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Table with a broken heart

Short story By: hotstory4you

a love story that begins from a table...

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Table with a broken heart

I was in my early thirties, a well known business man , I had everything except love, my wife left me because she loved some one else. But I never blamed her if she was happy with him then its ok for me, now I was living alone with my maid Monica who was 27 and divorced. But she understood me, my feelings and she was really caring, may be because we were facing the same problem of loneliness in our life.

One afternoon I was getting back to my office after having a meeting in a hotel, when I got some problem in the car I looked for any garage or any kind of help, luckily I found a mechanic, he told that it would take a few hours to made the problem in the car, so I could wait in the restaurant or somewhere, I looked around and find a good and calm place, I entered in the restaurant and sat on a table in the corner, I ordered a coffee. I was just taking a view of whole restaurant when a picture drew on my table caught my eye, it was interesting a broken half heart and a eye with a tear drop. Nothing else was there. but that was enough to show the feeling of that person. But at the bottom of the picture there was something written I tried to read that as it was very minute in size and I came to know that it was a name "Lilly". May be that was the name of the artist who drew that picture, a waitress placed the coffee on the table. As she left my table I took out a pen and drew the same half heart with same eye and two drops of tears. And wrote my name, I spent much time there and got to my car, mechanic was waiting for me. I paid him for his work and get back to my office.

Next morning I woke up and I got ready for the office, but there was only one thing that I wanted to know and that was the response of that girl or lady at the restaurant , in the lunch time I went to that restaurant. But someone was already was on that table but I waited to be on that table. As he left I went to that table ordering a coffee, I looked on the table and i saw some more words and the same broken heart but this time this heart was a bit bigger, I responded like I did earlier with some love words, next day I did same and this time she drew a bit more bigger heart, with words "you are filling my broken heart with your love". Its been a week and we are doing the same thing we didn't tell about each other, but we wanted to meet. Next day I went to the restaurant to find something new but there was nothing, I felt a little worried and bad at the same time, but then a waitress asked my name as I told her my name she handed me a letter envelope it was from Lilly I opened it and found that she wanted to meet and she wrote the time and place. I was waiting for this moment next morning I dressed up at my best and went to that place it was a park outside the town, calm and peaceful she told me that she will be in rosy red dress. I entered in to the park with a happiness in my heart, I looked around and I found a girl who was in the same dress but she was around 19 0r 20, I was sure that she cant be that one but I just wanted to confirm so I went to her. "hello Daniel" she said with a smile that was the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. But I thought for a minute how did she knew my name. I was a bit surprised when she told me her name "Lilly". "is this the girl who had that much pain in her life, who wanted that love, who wanted to meet me" hundreds of questions like this were hitting my mind. But I just kept the aside and we sat and talked she was really nice, soon we became more than friends I started loving her but she was much younger to me and I didn't think that we could be together, she was alone in this world and she lived with a friend, one evening we were in the same park talking about our life, when she said those three beautiful word "I love you" may be she loved me like a friend I thought but she asked me again "will you marry me" . I didn't knew what to do, but I wanted her I loved her she became my life in past a month. The same day we got married and went to my house actually I better call our house. Now I was feeling like I was in some new house, everything looked new and fresh just because of her. It was a beautiful evening of my life like always Monica left after her work. We had our dinner and went to my bedroom, after along time some one was in my bedroom, I was feeling really happy I had my love with me. she changed in a night lingerie, this was the first time I had seen her body like this and I was feeling a bit different for her, she came and sat close to me, she told me that she wasn't a virgin but I didn't care about that I loved her that's enough for me, I hugged her and kissed her, she undid my shirt and loved me she slipped her bra straps over her shoulders, I pulled them down revealing her firm breast, my cock was hitting my pants, and she knew it and she helped me and undid my pant, and pulled out my cock. Now she was getting wild, I stood up and get naked completely and I was standing in front of her with my hard cock pointing to her she touched it and that feeling was just too amazing. She kissed my cock head, and took it whole in her mouth I wanted to treat her like a princess but she was getting wild and she was sucking me harder, I was having all this things after a long time, i sat and pushed her on the bed and came over her, I kissed her neck, her boobs, nipples, navel, every part of her body, she turned and came over me, she was sucking my body, playing with my dick, she sat on my tummy and bent a bit forward allowing me to taste her boobs, she took my cock in her pussy, she was doing everything in a very slow and romantic manner. I was feeling like I was in heaven. We had our night and next morning I woke up and saw the beautiful thing in the world, she was looking at me with a beautiful fresh smile, we had our first coffee after wedding , this evening I had a party invitation and I wanted to enjoy this with my love, but there was something going in my mind, what did people , friends think about our relation, our match. But it didn't stopped me facing the people, I loved her and she loved me. we went to the party and every one congratulated us and complimented our match. My life was totally changed just because of this angel. I used to drink a lot but now I was avoiding each bad habit. Day by day our love became more and more intense. A year passed and we were enjoying our life.

One daylily was at her friends house and I was in my office, I forget some documents at my home so I went back to collect them. When I got my home, I found that Monica was sitting in the drawing room with her face in her hands, like she was crying. As I went near her she was really crying. I asked her about her problem seeing me she hugged me and crying me even more louder, she told that her mother died last night, that was a really bad news for me too, her mom was like my mom, I really respected her. I was giving her sympathy and she was still in my arms, but I didn't knew that my sympathy to my maid my friend, will spoil my life. Lilly was standing at the door looking at me, she didn't speak a word and ran to our bedroom , I didn't understood what happened to her so I followed her but as I entered in my room I found that she was packing her bags, I asked her about all that but she didn't speak any word and moved out from the house handing me a letter . I read that and found that she misunderstood me and Monica. She thought I had an affair with Monica, before I could do anything she was out of my life, I tried to contact her but can't. I went to the same restaurant to find something on the table and I found, just after the marriage we drew a full heart with our names there. but now there was again a broken heart with her name .

…………..but I am still waiting for her giving her signs of my love on the table.


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