she wants BLACK DICK

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Page 1, Kathy had seen some porn videos in her husband\'s laptop featuring BLACK DICKS AND WHITE PUSSIES, now she wanted to play with a black one too. read to know how she got the BLACK DICK and what did she do after getting that.

Kathy was a 26 year old married woman. She married Pete 3 years ago, Pete had his small business and sometimes he had to go out of the town. But it didn’t mean like Kathy was cheating on her or having one night stands. She was faithful and loving wife. They had a very healthy relationship.
Their bedroom life was great with Kathy’s perfect body with a big tight breast and a nice ass. Pete had a big member in his pants and that big member was enough to make Kathy scream and moan all night. Pete always like Kathy’s sucking skills. She was a great sucker, she was the woman who could bring any man to cum with in a minute by her warm big mouth.
One day Pete was taking a bath and Kathy was watching some stuff on his Laptop. She found a folder with a name ‘HOT’, she clicked on it and a new window opened showing porn pictures and videos. Kathy knew that Pete use to watch porn even after the wedding during his business trips. Kathy had no problem with that because Pete had never asked to do anything weird, like fucking in weird positions or doing fantasies like school girl/maid etc. swallowing cum was also weird thing for Kathy and she never swallowed cum in her life.
Kathy started watching videos, and then she paused the video when she saw something very hot. She saw a black guy fucking a white woman, the view of a long thick black cock moving in and out of that woman’s tight pussy was so arousing and hot. Kathy had few friends who married to black guys and now she knew the reason of that. Kathy switched to another video and she saw another black man with a thick cock, he was standing in a room while a white girl was sucking him hard.
Kathy got horny, and she saw Pete coming out of the shower, She immediately closed the videos and shut down the laptop. She didn’t want Pete to ask her If she like watching black cocks or anything like that, Kathy was just in her lingerie covering herself under a blanket. Pete was in towel, and he sat on the bed and checked calls and massages on his cell phone.
Kathy took off her panties under the blanket, Pete was sitting facing away her so she moved to him and hugged him from behind. She kissed his neck and then bite in his ear. Pete put down the phone on the table and turned to her, he didn’t wait for a second to kiss her and lifted her night dress up to her breast , he broke the kiss and took off her clothes, she was completely nude as she already had taken off her panties.
Kathy pulled the towel from his waist and covered him with the blanket, she leaned on the bed taking him over herself between her legs. Pete’s hard cock rubbed against Kathy’s wet pussy and he inserted it deep in her hole. Kathy wrapped her hands around his neck letting him nibble on her neck, while he was pumping his cock in her pussy. Kathy was feeling the movement of her husband’s hard fucking cock but there were no moans like every night.
Kathy’s mind was fixed on the view she had seen before on the laptop. The scenes of a black big cock fucking a pink pussy of a white chick, scene of a thick black cock which a white girl was trying to get in her throat. Pete felt Kathy so still under his body so he lifted his head and looked at her,
“Kathy! Baby you ok” Pete concerned as he hadn’t heard any moans or any other reactions from Kathy.
“oh yes, just keep it fast and hard” Kathy came out of her thoughts and realized the wetness of her pussy.
“come on fuck me, oh yes just right there” Kathy moaned and Pete started fucking her hard. Pete was near to cum and Kathy was also screaming having her orgasm, just at time Pete pulled out his cock and stroked his cock till he ejaculated on Kathy’s stomach. Pete fell on the bed next to her cupping her one breast, Kathy took out a napkin from the drawer and wipe out the cum from her stomach. She covered herself and Pete with blanket and slept.
Next morning Kathy woke up and saw Pete wearing his shirt and tucking it in her trousers. She wished him good morning and Pete came to her to have his good morning kiss. Pete left the house grabbing his laptop and keys, Kathy sat up and moved to washroom. She went to kitchen to have some breakfast, she opened the fridge and found a chocolate bar, just seeing that the pictures of black cock flashed before her eyes, which was exactly same in colour but very different in shape and size.
Kathy was a very hot woman and she could have any black man in the city to have what she saw last night. But she was not going to do that as she love her husband, in the evening dinner was ready. Pete entered in the house at around 10 pm they had the dinner and Kathy was in full mood to have her ass pounded by Pete’s cock but Pete started packing her bag, as he had to see a client in different city.
Kathy felt sad but what could she do, they stepped in the car because Kathy wanted to see him off at the airport. Kathy had wore a lacy white matching bra n panties under her green knee high dress to set the night on fire but now there was no fire. They reached the airport and waited for the departure of Pete. After saying him bye Kathy stepped back in the car and looked inside her handbag.
All the paper of car and her license was there, but she was looking for cigarettes to smoke on the way to her home.
Kathy had traveled half the way and she had smoked two sticks already, and the third one was in her hands, Kathy saw some flashing lights. She went closer and found it was a police cab and a cop was waving his hand to pull over.
Kathy pulled her car next to the police cab and waited for the response of the cop. She was not afraid of anything as she had all her id proofs, papers and license but when she saw the cop who was a tall dark man in the moon lights and the head lights of car her already wet pussy got more wet and the same images of that porn videos appeared before her eyes.
Kathy threw her handbag under the backseat and looked out from the window,
“What’s the matter sir” Kathy asked in her soft voice.
“Nothing important, just turn on your fog lamps” cop said going back to his cab.
“Oh thanks for telling, I thought you will check my papers” Kathy said pretending to be afraid
“No, I don’t need to check” cop replied wearing his cap.
“Ok, but don’t you think I was driving too fast” Kathy was trying to get herself in trouble by giving all the suggestions.
“No that’s fine, it’s a lonely highway” Cop again replied very calmly.
Kathy had no other choice and she moved to the cop, she put the rest of the cigarette between her soft lips, and had a smoke. She blow it on his face and rubbed her hands on cop’s crotch. Kathy didn’t knew what she was doing but what ever she was doing was going to be very hot that’s all she knew.


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