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Page 1, he got the last letter when she was dead, but what was in the letter..


Me and Emma knew each other by birth, there was only a months difference in our age and no difference in our thoughts and hearts. We were really good friend, we were in same class in same school and we were neighbors that was more than enough to know some one and be a part of his/her life. I always liked her and loved her. we never liked to visit our relatives or attend any kind of function outside the town as we never wanted to spend a second without each other.
our families were really close and its like one family for us, My love for Emma was not any kind of affection or something it was just love true love. but i didn’t have guts to tell her my feelings, as i didn’t know what she think or feel for me. when I was 12 years old i started writing letters to her, not like love letters i just write “i love you and i want to be with you always” nothing much. but i never delivered these letters to her i just write them and locked them in my cupboard.
Few days after i started writing letters to my love Emma i started receiving unknown letters from some body. the letters were not hand written they were typed and as short as i wrote to Emma. “i love you, meet me at this place” these exact words were written on each letter i got till i turn 17 and i never tried to find out who was behind these letters because i didn’t want any other girl in my life. then one day when i get back home from a friend’s house, no one was at my home. i went to Emma’s house there were many people in there and everything was quite and calm. i moved the people aside and went in, and after a few more steps i stopped. Emma was dead, she was lying on the floor and our families were in tears my aunt (Emma’s mom) and my mom were crying so hard. i fell on my knees just next to Emma’s body. I was feeling like i was dead too. My soul was gone with Emma’s soul. and my body was sitting there but there were not even a single drop of tear in my eyes. because me and Emma were promised each other that we will never cry and in this hard time i was keeping my promise but my heart was crying and no one was there to see that and support me. by the evening Emma was in grave yard the last time i had seen her when she was in coffin and i felt like she was still smiling.
after a day i came to know that Emma had committed suicide as there was a bottle of poison in her bedroom that her Parents found later. our families were in a big shock of Emma’s death, everyone was just trying to find out the reason of her suicide. Two days I was in my room just remembering the beautiful moments i had spent with Emma, “here is a letter for you” my dad said knocking on my door.
I opened the door and took it, I fell back own my bed it was the same Letter i had been receiving from last few years i tried to ignore it but i couldn’t I opened it but it was different from all others
 “Sam i love you, i love you so much. i love you since i came to this world and i am telling you from past 5 years but you never showed up. i think there is someone else in your life, and if there really is then i wish you a beautiful life with her but I can’t live without you so its better for me to end my life. but i always be there and always love you.
yours wanna be soulmate - Emma.”
I was in tears now i broke my promise that i would neve cry, i lost my love, I lost my soulmate. i opened my cupboard and looked at those letters i had written to Emma but never delivered them, that was the big mistake of my life. I wanted to lay next to Emma’s grave but i couldn’t as there was my and Emma’s family that i have to take care of.    

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