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The REPORTER (adult)

Short story By: hotstory4you


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AY for short was the name of an artist, he belonged to a band and also had sung many tracks for movies and albums. The world came to know about him 2 years back when he performed at a crowded beach and he was lucky that a small time producer noticed him and asked the band to sing for him. AY was a 26 now and right from the beginning he was in good shape and always looked good. But after getting famous he worked more on himself and soon he became the fantasy f every girl either she was 16 or 40.
Savanna was a 28 year old woman who was working for a newspaper and right when AY and the his band started their professional career, Savanna was the first person to criticize their work, sometimes she wrote that AY and the band are very good in music and some times she wrote that AY and band consume excess amount of alcohol, use vulgar words and show naked woman to popularize their songs and videos. Now after two year it was like a war going on between Savanna and AY. Although Savanna was working for a newspaper which wasn't a nice job for a beauty like her but Savanna always showed herself as a glamour model, even she also got some offer from producers and photographers but she refused all that.
One evening AY cam out of this studio and all the cameramen and news reporter gathered around him, Savanna was also in the crowd with a pen and pad to note down some important news for tomorrow morning.
Everyone was asking question to AY about his new album and future plans when, Savanna asked in a very loud sharp voice "Is it true that you are going to marry a big time producer's daughter?"
Everyone was quite to know the answer and AY replied that it was a rumor. AY always liked Savanna for her intelligence, beauty and honesty. And there were some points about AY which always pushed Savanna to like AY. While everyone was trying to get the answers of their question AY was just looking at Savanna and a mischievous smile was on his face but the response from Savanna wasn't good.
AY was wearing a black jacket over a red shirt and black trouser, AY was looking so handsome in that but on other hand Savanna was beating him with her white tight shirt whose top buttons were opened to reveal a deep cleavage and if you were standing at a right angle then you could see the glimpse of her white lacy bra. She was wearing light pink lipstick, hair was fallen down to her shoulder and her sexy thighs were covered by a black pencil skirt.
Even in that crowded place she succeeded to give erections to other reporters. Finally AY made his way to his car and he opened the door to get in but before getting in the car he again looked at Savanna and said "hey, do you need more points and stuff for your newspaper?"
Savanna looked at other reporters and then feeling a little proud she got in the car. AY sat next to her and all the way to AY's home Savanna asked many question about his life and band. They reached to a building and it was a big building and AY's house was on the top floor, Savanna followed AY to the lift and as it was quite late so there was no one else in the lift and being alone with AY in a hot steel box was quite hot. For few seconds the thought of having sex with AY came to Savanna's mind and she saw herself under AY like in missionary position and he was fucking her hard.
Savanna felt her pussy getting wet but then she came back to reality and faced the truth that she was just standing with AY. Like every other girl Savanna also had those hot feelings for AY and sometimes she release these feels by touching herself and masturbating in her bedroom. Both reached to AY's floor and they stepped out of the lift, AY walked to the door and inserted the key in to the key hole to unlock the door but he was still looking at Savanna.
As the door opened Savanna entered in the room and after that AY. Savanna was looking around the room while AY locked the door again and turned to Savanna, he looked at her back and now in light he can see the straps of her bra through her white thin shirt. AY grabbed her and pushed her to the door putting his lips on her and kissing her badly. Savanna avoided and tried to push AY away from her but the avoidance didn't last more than few seconds and Savanna wrapped her hands around him.
First Savanna was avoiding all this but now she herself grabbed the color of AY's jacket and pulled It down letting it fell on the floor, soon she undid all the buttons of his shirt and took that off too. AY moved down to Savanna's cleavage and kissed right between her boobs, Savanna didn't show much avoidance after that might be because she thought its not bad to have sex with man that every woman wanted. AY unbuttoned Savanna's shirt and revealed her lacy white bra, Savanna wrapped her hands around AY's neck and pulled him more on her body.
AY completely took off her shirt and just after that he undid the clasp of her bra, and Savanna didn't wait a second to drop and let AY suck her hard nipples. Savanna always looked a simple cute woman but in bedroom she was a crazy woman, she pushed AY on the floor and got on her body. She sat on his abs and grabbed his hands guiding him to her boobs. AY cupped her breast and pressed them harder, Savanna enjoyed that for few minutes then she got off from AY and undid his pants, she pulled them and took them off in a rough motion. She grabbed the big bulge in AY's briefs and then she took off his brief also.
Savanna didn't showed like "OMG this is so big" etc etc. that any other girl would do. She just smiled and had it in her mouth as she was hungry for this. AY moaned when he realized the blowjob skills of Savanna. Savanna had his cock more than half in her warm mouth and then she spit on it to lube it, she started stroking it sometimes softly and sometimes harder. Savanna left his cock and laid next to him waiting for him to do something with her.
AY rolled over her and moved down to her belly kissing her lips, neck and breast. He unhooked her skirt and took it off revealing her matching white panties, AY can clearly see the wet spot on her panties and he rubbed her pussy over the panty. Savanna moaned in pleasure and then she raised her waist so that AY could easily take off her wet panties. AY looked at Savanna's clean shaved pussy for a minute then he rubbed it play with her clit sending a current of pleasure in her whole body and then finally he laid on her.
Savanna spread her legs and let AY lay between there pressing his erection on her pussy, the kiss started again and AY was rubbing her chest on Savanna's boobs, He then shoved his cock in her wet pussy and Savanna wrapped her long legs around his waist inviting him more deep in her cunt. AY started fucking Savanna and he fucked her right there on the floor and soon AY felt Savanna wrapping her legs more tightly around him, she was getting her orgasm, when AY felt that Savanna had it and now she was a little relax, he pulled out his cock and sat on Savanna's rib cage.
He was stroking his cock aiming it to her boobs, and he shot his cum on her boobs, Savanna was looking in AY's eyes and AY was looking in Savanna's eyes. They both stood up and went to bed. On the way to bed Savanna cleaned the cum from her breast and then she slept in AY's arms.
Savanna woke up next morning and didn't find AY, but she wasn't shocked. She had this kind of experience few more times in her life where she go to interview a person and then next morning or some times evening wake up in his bed next to him all naked. Savanna looked at the clock and she was late for the work, she had a bath and wore her untidy clothes. She was just leaving the room when she fond an envelope on the table and there was her name in big bold letters to get attention of her. She was surprised to have an envelope of her name at someone else's place.
She quickly opened it and there was a letter.
"Savanna, you are a really beautiful and honest person, I have never met a woman like you and I like you from the first time when you criticize my band but later you also praise my work. I don't know when but I fell in love with you and whatever happened last night wasn't just sex, I hope you understanding what I mean to say. And if you still didn't get what I mean to say or just trying to be act like a dumb girl then I am asking clearly.
Will you marry me? I want an honest and beautiful wife like you.
Just write down your answer in 'yes' or 'no' and leave the letter on the table.
If your answer is yes then tomorrow morning we are getting married and if it's a 'no' then I will say that please never ask me this question "when will you get married?" in any interview in future"





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