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Short story By: hotstory4you


Submitted:Nov 6, 2011    Reads: 1,730    Comments: 7    Likes: 2   

CHAPTER-1 http://www.booksie.com/erotica/short_story/hotstory4you/the-cursed-castle/chapter/1

But the official Queen Aura wasn't allowed to sleep with anybody else other than king. King was going to be back in the country before a year so this was really bad for such a beautiful and horny woman like Aura.

In day light she used to control her emotions her desires avoiding all the men in the castle but when it gets dark she went to her bed she couldn't control to touch herself, this night too Aura was lying on her back with her dress pulled up to her belly and her panties were off. She was caressing her pussy and imagining king with her by closing her eyes. But today nothing was working. Aura called her slave (Dali), with in a minute Dali was in her room standing next to Aura's bed and looking at her, Dali wasn't just a slave she was the only good friend of Aura.

"You do miss King, don't you?" Dali asked sitting next to Aura without taking permission, Aura got up and leaned on the pillows.

"Yes, I don't understand why they treat me differently. I also want some one" Aura said in a sad voice

"I still want to help and I even talked to my husband… No one will know about this" Dali said.

"Thanks Dali! But I can't do that" Aura said and then there was a complete silence in the room "But I am happy that you are with me" Aura said again and moved closer to Dali.

They started kissing and Dali's hands moved to Aura's inner thighs.

Dali was 30 year old 5 years younger to Aura and almost have same body measurements like Aura.

Aura's hands moved to Dali's breast and she fondled them but just after a minute they took off their clothes and laid on the bed wrapping their hands around each other's back and waist. Nobody knew about this relationship of Aura and Dali in the whole castle not even Dali's husband. Now they were not saying a word and all anyone can hear was a little sound of kissing and moans. Aura Pulled Dali over her and then she pushed Dali down to her belly.

Dali moved more down and closer to Aura's wet pussy and she started eating out her, Aura was enjoying being sucked, then she moved her hand under her pillow and took out a wooden medium size smooth Dildo. Aura gave that dildo to Dali and Dali held it in her hand but she still kept sucking Aura.

"Dali! Now I need it" Aura moaned and Dali got off from the bed, she took out a jar full of some kind of oil or lube from a small drawer and then dipped that wooden dildo in that liquid. Dali came back to bed and sat between Aura's legs, she inserted her two fingers in Aura's dripping wet pussy like she was checking if Aura was wet enough or not. After that within a second Dali pushed the whole Dildo in Aura's love hole. Aura moaned in pleasure and raised her breast arching back on the bed.

Dali fucked Aura with that dildo for a few minutes then she flipped Aura on to her four and fucked her love whole with the oil coated wooden dildo. Aura was moaning and her moans were getting loud as she was getting near to climax. Suddenly Aura rolled on her back and squeezed her legs tightly, a shiver ran in her entire body and she screamed.

"ohhhh" then there is no other word and after seconds she finished her scream saying "fuck" and her pussy got flooded with her love juices. Dali just sat their on the bed and wait for Aura to relax. Later Dali pulled out the dildo and put it on the table, she cleaned Aura's body and pussy with a cloth and realized that Aura had fell asleep.

Next day Aura woke up and got dressed, she met other queens and princesses, it looks like everyone had forgotten about Lady Gray's order. Everybody was smiling, talking etc. Aura also felt relaxed to see everything getting back to normal.

Time passed and everybody forget all about this but not Lady Gray. She was counting the days to start this thing and end the curse as soon a possible.

After a month one of the princess was going to be 17, it was the daughter of Aura. Her name was Emily and she was much more beautiful than her mother, she was blessed with 32b breast and black hair, she was a little shorter than her mother and wears only a necklace of red and white diamonds.

One night on the dinning table Lady Gray announced one more thing, she told every one that last night she saw a full moon which was a sign that this thing of fucking the princes should be done on a moon night, as just after a day it was going to be a full night so that was the day of Emily's first sex. And she told each queen that tomorrow they are going to choose a man for Emily and for that she had called few man with huge cock in the town.

This was an another shock for everyone but they didn't dare to speak against lady Gray.

Next morning like always all the queen got dressed in their beautiful dresses and entered in the hall for breakfast with the Lady Gray, but they got shocked to see 10 men standing in a row next to the dinning table. Lady Gray gestured every Queen to take their seats and they had their breakfast but all the time every queen was looking at those men through the corner of their eyes and all the were staring at was these men's crotch.

"SWINGERS TOWN" (11000+ reads)



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