I refused because I love my husband. "hey come over my place I guess we can help you" she said, "we?" I questioned about who else was there. "yah we, me and Roxy" she explained. Roxy was a friend of ours and she was in this city for vacations. I put down the phone, saying bye to Pam. I went inside the bathroom and looked at my pussy, "what do you need to squirt" I asked my pussy that was so silly, I took a bath and got dressed in my top and skirt I thought to have breakfast with my friends so I just grabbed the keys of my car and moved to Pam's house.

I parked my car outside Pam's house and I guess she heard the sound of my car as she open the door before I could Knock it. We hugged each other and I moved in to meet Roxy who was sitting in front of me we cheered up and hugged each other, after a long time we friends were together. We had some snacks and drinks then Pam asked me to follow her to her bedroom. As we entered Roxy grabbed my hand and drag me to the bed. I was looking at Pam who was searching for something in drawers.

She came to us with a huge 11 inch black dildo which was thick like my wrist. She looked at me like she had something in her mind, "what are you going to do?" I asked looking at both of my friends. "I think this will help you in fulfilling your desires" Pam said giving me that dildo, I traced my fingers and palm all over its length and curve "don't you think its much bigger" I said. "Oh, I think your husband has a pin in his pants" Foxy said taking the dildo from my hand they both laughed on what they said, I looked at them with anger, "oops we are sorry, we didn't mean that look you should try this may be it could help you" Pam said apologizing.

"yah may be" I said and they both wasted no time in taking off my clothes and pushing me nude on the bed. They sat either side of my legs and asked me to bend and wide open my legs, "oh lovely, your pussy still looks beautiful" foxy said as we used to see each other naked in school. I blushed and placed a pillow under my head, because I wanted to look at my pussy. Pam touched my pussy, the girl on girl thing was not new for us we had done it so many times but that 11 inch dildo was something new. Pam spread my pussy to see how much wet I am. She rubbed my clit and I shook in pleasure, they smiled at me and Foxy moved to my boobs, she grabbed my nipples and pinched them. Pam got off from the bed and cam back with a bottle of some lube, first she inserted her two fingers in my pussy and sucked them. "you still taste same" she said Foxy looked at her and Pam again inserted her fingers in me and moved them to collect my juices on her finger. She brought her fingers to Foxy's mouth and she sucked them.

Pam hold the dildo in one hand in vertical direction like a big pole and Squeezed the bottle of lube over it letting the lube drop on its head. She poured some lube on its length and then on my pussy. "Foxy?" she asked foxy for some help as her hands were busy with the huge dildo and the bottle of lube. Foxy moved to my pussy and spread my pussy lips wide, Pam stick the bottle head in my pussy hole and squeezed the bottle filling my pussy with the lube, it felt hot. Pam put down the bottle on the bed and fingered my pussy pushing the lube inside my hole while Foxy again started pinching on my nipples and then she leaned to kiss my lips.

Foxy was a good kisser and she kissed my lips so well while her hands were playing with my boobs, then suddenly I tried to push Foxy away from me, my legs and hands were started shaking as Pam inserted the huge dildo in my pussy. Foxy grabbed my hands, Pam sat on my one leg and grabbed the other one in air with her one hand, while with the other hand she was pushing the dildo inside my pussy. It was much more painful than I thought and my eyes got wet by tears, "calm down, relax baby just relax" Foxy was saying above my head but the pain was unbearable, "take a deep breathe its done almost" Pam said pushing the dildo more inside my pussy. I started breathing fast and deep. Then I felt that Pam had stopped pushing it in me.

I felt a little relaxed as Foxy loosed my hands and she put one more pillow under my head so that I can see what I had in my pussy. I looked at my pussy I was shocked that the dildo was almost 7 inches inside me, my pussy lips were stretched around its thickness, I felt like it will tear me in two. Foxy again kissed me and that felt good the softness of her lips helped me to over come the pain while I felt that Pam was licking my clit. Foxy moved to get something while Pam asked "so you are ready". "for what" I asked to Pam, "ahhhh" I moaned as Pam stroked the dildo in my pussy "for this" Pam said.

She started stroking it slowly and then the strokes turned deeper and faster, Foxy came back with a vibrator she switched it on and placed it on my clit, "ohhhh" I moaned again as I felt so good with that vibrator. They kept using those toys on my pussy and clit they were caressing my inner thighs and clit. I thought this would help me to squirt that was an aim for my friends they were working hard to make me squirt. But there was no sign of squirt, I was wet and had several orgasms but I hadn't squirted then Pam went outside the room. Foxy asked me to be on my four and I turned in doggy position. The huge dildo was still inside me and Foxy was stroking it slowly with his hand under my pussy, then I heard the entrance of Pam and I yelled "noooo not that" as I saw the strap on attached on Pam's pussy. I tried to get on my back but Foxy didn't let me do that and Pam jumped on the bed.

Pam grabbed my ass and shoved the strap on dildo in my virgin ass. My head fell on the pillow and I grabbed Foxy's wrist so harder. "fuck her" Foxy asked Pam and she started fucking my ass with no mercy, my both holes were filled and Foxy was rubbing my clit. With one hand and with other she was squeezing my boobs, they had already fucked me hard and after few minutes of fucking my pussy and ass both together I felt something different my legs started shaking and I was moaning like hell. "she is near" Foxy said hearing my moans and they flipped me on my back after pulling out the strap on dildo from my ass, they pulled out the huge dildo from my pussy and replaced it with that vibrator. My pussy was vibrating and pushing to experience something new, Foxy was continuously rubbing mu clit while Pam was stroking the vibrator in my pussy. I screamed and raised my waist in air spreading my legs more wide. Pam pulled out the vibrator and I squirted first time in my life, I squirted almost two feet away.

"oh yes, that so good" Pam pushing a finger in my pussy while I was dropping my waist on the bed again but I raised it again as Pam fingered my pussy and I squirted again she did it one more time and again a stream of my cum came out from my pussy. I laid exhausted and breathing heavily but there was a smile on my face. when I gathered my lost energy and sat up I saw Pam and foxy getting themselves nude, I thought that they had made me squirt they got their aim now what's was in there mind why were they undressing…





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