she wants BLACK DICK ch- 2

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, Kathy had seen some porn videos in her husband\'s laptop featuring BLACK DICKS AND WHITE PUSSIES, now she wanted to play with a black one too. read to know how she got the BLACK DICK and what did she do after getting that.


“But I was smoking during drive, don’t you think that’s a crime” Kathy said brushing her fingers between his legs.
By now cop had understood that this is not a good woman and she wants some really bad punishment, “Oh yes, I think you have to pay for that crime” cop said beside smoking during drive wasn’t a crime in that city.
“But I don’t have money to pay” Kathy said moving more closer to cop’s stone body.
“hmm not a problem miss, because you have a big mouth, and I think you can pay with your mouth” Kathy heard the words she wanted to hear.
Cop unzipped his pants and the thing that touched Kathy’s hand was bigger than she had seen last night, it was black which was looking more black in night, it was thick and so big. Kathy went on her knees and look closely at his cock. Kathy tried to grab it in her one hand but she couldn’t be able to do that. she looked at the cop with pity eyes.
Cop looked at her and laughed, Kathy smiled and grabbed his cock in her both hands. It was semi erect and she could feel the thickness and the length growing in her hands. When it gets fully hard, Kathy took the tip in her mouth, the taste was sharp and so different from her husband’s cock.
Kathy was feeling disgusting but the desire to play with a massive black cock forced her to keep sucking. Her mouth was creating suction around the cock and her hands were stroking the long shaft, “oh you fucking bitch, I have never had such a good sucker” Cop groaned grabbing her hair.
Kathy had never liked being called a slut or bitch, but she felt proud when the cop praised her skills. She started her best job and begin moving her tongue over the tip of his cock, cop groaned louder and tried to push his cock in her mouth. Kathy was ready to take it and she opened her mouth wide, almost half of the cock was in her mouth and she was gagging on it.
Saliva was dripping from the corner of her mouth, and she still wanted to take it more. Her eyes were opened wide and tears were rolling down on her face. she pulled out the whole shaft and took a deep breathe saying “agggggh this is so huge”. Kathy stroked his cock with his both hands, his cock was slippery and she took it again in her mouth, this time it went more inside her throat.
Kathy wanted to take it full, she held her breathe, grabbed the waist of that cop, and pushed him on her mouth. Kathy’s nose hit the pubic bone of the cop and she stayed like that for a few minutes. And then pulled it out as fast as she could.
Tears were continuously flowing from her eyes, her make was spoiled and her lipstick was all around on her cheeks, Kathy was looking like a cheap slut. Kathy’s hands kept stroking his cock and then the man said his words “oh fuck its coming” Kathy engulfed his cock in her mouth and sucked it, her mouth filled with thick white cum.
Kathy had never liked cum and she pulled out his cock, and spit it out but still there was some cum in her mouth that she had to swallowed. Kathy realized that the taste wasn’t that bad, it was different but she like it. She squeezed the shaft of his cock and a big drop of cum landed on her tongue. She swallowed it and traced her tongue over her lips.
Kathy stood up and moved back to her car. “hey miss” cop called.
Kathy looked at the cop while the cop came to her “if you ever need my help or get stuck in any problem” than you can call me the cop said giving his card with a number on it, “I will help you and then you can pay me” he added and winked.
Kathy looked at the cop like she didn’t knew him and nothing happened between them.
Kathy started his car and headed to her house. She reached her house and went to her room.


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