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Short story By: hotstory4you

No under 18.....

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Simi was 14 when she came in this village with her 5 year old step brother, they lost their parents in an accident their car fell in a river but their destiny saved them. Simi was a very intelligent and understanding girl, for few days the people of this village provide food and used clothes but Simi knew that she had to settle down. So she started doing the job of house maid in several houses, time passed and she became the part of this village.

She admitted her brother in the village's school and she built a small house too, Simi was favorite of everyone in this village as she was always ready to help every one. Now Simi was working in an printing shop, but the electricity in the village was very poor so she had to work all night when the power was enough to run the machines.

She worked from 9pm to 3am and then she came back to her house. That's her regular life till one night after finishing the work she shut down all the machines and closed the shop. She grabbed her hand bag and started walking to her house, there was a rive flowing between and the village and the shop was in different sides so she had to cross the river over a bridge.

The bridge was very old fashioned with roof it was fully covered like a cave and big doors on both ends. The only source of light inside the bridge was a tungsten lamp in the middle of the bridge. Simi was doing this night shift from past 3 years but from few days she was really afraid of going back home at this time. As some gangsters were hiding themselves in this area.

Tonight also she walking back to her home in her cheap, lacy frock type gown, a hand bag and a blanket around her as it was really cold this time. She reached to the bridge and looked around no one was there. She took a deep breathe and entered in this cave(bridge) she can't see properly at the other end of the bridge but she felt some kind of movement

As she crossed the lamp(middle of the bridge) she some kind of human creature she went a little more closer and find a man who was closing the door and turned to her. She shocked and turned to go back to her shop but on the other end two more men were standing and the other door was also closed.

Now she had no way to escape she tried to scream for help "helllll" but one man covered his mouth with her giant hands and stuck her to the walls of the bridge, she was shaking her body and trying to get out of his grip but she was not strong enough to do that and other two man also came to her.

They looked at her, her body was looking really hot in the light of tungsten lamp. Two men grabbed her arm and stuck them to the wall on the side of his head, while the third man unbuttoned her gown, he unbuttoned all the four buttons from her neck to under side her breast. They all were laughing and calling her bitch, slave etc.

Simi was fighting to escape from their hard grip, but those men were not going to leave her, there cocks were hard as wood and just wanted to fuck her all holes. They were tearing her clothes both men on either side of her lifted her gown to her waist, grabbed her panty and pulled tearing it in pieces, while the other man standing in front of her grabbed the cups of her bra and pulled it out and it was also torn in pieces.

Her boobs which were still untouched, (except she touch herself sometimes but no man was in her life) were hanging out in cold air and unwillingly her nipples got erect. All three men didn't take more than 10 seconds to get her all naked tearing the rest of the gown.

Simi was crying, tears were rolling down from her eyes, she wanted to scream for help but couldn't. "I can't stop her from crying anymore, she is biting on my hand" the man on the left said to others. And the first man in front of her took out some kind of scarf from the pocket of his jacket and pushed it inside her mouth.

"ok lets enjoy" first man said kneeling down in front of her. Simi's legs were tightly crossed to save her pussy but not any more as the man grabbed her thighs and spread her legs wide open, Simi again tried to cross her legs and she hit on the first man's face with her knee.

"you dirty whore, you two grab her legs" first man abused Simi and ordered his partners. Both man standing aside Simi pressed her feet under their feet. Before Simi was crying because they were going to rape her and now she was crying because of pain too. Their rough hard shoes smashed her shoes along with her soft feet.

Now Simi was in real pain her legs were spread wide and the first man inserted two fingers in her virgin pussy "oh fuck she is so tight" he said laughing, and then with both hands he spread her pussy lips and licked it, he pushed his tongue inside and sucked her hard almost biting her clit.

After sucking few more times he inserted his rough fingers again inside her pussy, this time he went more deep and added one more finger, he started making fast and deep rough movements in out in out in out and keep going. Simi was going near her orgasm and she squirted falling down on her knees , tears were continuously running from her eyes. Both other man grabbed her arms more tightly and made her stood again.

"Lay her down" the first man ordered again and they made Simi lay down on the cool floor of the bridge, the second man unzipped her pants, took out his hard cock and sat on the breast of Simi and bent forward pushing his cock deep in her mouth. The first man took off her pant and sat in between her legs lifted her waist a little and without any care pushed his cock deep in her pussy, the whole body of Simi shook in pain, without any delay first man started fucking her pussy while the second man was already fucking her mouth.

While both men were raping her badly the third man took off her clothes and sat on the stomach of Simi and grabbed her boobs, he squeezed the hard pinched on her nipple and the grabbing them together he pushed his cock between her boobs, all three men were on her now.

After fucking her holes and boobs, two of them ejaculated. First man ejaculated in her pussy and pulled out his limb cock while his cum started dripping from her pussy, and there was some juices of Simi's pussy which she ejaculated unwillingly. The second man shoot his cum deep in her throat and pushed his cock more deeper asking her to swallow.

The third man still stroking his cock between her boobs, as his other two partners sat aside with their limb cock. He turned Simi on her four in doggy position, Simi was totally exhausted after loosing her energy in trying to escape and unwanted orgasms. Now the man don't need any more hands to control Simi. He grabbed her ass cheeks and spread her ass hole with her thumbs, he spit in her ass hole and pushed his cock inside her.

"ahhhhhhhh" that's all Simi moaned, her head dropped on the floor, while the man was fucking her ass and Simi was moaning and crying in pain. The other two men were watching him and laughing loud. They again got erection they were stroking their cock watching the third man fucking tight ass of Simi.

The third man came inside her ass and pulled out his cock he slapped her ass really hard and moved away. While the other two man took the charge this time the second man laid taking Simi over him and inserted his cock in her wet pussy, while the first man pushed his cock deep inside other hole tearing her ass. They fucked her again really bad and Simi was having a series of unwanted orgasm the whole floor under the waist of the man and her ass was totally wet by their juices. They shoot their cum again in her holes and leave and got dressed and stood next to Simi's body. While the third man who was hard again came to Simi, he made her sit with the support of wall of the bridge and showed his cock in her mouth.

Simi's eyes were closed she was breathing heavily her boobs were moving up and down with her breathe and the man fucked her mouth and when he was about to cum, he pulled out his cock and shoot all his cum on her face and boobs, one after the other a stream of cum was covering Simi's body. And the man was ejaculated like gallons, he was moaning saying he never felt like this before. He also got dressed after shooting the last drop inside her mouth and they all left calling her "good whore"

It was already 5 am, and when after some time Simi tried to open her eyes, she saw people of the village around her and her little brother was sitting next to her, everyone was crying. But they can't do anything now.


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