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Short story By: hotstory4you


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It was the mid night and every one was having sweet dream in this castle including the great king and his 30 queens and more than 50 princesses but not one person. Lady Gray that was her name, she was in early 80's very angry nature and the oldest in the castle. She was the mother of the king. Officially Aura the eldest wife of the king was the Queen of this country but internally all the orders were used to given by Lady Gray.

Lady gray was in her room having a dream in which she was seeing herself in a big room where no furniture and big beds were. She was standing in a corner and a little 16-17 year old girl was lying on her back on the cold floor, then from the dark in the other corner of the room a naked man with a huge cock showed up. His face was covered with a black cloth and his cock was rock hard like a steel sword.

He came to the little girl who was wearing nothing more than a beautiful golden and sparkling diamond crown of a princess. The man sat on his knees and shoved his huge cock in that girl's love hole. The girl was crying and trying to get off from this man but the man kept pushing and fucking her pussy like he was ordered by some one to do that with no mercy. Soon everything was done and the man got off from the girl leaving her crying and half fainted.

He stood near the girl with his limb cock and blood dripping from it, the girl was still on the floor and her pussy was covered in blood and white cum. Lady gray was seeing everything in her dream then a flash of light appears and everything goes dark. Lady gray woke up with a not so loud scream and she looked around her room. She took a deep breathe and had some water but everything from that dream was still flashing in front of her eyes.

Lady gray was a very superstitious woman who believed in spirits and those kind of things and powers and curse.

Next morning when she was having breakfast with all the 30 queens on one table in this big room and all other princesses were enjoying their food in other room, all the queens were wearing silky gown of bright colors and showing maximum cleavage, their hair were tied in a bun and huge jewelry was highlighting their beauty, each queen seems much beautiful, hot and gorgeous than others. Each queen had big firm pair of boobs and big ass except some who were much younger than other queens.

There were four lucky men in that big hall for security who were watching these fucking hot queens and there not so bad slaves serving them food. Lady Gray stood up and told each queen about her last night's dream. She explained everything and told that it's a way to end the curse on this castle. And the curse was that when ever a woman would get pregnant by the king of this country, the woman will always give birth to a girl. And no one knows who gave this curse and why?

The king himself wasn't the true loyal blood, he was born when Lady Gray had sex with a slave of the castle and she lived outside the castle till the king born. Right after the birth of the king the husband of Lady Gray died, and from then to now, every queen related to this castle and the king, was giving birth to a girl not a single boy.

Lady Gray had ordered after the breakfast that from now when ever a princess turned 17 she had to get fucked by a slave with a huge cock like she had seen in her dream, because according to Lady Gray it was the only way to end this curse and this way was shown by the supernatural power and spirits.

Each Queen tried to avoid this as they can't see their little girls getting fucked by huge men, but they couldn't change Lady Gray's mind and later they asked Aura to talk to Lady Gray. Aura talked to Lady Gray in her room but Lady Gray didn't listen a word and stood by on her order. Aura came back to other queens with a sad and disappointing face.

Now she couldn't do anything as the king was also not here, he was 1000s of miles away fighting to take over the other countries. All the queens were talking to each other and every one was giving suggestions when one of the princess entered in the room and seeing the princess in the room all the queens had to shut their mouth, they all stared at this little 16 year old princes, who was as beautiful as like the queens and wearing a red frock showing a little glimpse of cleavage.

The princess looked at all the queens and seeing the situation that wasn't seemed good, she left. Every body looked at each other and kept quite. Now some queens were in groups talking about this whole situation and some were just in their room thinking same, but when ever they saw a man who was always there outside their room for security they think about their huge dicks and their daughters.

At the night some of the queens just slept alone and trying dream about their king while some called their slaves who were appointed to please the queens in absence of king, these men were appointed by Lady Gray and without the knowledge of king.

CHAPTER-2 http://www.booksie.com/erotica/short_story/hotstory4you/the-cursed-castle-2/chapter/1

http://www.booksie.com/erotica/novel/hotstory4you/silk-n-cotton:-something-you-never-thought-about (must read for women)


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